Supercat Soap and Glory liquid eyeliner review. 

Hands up who’s eyeliner story has gone from Avril lavigne to call the midwife feline flicks? 👋🏾

If you’re anything like me eyeliner is the thing that makes you look alive in the mornings and sultry at night depending on the look. 

I’ve had so many eyeliners but they all have their little gripes. 
Pencils are easy but require sharpening. 
Gels look awesome but are messy and fiddly. 
Pens are easy and awesome, winning! However, I find they dry out too quickly rendering them useless. 
Ugh, its a minefield. 
So I’m on a mission to find the perfect liquid eyeliner over the next couple of weeks. 
The requirements I’ll be asking the liners to meet will be 
Colour– Jet black only. 
Ease– life’s hard enough without your eyeliner acting like a digbert. 
Smudgeproof– I want it on and I want it to stay on. 
Price– the cheaper the better. 
So lets kick things off with 

So I know it’s technically not one of my requirements but I have to give S&G big ups here, the packaging is adorable. With their quaint vintage packaging it screams sexy siren. The actual eyeliner itself is plain black with pink bold typography. So although not necessary it is rather beautiful. 
So lets talk colour. I want my eyeliner to look as black as my soul. I’m happy to report that it really is jet black. It dries into a velvet finish and also dries quickly. Amazing tick in the box. They boldly display Carbon Black on the side of the packaging and I’m pleased to say they deliver. 
Ease– being a felt tip liner it is rather comfortable to hold in your hand. There’s no abnormal angles or fiddling with a separate pot. Its firm nib means that you can create thin or thick lines with little effort. A steady hand is still required but thats the same with all liquid liners but less so with Supercat. It really is the easiest liquid liner I own. 
So this is where Supercat falls down slightly. Worn on its own, I find that I find little black crescent moons on my eye socket. Such a shame as this could have been Purrrfect (ya geddit? No? Okay then, awks). The flick at the end looks a little less defined and a bit basic. 
However, when worn with eyeshadow or base I found this had serious staying power. It can last all day without touch ups. 
Price– So with beauty brands offering products from as little as a pound this is a medium range price. However, if you calculate price per use, well I’ve been wearing it nearly 4x a week so it’s practically paid for itself. 
As you can see from the images it’s easy to achieve a screen siren look. 
In order to keep your liner moist (ugh, hate that word) lay Supercat down horizontally not upright to prevent it drying out. 
I hope you found this review helpful let me know what you think in the comments too
Lots of love 

Black Friday!

Hey babes,

No time to write a full post but here are some of the offers online for Black Friday if you’re having to work or you’re at school tomorrow!

Enjoy! IMG_3064.JPG



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Glossybox. Addiction to Subscription


Hi hi,
Anyone else limbering up for Black friday sales. Seriously, I feel like Katniss about to enter the games! Im gonna kick serious retail arse.
Although as with all missions (yea this is a mission) sometimes you tend to neglect yourself, no 3 for 2’s, no gonna try this new product or explaining to your partner that this shade of red matte lipstick will actually change my life.
None of it. This mission is all about giving back to the fam-a-lam.
But I couldn’t do it. Not all that shopping without treating moi!
So I decided that I would succumb to a beauty box and this would be a little pressie to myself.
And for a tenner too! I’d be mad to miss out.
I decided to start with Glossy box as my sister has been using them for ages. I love the presentation and figure they’re well established so would give it a go







I was going to write about all the products but have been wanting to Vlog for a while now. So I have tested the products (awks) on camera and have given my reviews.

This is new for me so let me know if you like the video or loath it. I’ll only learn with feedback.

However we all know I’m all about beauty on a budget so I’m gonna include the items links and prices below



Lollipops make up eye pencil

Price €14

Burt’s Bees lip shine

Price £6.99

H2O+ face oasis Hydrating treatment

Price £27.50

MONU Skincare firming Fiji facial oil

Price £26

Natural world Coconut water hydration & shine weightless hair oil

Price £4.99 @Superdrug.

A fiver cheaper than natural-world! Cheek!

So guys, I hope you like this blog. Let me know what you like and don’t like so It can get better.

Loves ya



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Make up is my magic! Tutorial.


After reviewing lots of products, I thought it was time for a tutorial.
I find a lot of women have make up and the tools but aren’t sure what to with it.
They’ve heard of foundation but aren’t sure what it does.
Highlighters were things you used in GCSE geography and Christ alone knows what a spoolie is?
Sound familiar? Okay then read on for a complete guide to a fresh lookin’ face.

Okay here’s my mug looking far from pristine but this is your base. Complete your skin care and sit in a room with natural light.
Take a primer and place on the back of your hands. Using your fingertips apply all over your face.


So now we take a foundation and place this on the back of your hand.

Using a foundation brush apply to your face. I follow the outside of my hair line and down my jaw. Using the brush cover your nose and start filling in the gaps. Brushing in lots of different directions to avoid brush lines. Use broad long strokes. Begin to blend out and really concentrate on your jawline as a different coloured face to neck is a bad look.


(If you’re not sure on how to pick a shade use the skin near your collarbone. It should disappear in)

So your whole face is one colour and you look rather odd. Thats cool its normal. As long as its all blended you’re good.

Take a concealer brush and your chosen concealer. Dab over blemishes, in the corner of your eyes and under the eyes. Blend well with the brush. With your concealer brush draw a thin line down your nose, a V on your forehead and a little dab on your cupids bow. Pat with your fingers or brush.


Take a loose translucent powder and with a brush, swirl all over to set your face. It can get messy so keep a towel over your clothes.

Take an eyebrow comb and comb your eyebrows up. Beginning at your nose and ending at the arch near your brow. Take the brush and comb from the arch down towards your ears.
Take your wax and use short strokes to follow the outline of your brows.
Using the powder pat gently over the wax following the natural shape of your eyebrow.


Take a large fan brush and apply bronzer. Start on your cheeks brushing out the way. Sweep over your temples and then a smidge on your chin.

This will give you a light glow that is very natural.


Take a blusher brush and your blush and sweep over the apples of your cheek. Less is more with blush. Just a pop of colour.


Take your eyeliner and hug the upper lash line. If you make a mistake just use a wipe to fix it. No dramas.


So you’re starting to look more human now.

Take your eyelash curlers and your hairdryer and blast the curlers with heat. Whilst warm to touch but not hot, clamp down on your lashes. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat with the other eye.

Take your mascara of choice and coat your lashes. Start at the base of your lashes and wiggle up towards the sky. Repeat as many times until you have your desired look.

Take a lip gloss of choice and apply following the outline of your lip. Smack your kissers together


And voila

A full fresh happy face.

Hope this helps.


Loves ya



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Alert! Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its a benefit dupe!

Oh my God, oh my God I’m so freaking excited about todays blog.
So as we all know I loves me a dupe. I adore high end products but I get a seedy little buzz when the drug stores (feel very USA saying that WOO! 🇺🇸) bring their A game and smash it.
A couple of days ago I wrote about how awesome the Benefit they’re real eye liner is. I was genuinely impressed with the product and would buy it again.
You can read about it here

But at £18.50 I was struggling to part with my cash at the tills. (I am a skin-flint with xmas and the wedding to pay for)
So I did some hardcore pinning on Pinterest and didn’t find anything for half an hour.
Then the beautiful word ‘dupe’ arose and they were referencing the incredible Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Pen Black
Price £8.99

What do Maybelline say?
Dramatic bold line intensity is now made easy, the shocking black intensity of gel in a pen.
Wide-contouring silicon-tip applicator makes it easy to draw bold, statement lines.
Black-lacquered gel wears all day.



Okay, okay. The names a bit of a mouthful, they clearly haven’t got benefits marketing team on side but who cares really? (Okay, I do a smidge)
I made the purchase in Superdrug, hola 3 for 2, its been a while!
At £8.99 this is medium price range for an eye liner. I’ll be pissed if this is shite.
Got it home and it looks pretty similar to They’re real by Benefit.
It has a twist base that when rotated kicks out some of the product.
The top has that angled nib identical (besides colour) to Benefits they’re real liner. The only difference was Maybellines was slightly softer.
The colour of the black is proper intense, I can see this being a gothic staple too.
I wiped off the excess gel and began to apply.
The pen liner was incredibly comfortable in my hand and I didnt feel it dragging against my skin.
I lined my lid and within moments it was dry. Granted a tiny bit longer to dry than Benefit, but only the teeniest.
I started from the inner corner and glided towards the outer corner hugging the lash line.



I attempted the flick next and am pleased to say this was super easy too thanks to that nifty nib.
The liner lasted for hours and didnt smudge at all.
It was a bit of a nightmare to remove so invest in a heavy duty eye make up remover.

This was the finished product.


I am so happy I have found this beauty! A total saving of £9.51 #amazing!

I am a hardcore Benefit fan but Maybelline here have pipped them to the post. Both products offer exactly the same look but one is nearly 10 quid cheaper!

Get involved and make a purchase peeps!

It gets the coveted title of MUST HAVE BUY.

Au revoir