Cocoa Brown Holy Grail Fake tan. 

Put your hands up if you struggle with fake tan ✋
Well you would if you could, but they’re the colour of a satsuma and you’re mortified. 
Been there, done that, washed the orange stained T shirt. 
However, there is a 3 month heat wave predicted which require strappy tops and sandals. Well if you think I’m getting my pasty pins out with no false tan you’re having a bubble. 
I’ve done expensive lotions, terracotta potions, mists, sprays and mousse and have never been completely satisfied. 
Well until now! 
Lets be honest, there is a set list of requirements for me to declare a fake tan a MHB. (Must have buy, keep up peeps) 
  1. Faff free
  2. Colour
  3. Price point 
  4. Fake tan smell free
So here’s why I’m loving Cocoa Brown. 
Faff free
So we’re all busy girls and boys, I haven’t got the time or the money to head into town for a spray tan each week. 
The whole mousse up, wait an hour, wash off thing requires a lot of spare time, something we’re all short of. 
This little beauty is perfectly faff free because, the packaging is fit for purpose. A large bright tube with a cap lid makes sense. I can easily open the lid with a mitt on, in the buff, trying to avoid the full length mirror from shattering. 
Big tick ✅
The gradual tanner is coloured and is almost gel like in its consistency. This ensures that I can see where I’m applying it, meaning no streaks. 
The formula absorbed rather quickly and didn’t feel tacky after application. I’d avoid white clothes straight away but it’s not a permanent no-no. 
As you can see there is a subtle colour pay off on day one but as the days progress its stronger and stronger. I loved that this felt quite moisturising and smooth on the skin. 
The upper back was quite difficult to do but because its gradual tan you cover it enough as the days go on not to look ridick. 
It does what it says on the bottle this little beauty. Cocoa Brown. Not Irn-Bru tango. The colour is a deep bronze and mimics the colour of a natural tan. By day 3 I felt lovely and Golden, I left it a day before applying the fourth application. 


 The colour faded but proportionately, no patchy elbows or back of the knee cap disasters. There were no messy ankles but the heel palm of my hand was slightly stained despite applying with a mitt. My fault though, as I did not wash my hands afterwards, it settled slightly in the palm lines. I would say to maintain a consistent natural glow apply every other day with exfoliating every 3-4 days. 
Price point
Well with main retailers such as Tesco  and Primark snapping this up the price is a reasonable £5.99. A quid dearer than the one I normally use but this is far superior. It is deffo one of the cheaper fake tan products on the market but don’t let that put you off. I’ve had professional spray tans that weren’t as natural as Cocoa Brown. 
Lovingly my partner states that the smell of fake tan always reminds him of the night we first met. I used to bathe in the stuff. 
See? Oh the shame
Well I’ve calmed down with the tan but that false tan smell always lingers. Down where I live in Essex, some of the clubs smell like digestive biscuits where the girls are sweating off their bake. 
Not a great pulling technique. 
I have to say that the Cocoa Brown signature scent Tahitian Gardinia Floral scent is not going to cause you to throw out all your favourite perfumes but its far better than most fake tan smells. It can only be smelt if you literally sniff your arm. I have to admit Cocoa Brown is the best smelling fake tan I have ever smelt as its the most discreet. 

So in all honesty, the tan I would have previously turned my nose up at, is the best tan I have ever owned. Value for money, beautiful bronze shade, minimal scent and fuss free. 

This is my Holy Grail fake tan. 

The search is over and I would like to thank  Scarlettfor including these as the goodies at her last blogging event as I probably would never have tried it otherwise. 

Lots of love, 




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