Maybelline Color Tattoo Review. Believe the Hype! 

Yo yo yo! Waddup! 

I’ve been levelling up on my shadow game of late and I have to say I have a new secret weapon on the war on basic. 
Enter Maybelline color tattoo for only a fiver 


So I was apprehensive at first. Yes, i was a nay-sayer in the beginning. I couldn’t quite comprehend how they blended, or smoked or layered. If you too have similar concerns, then read on my peeps. 
So as is life lets prejudge something on its looks before anything else. 
Hey, I was joking yeah? Naaat. 
But anyhoo, packaging is pretty beige you know? A small circular pot which is transparent so you can see the colour of the product you’re using complete with a colour coordinated lid. There is so much product in these little pots that this will last forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. The only small gripe I have is that the container is glass and can make it quite heavy when travelling if you have a quantity in your collection. 
Plus the packaging is not that beautiful in all honesty. But it does its job and its not a nuisance to use. 
With 17 colours in the shade range the looks you can create are endless and incredibly they don’t transfer to the upper fold. For you girls with oily lids you’ll know that the struggle is real when it comes to shadow slipping and sliding off and leaving marks above the upper fold. None of that with these bad boys. 
The product itself feels quite greasy at first touch but is surprisingly blendable. Post application it quickly dries to a strong highly pigmented colour. The formula is rather soft and when to much pressure is applied within the pots they can squash, so just be careful. 
One layer creates a flat base due to the formula being a cream/gel texture.They can be worn alone or as a coloured eye primer. 
I found that the shadows layered extremely well. I was almost able to create an ombre eye effect simpy by packing more product on where you require extra intensity this can be achieved simply by using an appropriate eye brush and building up the colour. It is ridiculously easy to do. I would state that synthetic brushes are better as they pick up the product easier. By using the tattoo as a coloured eye primer you can achieve longer amount of wear time for your shadows. It enhances the intensity and vibrancy of the subsequent colours applied. 

I did find using the tattoos as eyeliners on the bottom lash line difficult but I feel this may be down to not having a brush fit for purpose. 

I know *a bad workman blames his tools* yeah whatevs! 

I own the following colours 

  1. Pink Gold. 
  2. Eternal Gold. 
  3. Creamy Beige. 
  4. Everlasting Navy.


I picked up Pink Gold as I have a craving for the Naked 3 palette but I can’t afford it right now. I love that it isn’t too Barbie and doesn’t make me appear to look like a lab rat with red eyes, as I find pink shadows often can on fair skin.  Pink Gold is very shimmery, which you can see in the swatch above, but is still wearable on a day to day basis. 

Eternal Gold is extremely pigmented and really packs a punch with the colour pay off. I would describe it as being the same shade as Egyptian Gold. I can totes imagine a Pharaoh’s sarcophagus being painted with a Maybelline color tattoo as it lasts so bloody long. I do have to admit for some reason this was the hardest to apply. It seemed to cake easily on the eye lid but working quickly avoids this. Its a shimmery shade again and I find it is beautiful in the inner corner to open up the eye. 

Creamy beige comes in leather effect and is the only shade I own that is not a shimmer finish. I like using this in my crease to create a soft smoky eye. It’s probably my least favourite shade as its a little bit boring and I have better blending shades. 

By far Everlasting Navy is my favourite shade. The shade in my opinion finishes more like a cobalt blue and made my brown eyes filled with interest. The days of blue eyeshadow being old fashioned are gone girls. Embrace this avatar shade as it will add far more interest than the bog standard smoky eye you normally go for. I will warn though, strangely more is more in this case. Yes! I love excess! But basically yeah, if you don’t use enough of this product it looks a little bit murky when its blended. 

Here’s a shot of me wearing Everlasting Navy and Eternal Gold 

 It’s a really popular look on my Instagram and so easy to do. The outer two thirds of your eyelid apply everlasting navy. With a new brush apply Eternal Gold in the inner third. Blend with a blending brush into the crease stopping before the gold. Simples! 
I have no clue how long they last but with an afternoon of drinks and dancing it lasted from 11am untill bed at mid night. Which you can’t sniff at really can you? 
Invest in a few shades and I promise you’ll find that your shadow game picks up. 
Once again
Hope this helps 


4 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Tattoo Review. Believe the Hype! 

  1. Girl! You are SO RIGHT about these! I have, like, 5 or 6 and they are CRAZY GOOD! These are the least expensive but BEST product out there (I’m looking at you, MAC… and I’m giving you the side eye!) I’ve read about a couple of limited edition matte nude Color Tatts out there and it’s said that they are the BEST of the BEST primers… and I can believe that, as the colored versions make excellent primers. Some shades dry up faster than others, but that just means that we have to use them up faster, right? Great blog! 🙂


  2. Yes I love the eyeshadow on you. I’m a big fan of Maybelline and eyeshadow trends so I definitely want to go and give this a try. Black & Gold are my everyday colours so i’ll start with those first. LOL @ your oily eyelid comments, I was laughing for time because it’s so true haha. xx


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