Give the rest the blush off. Make up Revolution vivid blush lacquer review

Oh Blush. Don’t you just love it? Personally Blush is one of my favourite products to apply. 

Intended to create a youthful glow and recreate the flushes of amour it is a staple in my make up collection. 
Contrary to popular belief however powder isn’t the only variety available to consumers. Recently there has been a spike in the drug store/high street releasing tints, creams and lacquers. 
Sounds like a bit of a minefield but I assure you, what I am going to write about today will revolutionise your make up bag. 
The bottle might be small in stature but it packs a punch with pigmentation. A sturdy small cylindrical bottle means that it fits easily into the palm of your hand. This is a plus for me as this means less room taken up in my make up bag. The bottle is clear which means you can see which colour product you are using. Perfect for when you haven’t quite got your forty winks. 
The cap is matte black and has an air tight dispenser which releases the product slowly meaning you can control wastage. 
The texture is a creamy liquid where a little goes a long way. You literally apply the smallest dot of product on the back of your hand or mixing tray if you prefer. 
Now the great thing about this product was that it could be blended with various techniques. A beauty blender guarantees a really soft blended finish. 
My real tekkers brushes left the colour in a more precise location but merged beautifully with my base. 
Oh and to top it off, your fingers worked also. Using small circular motions, a post coital glow is guaranteed. 
This is a huge win in my opinion as it means less items to carry, therefore reducing the items I can potentially lose. 
The picture below was blended with my fingers and you can see how little product you need. 
Shall we talk pigmentation? Well wow. 
I have never and I mean NEVER used a product with such power. It is extremely easy to overdo it with this product but with the less is more approach and good blending you are left with a beautiful glow. 
Here is what one whole pump of the product leaves you with. Cray right? 
Although liquid, it dries to this beautiful semi-matte finish and boy does it last. 
I mean seriously, this will withhold dancing, running, keeping up with the Kardashians and white water rafting 
(I an yet to confirm the latter but I’d bet my wages that it would) 
It is the Mo Farrah of Blushers, it just keeps going and going. 
The shade range is good but not brilliant but I believe there is a shade for most. 
I am the proud owner of Heart and Rush. 
Rush is a light pale pink which is perfect for very dark skins and very pale skins. It might not be a very flattering shade on medium skin tones. I really like how youthful this shade is and it looks very bridal to me. I tend to wear this shade on special occasions with a soft pink lip. 
Now this shade is the mutts. I would describe this as a vintage rose shades. It is extremely buildable and soft. It will suit most skin types but I believe leans towards the warmer toned camps. However over the top of my TM this looks stunning. 
This formula is extremely flattering on more mature skin and contrary to other reviews I have seen I felt this complimented my dry skin and did not settle in my pores. 
To sum up this is one of my favourite products to use and I barely reach for blushers 5x the price. It leaves a beautiful finish, lasts all day and flatters most skin types and only £3 a bottle will last you a very long time. 
A product you all need in your life, 
The enabler, 

9 thoughts on “Give the rest the blush off. Make up Revolution vivid blush lacquer review

  1. Love the effect of the ‘heart’ shade, looks like your just a natural beaut. Have you tried the ELF version, how do they compare? I have a couple of those but am tempted to try these now doh! Enabler!!!!


  2. So highly pigmented in the swatch, but also very easy to blend, once applied…or at least this is what I can understand from the pictures. You did a wonderful job !


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