Supercat Soap and Glory liquid eyeliner review. 

Hands up who’s eyeliner story has gone from Avril lavigne to call the midwife feline flicks? 👋🏾

If you’re anything like me eyeliner is the thing that makes you look alive in the mornings and sultry at night depending on the look. 

I’ve had so many eyeliners but they all have their little gripes. 
Pencils are easy but require sharpening. 
Gels look awesome but are messy and fiddly. 
Pens are easy and awesome, winning! However, I find they dry out too quickly rendering them useless. 
Ugh, its a minefield. 
So I’m on a mission to find the perfect liquid eyeliner over the next couple of weeks. 
The requirements I’ll be asking the liners to meet will be 
Colour– Jet black only. 
Ease– life’s hard enough without your eyeliner acting like a digbert. 
Smudgeproof– I want it on and I want it to stay on. 
Price– the cheaper the better. 
So lets kick things off with 

So I know it’s technically not one of my requirements but I have to give S&G big ups here, the packaging is adorable. With their quaint vintage packaging it screams sexy siren. The actual eyeliner itself is plain black with pink bold typography. So although not necessary it is rather beautiful. 
So lets talk colour. I want my eyeliner to look as black as my soul. I’m happy to report that it really is jet black. It dries into a velvet finish and also dries quickly. Amazing tick in the box. They boldly display Carbon Black on the side of the packaging and I’m pleased to say they deliver. 
Ease– being a felt tip liner it is rather comfortable to hold in your hand. There’s no abnormal angles or fiddling with a separate pot. Its firm nib means that you can create thin or thick lines with little effort. A steady hand is still required but thats the same with all liquid liners but less so with Supercat. It really is the easiest liquid liner I own. 
So this is where Supercat falls down slightly. Worn on its own, I find that I find little black crescent moons on my eye socket. Such a shame as this could have been Purrrfect (ya geddit? No? Okay then, awks). The flick at the end looks a little less defined and a bit basic. 
However, when worn with eyeshadow or base I found this had serious staying power. It can last all day without touch ups. 
Price– So with beauty brands offering products from as little as a pound this is a medium range price. However, if you calculate price per use, well I’ve been wearing it nearly 4x a week so it’s practically paid for itself. 
As you can see from the images it’s easy to achieve a screen siren look. 
In order to keep your liner moist (ugh, hate that word) lay Supercat down horizontally not upright to prevent it drying out. 
I hope you found this review helpful let me know what you think in the comments too
Lots of love