Why hello there, I am Chloe, the creator of Brazenrouge and all round beauty enthusiast.

Brazenrouge is a blog with the quirky 21st century girl in mind. Serious on cosmetics but carefree regarding social dictation on what a woman ‘should’ be. The blog is designed to be fun, light hearted but always informative. 

I created Brazenrouge as a form of escapism and have somehow found droves of intelligent, beautiful woman to share this new path with. 
 I am not a trained make up artist nor do I work in the beauty world. I am purely a consumer with a passion for words. 

Posts are beauty centric and consist primarily of reviews, tips and the odd listicle for good measure. 

Brazenrouge matters as at the heart of its values is that women empower each other. All posts are designed to inform, help and invoke passion in other girls. Its readers are primarily 13-25 years old and Brazenrouge has had nearly 5600 views and 2009 visitors since its creation in October 2014. 

At time of writing this page I am at over a thousand followers on this blog and have a high retention of readers. I use social media and the comments facility to engage with all readers. 

I have worked with Make up revolution, Clarins and Benefit plus other brands in order to release engaging content relevant to my readers. 

I am visible on most social media platforms, feel free to reach out and contact me via the following; 





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