Bare skin, Bare minerals, pure brightening serum foundation review. 

Spring has sprung, and I’ve tossed my full coverage foundations to the back of the drawer with gleeful abandonment. 

However, I’m not prepared to go bare faced just yet and I’m still to try CC or DD creams. 
I know, late to the party or what? 
So I looked in the depths of my make up station and shopped my stash and I rediscovered this bad boy. 
The premise behind this base product is that it melds the concept of a traditional foundation with the added benefit of anti-ageing properties. 
Now I hate to start with a negative but I do not feel this is as revolutionary as it claims to be as I do not feel that you could replace your serum with this product alone. 
The skin brightening claim is slightly misleading as yes it does brighten upon wearing it but I have not seen any long term effects from using the product (nor would I want to) 
So now I’ve got that that off my chest lets get onto the good news. 
This super light product is an extremely fluid foundation that feels almost greasy when applied to the back if your hand. This is not a horrible feeling but feels rather wet.
I would not describe this as watery in its consistency as it feels slightly more slippery and tacky to touch. 
However I am happy to disclose that this product contains no    
water, oil, silicone, parabens, or fragrance. 
It’s a very hard texture to describe and I think I’ve tried every adjective I know to attempt it. 
I will tell you that you will have to shake the bottle vigorously as the pigment does separate from the liquid. 
The product applies beautifully to the skin and upon application feels matte. This quickly dries into a beautiful dewy glow. The product completely unified colouration on my face but did not cover blemishes with one layer. 
In order to cover spots or blemishes, coverage will need to be built. Which is good news for us as this can easily be done. It starts with sheer coverage and with the use of a triangle foundation brush or stippling brush can be built to a medium coverage simply by adding more drops to the back of your hand. I’d recommend two drops for sheer, and up to four for medium. Any more and it can become cakey. 
Here’s how it looked on me when I applied it. From bare-faced, blended and full face on. 
The product blends easily on the skin and I hardly require a beauty blender to buff out the edges, however I do love using this product in conjunction with a darker foundation to achieve that Kimmy K look. 
You can watch that here
The colour range is amazing with twenty shades and at £26 it is not ridiculously expensive for the quality of the product. 
I wear bare porcelain which is the palest shade but there is a really good range of shades for women of colour. Finally! 
It has an SPF of 20 which is amazing at protecting your skins from those invisible rays as sun damage is the main cause of premature ageing. 
The overall finish feels like you’re wearing no makeup at all and leaves the most beautiful dewy finish. I particularly like this when my skin is dry as it does not settle and die in my dry patches. 
I personally don’t think those with oily skin will love this due to the slippery greasy feel on the skin. 
I understand there is a brush that is sold with it but after talking to friends who had purchased both they told me to save my money. They stated that the brush drank the foundation and that it was a wasteful purchase. 

        So a very good foundation for those who require a natural, light, no make up feel foundation with adequate SPF and shade range. 

      Let me know if you like this product in the comments. Do you agree that this is a great Spring foundation?

      Lots of love




      One thought on “Bare skin, Bare minerals, pure brightening serum foundation review. 

      1. I haven’t tried this product in particular, but recently gave Bare Minerals a go, as regards their typical loose powder foundation. I bought a full kit with brush, primer, bronzer and powder, but I don’t like it at all. 😦 😦 😦


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