Colorburst on to the scene, Revlon lip butter review. 

Ooooh, peeps I have a great discovery for you to marvel at today. I wear them daily and I’m hoping to own the whole range because they are just so freakin’ good.   

Introduced to me by Ashleigh in one of our monthly video’s I picked one up to give a try a few months back. 
I have honestly never worn a lip product so much. 
I estimate that I wear one of these products 80% of the time, thats how good they are. 
With a shade range of 21 colour choices, yes 21! There’s a shade out there for everyone. 
Lets start with the packaging shall we? The colour of the case corresponds to the shade of the product which makes it so much easier to find on those half 4 starts. The added bonus is that the casing is translucent and textured which I feel adds a bit of character to the product. 

The product itself is what I’d describe as a hybrid. Half lipstick, half lip balm, it ain’t half bad. Ugh,  even I thought that was corny, ‘pologies! 
The formula feels extremely soft and silky. Its like a negligée for your pout. They feel very similar to a balm and make the lips shiny and glass like without that awful sticky feeling associated with glosses. 
The colour pay off is pigmented but is sheer in its finish. I would say these last 90 minutes before reapplication is required. I don’t think thats too bad seeing as we’ve all had balms that have lasted a matter of seconds. Plus, the packaging is so cute that you’ll want to reapply to show off your hot new purchase. 
There is no strange taste to these but I feel they are lightly scented. The products contain mango, coconut and shea butter but this doesn’t transpire to the lipstick scent. I would describe it as a light sweet smell but it is unobtrusive so nothing to deter a purchase. 
 I find these lip butters extremely wearable. They feel comfortable on my lips and only leave slight transfer when drinking a brew. 

I am the proud owner of 3 shades and cannot wait to expand my collection. 

I currently own the following 

All three are extremely wearable and here’s how they look on. 

Word of warning however, The colorbursts are very sensitive to damage and heat. They are not to be left in the sun or in your car. You will be left with a soggy melted mess. Oh and streaky foundation where you cried for 20 minutes about your ruined lippie. 

At £7.99 (available here) they are not the cheapest lip product in the world and I dare say if I hadn’t been recommended these personally the price would’ve put me off. I mean £8 for a fancy lip balm? Girl please. But I will say that these are so much more than that. They truly are a pleasure to wear, bridging that gap where lip stick may make too strong of a statement and where a balm does not express enough. 

I am pleased to report that Revlon are often 3 for 2 in Boots and Superdrug meaning that this inevitable group purchase will be a little bit easier on your purse. 

Lots of love, 

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