Loreal true match foundation review 

Morning campers, anyone else finding the weather completely unpredictable lately? 

I sure am and I’m having to change my makeup accordingly every day. 
An old purchase I’ve been reaching for more recently is the Loreal true match foundation. 
Lets start with packaging shall we
30 ml glass bottle which allows you to see what shade is in the bottle. Incredibly the product comes with a pump dispenser meaning you can control wastage. 
Due to the bottle being glass and the cap being a see through plastic this can get really grubby. Keep the baby wipes on standby you dirty girls! 

The foundation is a rather runny liquid formula as you can see and the texture is incredibly silky on the back of your hand. 


The consistency of the foundation is one of light to medium coverage. It is not too sheer and is oil free which is good for my temperamental skin. 

The coverage melds my skin discolouration and unifies any hyper-pigmentation I am suffering with. 
It does not cover raised skin issues such as acne or scarring, I would look to invest in a concealer if you suffer from those skin complaints. 
I found the foundation lasted around 6 hours when worn with a primer and set with a powder. 
The fading began around the nose where it slowly migrated to all other dry patches. I found that a quick sweep of powder freshened the whole look up for the end of a hard days work. 
Drinks afterwards? You’ll need to reapply. 
To reduce those devilish dry tell tale signs creeping in, use a rich moisturiser before application. 
Application is rather simple as you can use brushes or blenders depending on your personal preference. 
It is extremely easy to blend into the skin and mimics the texture of my skin. To put it in every day language. Your make up looks natural and skin like rather than ‘putting a face on’ 
The finish is naturally matte with luminosity on the cheeks in my opinion. One layer is sufficient for a days work and I have to dispute claims that you can create made to measure simply by adding layers. Too much product and it just sits on the face and doesn’t dry. 
Which is a nuisance when you need to apply eyeliner and you leave a thumb print on your temple. Strong look Clo. 

True Match contains SPF 17 in its formula making sure your skin is protected from those invisible rays. The SPF does cause a little bit of flashback but its really not something to worry about on a night out. If this is a major concern for you then reserve this for a day time foundation

My favourite bit about this product is the shade range. 
There are 3 schools of colouring;
Standing for warm, neutral and cool. Within those colourings there are shade ranges. 
I wear C1 and it is the best drugstore foundation for pale skin I have come across. 
There is no muddy orange  or grey and ashy tones common among pale foundations. 
There are 23 shades which is incredible seeing as the foundation is only £9.99. 
hope you agree the finished look is fierce
I would recommend this foundation if you struggle finding drugstore foundations for pale skin. It has reasonable staying power and a natural finish. Its SPF protects from those harmful rays and its formula ensures your skin looks like skin at all times. 
I hope this helps,