Rimmel scandaleyes kate moss mascara review 

Ooh, I’m back from my latest vlogging jaunt. Always feel like I’m being slightly unfaithful to words when I gallivant off into the Tube of You, surely I’m being ridiculous, no? 
Mascara is a tricky one for me to review as I’m a bit of a spoilt brat when it comes to Lashes. I demand it all. 
Now I have never repurchased a mascara I bought. How cray is that? I have never been wowed enough by a mascara to not be left wondering, is there better out there? 
Enter stage left, Rimmel Scandaleyes  Kate Rockin’ Curves Mascara
Now I have read a few neggy nelly reviews on line but for me this is my go to Mascara and I shall ‘splain why. 
Okay, Packaging. Uh, its tres chic in its Gun metal grey with a red scrawl naming its endorser on the front. Now I’m not the biggest fashion follower (my beauty addiction costs far too much to add clothes in the equation) but I have to admit every Kate Moss product I’ve tried has left me impressed but having her face on it doesn’t inspire me to buy it straight away. 
Also love the fact that the tube is huge and curvy making it feel comfortable in my hand. Yes I don’t think this was ergonomically tested and I also agree it takes up a lot of space in ones make up bag, but uh hello, its looks freakin’ tight! 
The wand, ugh just like Hermoine loves her little twig I love my wand. 
The wand, as you can see has this broken heart shaped head. Not just a gimmick peeps, full on design feature. 
The head is designed to capture the harder to reach inner lashes whilst still giving it full billy bifta on your outer lashes. 
I feel it does this impeccably, my mascara is evenly applied and it captures even the tiniest of lashes. 
The formula is rather wet but it packs a punch. With its carbon black formula your lashes will be dark as your soul. It can be quite difficult due to its wetness, so if you are a bit hap hazard with your mascara than keep a baby wipe on hand. 
For me with thin medium length eye lashes the combination of the wand and the formula leave me with lashes dramatically longer and with more volume.
Here’s a shot of without, with one coat and with two coats. 

I didn’t find this mascara at all clumpy but have heard conflicting reports. But this is my corner of the internet and I say no clumps,  so there! 

It is reasonably easy to remove, but I will warn you that this is in no way waterproof. Like it is awful, do not wear this if you’re likely to get emoshe. 

I watched Eastenders the other night (Abbie giving Dot, Jims hat FYI) and bawled like a baby. Wiped my face to see black smeared all over my hand, this was my face. 


I also find that on oily eyelids it does transfer, but I don’t tend to have this problem which is why I love it. 

I’m not going to stop searching for THE ONE but I have one for now and its pretty damn awesome. 

At £7.49its a pretty awesome mascara, I’ve had some quadruple the price that didn’t hand a candle to this bad boy. 

Hope this helps 





12 thoughts on “Rimmel scandaleyes kate moss mascara review 

  1. This mascara does look so nice! I’m the same as you, I don’t tend to buy the same mascara twice…there are just always so many new ones coming out that promise great things so how can I remain faithful to one?


  2. Ah, I have one of these kicking about untouched, I really should give it a whirl. The brush is peeking my interest. Will just remember not to do any blubbing lol x


  3. This one sounds good. I am a big fan of ‘They’re real’ but recently started to use Lancome, I was enjoying it the first few applications but now after literally a few weeks it is gloopy, clumpy and will need to be thrown on. Disappointed! But still love Lancome eye make up remover xx


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