Fake tan tip- The Tanger. 

So, this is going to be a really short post for me, which is unusual so savour this moment peeps! 

So my Cocoa Brown fake tan review received such good feedback and it appears that you guys love sunshine in a bottle. 

However so many people get put off by application. 
Now I’m not going to go over how good the Cocoa brown tan was again as you can read that here
So after hours of scouring the internet in order to find answers to some of your most common questions I came across the best invention since the creation of the wheel. 
The Tanger!  


So I’ve nicknamed it but I deffo did not discover it first but it actually works. 
The tanger works as you can easily reach the hard to reach areas on your upper back and shoulder blades. 
It extends your reach so you can get an even application. 
You do so by placing your tanning mitt on the end of a triangle hanger. Pinch the bottom of the mitt with your thumb and forefinger. 
This is important as otherwise it will fall off. 
Place some tan on the mitt and apply as if it was your hand. 
Now I have to be honest it is pretty fiddly and you’ll think oh em gee Clo, bore off! But stick with it and take your time and I guarantee that that sweet spot that normally your other half has to do is now within your grasps.
Yay, this is a major development for us girls and boys who live alone but still want a golden glow. 
I’m looking forward to your comments, 
Happy tanning! 
Lots of love 

7 thoughts on “Fake tan tip- The Tanger. 

  1. Dude! This is amazing, and the first time I tried it I did break out into hysterics because I’m normally MEGA cack-handed and was worried there’d be fake tan up the walls but I got really great coverage with it! Thanks for the tip! X

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