Teen make up kit guide

I was having a clear out the other day and put together a little goody bag for my niece Jessica, 13 years old,  to enhance her make up collection. 

It really got me thinking back to the days of when I first started experimenting with make up. 
Probably 10 years now, which not only makes me feel old, but makes me feel so sorry for my nieces generation. 
When I was 13 social media was just becoming a thing. It was all about myspace and who was in your ‘top friends’ and logging in and out of MSN to grab the attention of your crush. 
Who bee tee dubs, wasn’t worth my time, okay? 
There wasn’t daily selfies or FOTD’s to upload. I was free to make beauty mistakes and only I can remember the shame not the 600 facebook friends who can look at all your beauty blunders from the safety of their bedroom. 
So, there’s no point sitting here telling you what not to do. If you’re a young reader of mine or you have a family member or daughter who is just starting out with make up and you want to advise then read on my friends. 
This post is a guide on how to produce your own teen make up kit. 
Skin care
So I only started getting into skin care in my early twenties. Ugh I know, newb, but if you can start young your skin will thank you for it, I swear. 
So removing your make up is a biggy. No I don’t mean throwing a baby wipe at your skin and hoping for the best. 
I mean removing your make up properly so your face can breathe. 
A great make up remover in my opinion is the Garnier micellar cleansing water. It’s quick to use, meaning you’re more likely to use it. It removes face, lip and eye makeup #winning and its kind to your purse. 
You can read my full review here 
A posh word for clean. I’m sure it was a typo that some beauty buff was to embarrassed to correct. It will rid your skin of dirt and pollutants meaning your skin is less blemish prone. You don’t have to go mad with money. I use No7 cleansing milk twice a day and my skins pretty good (ignoring the monthly period pimples, groan) 
This is so important. If you have oily skin then I know this will seem stupid but hear me out. 
If you rob your skin of moisture it will produce more sebum (oil) to moisturise itself. When your skin does this it causes blemishes and spots. Adding a moisturiser twice a day will take you seconds but your skin will thank you for it. 
I use simple kind to skin replenishing moisturisers 
Okay! The fun stuff now, make up. 
I was lucky I come from a large family of women so could always pinch their cool products if I didn’t have one. To my sisters constant dismay. If you aren’t so lucky or you aren’t okay with appropriating your siblings property then read on to what I believe should be in your starter kit. 
Okay, spending money on these might not seem fun but they’ll make a huge difference on how easy your make up is and how good it looks. 
You wouldn’t put up a shelf without a hammer would you? (Well teebs, I wouldn’t even know how to put up a shelf but you know what I mean) 
So you’ll need a collection of eye brushes and face brushes. For value for money I always recommend the real techniques starter kit and core collection. These sets contain every brush a teen could need. Not cheap at approximately £40 combined but an investment you won’t regret. The brushes last for ages, improve the finish of your make up and come with their own Youtube channel for tips on how to use them. 
Put them on your birthday/Christmas lists girls. You will not be disappointed. 
I don’t care if you think this is over the top for a teenager. A good primer doesn’t have to be expensive. I currently love Maybelline instant pore eraser. It’s reasonably priced, lasts for ages and keeps make up on for longer. You can get other types depending on your skin issues but I love how similar this is to Porefessional by Benefit.
Now if you have clear skin I recommend a BB cream or Cc cream as they will not be so heavy on your skin and will keep your look as natural as possible (the mums reading this are loving me right now) your skin is beautiful and peachy, show it off. 
If your skin isn’t so clear than I recommend a foundation. Now there’s so many to choose from and I have so many I love but if your skin requires medium coverage and needs to be on budget then I personally love Bourjois healthy mix foundation.  It offers long lasting wear, perfect for long days at school, has a good SPF, meaning your skin care routine is shorter and again is not going to break the bank, read about it here
 Perfect for covering pesky spots and brightening under the eye. My go to favourite is the amazing collection lasting perfection concealer. Creamy, longevity, cheap as chips. I have tried high end concealers that whimper at the sight of this Bad boy
If investing in a good bronzer prevents you from frying your skin to look like a packet of ready salted crisps  then so be it. Honey bronze by body shop has been a firm daily fave of mine for nearly a year and I have barely hit pan. Its an incredible dupe for hoola which I’m sure your dying to own but can’t afford it. Save your pennies and take a walk on down to body shop. 
Face powder
Powders are no longer for old ladies. They keep everything in place and rather than lugging all your make up around school, take rimmels stay matte powder. Its slim and compact, reduces shine and restores flawlessness to your face whilst on your lunch break. 
There are so many types of blushers out there from liquid to tints to powders. I highly recommend makeup revolution blush palette. With 8 shades for £6 you could have a new look every day and still have one to spare. Variety is the spice of life! 
I’d recommend investing in two palettes when you’re starting out. You can always add more as you get on a bit. W7 from next in the buff, has all the nudes and transitional shades you could ask for. When you start learning how to perfect eye shadow, transitional shades are crucial. 
I’d then suggest a glittery night time palette. I had more of a social life back then and I would love to have owned make up revolution Flawless  palette. It has colours that suit all eye colours with just the right amount of glitter to take you through the weekend. 
You need a go to black mascara that lengthens and is voluminous. A personal fave of mine is the Rimmel scandaleyes mascara. 
 liquid or pencil, its personal preference. I’d suggest Rimmel scandaleyes thick and thin liner as it lasts a long time and is easy on the pennies whilst creating a multitude of looks. 
 I’d say you can go mad with this category as make up revolution and make up academy do lippies for a pound. I’d suggest a nude pink, nude brown,  and a coral. Red lipstick is great but is a little bit too grown up. If you wanna wear red I’d start with a balm or gloss first. 
£1 each 
So as you can see many of the products are favourites of mine anyway so aren’t childish or too young. They’re modern, brand aware companies delivering awesome products. 
The total cost to kit this out immediately would be £140 roughly. 
Which I know is expensive but I’d suggest getting them in increments and requesting more expensive items for Christmas and birthdays. 
Remember £40 of that are brushes. Without them the rest is just a waste. 
This is my own advice and as always you buy whatever you want, this is just what I wish the 13 year old me, would have had back in the day. 
Hope this helps. 
Lots of love