A sordid affair with Rimmel lasting finish high coverage concealer

So I am a little bit of a cosmetic hussy. Hence the Brazen and the Rouge in case anyone was wondering. 

I go from product to product unable to commit to one sole product. Until this bad boy. 
The collection ultimate perfection concealer. 
Cheap, effective and high coverage, what more can you want? I thought that was it. 
A beach wedding, a small semi in Boscombe and 2.4 kids,  that was the future for me and Mrs Collection. 
You can read our love story here
Until I saw this crimson vixen flaunting herself in the aisles of Boots. 
In a small red circular pot with a screw top lid it caught my eye. 
The doe foot on Mrs Collection wasn’t the most hygienic on those repeat blemishes so I thought I’d take a ride on the wild side. 
Miss Rimmel promised me 25 hour stints of lasting high coverage and boy she was a goer, but more like 5 hours rather than 25. 
Christ I felt like Sting. 
Her screw top lingerie annoyed me slightly, as nice as its curves looked in person (or pot rather) it was a nuisance to get the lid back on after our chance encounters. 
Miss Rimmel felt beautiful and creamy, benefiting from some light rubbing to warm her up between your fingers. When she was was blended smoothly on my finger tips, she did not settle or stray in my fine lines or flake around spots. 
She might sound like the perfect mistress but she did have her faults. 
Although covering a spot was no problem for her, and oh boy was she good at it. When the going got tough and my bags got darker, she dragged her heels across the delicate under eye area making that Kimmy K V shape nigh on impossible. 
I became frustrated and I began to miss that doe foot sweeping across my skin. 
Mrs Collection doesn’t know about my sordid affair with Miss Rimmel. I am all too weak and can not choose between the two. 
Mrs Collection is perfect for dinner dates, everyday application and cuddling after. 
I drop Miss Rimmel a dirty DM whenever a humdinger of a spot raises on my chin. She’s so good at making it disappear, she’s just not everyday wifey material. 
Hands up if you’ve never read a love triangle so strange? 
Let me know if you thought Rimmel lasting finish high coverage concealer was wifeable? With 3 shades the selection isn’t the best but if you find the right one for you, then wow you’re in for a treat. 
Here’s a quick swatch she let me keep for old times sake. 
At £5.49 she isn’t the most expensive concealer on the shelves. Winkie face! I said Winkie face God dammit. Check her out here.
Hope this helps, 

6 thoughts on “A sordid affair with Rimmel lasting finish high coverage concealer

  1. I liked this. I haven’t actually seen this around but I’ve always been a fan of Rimmel products. I was looking for concealers and I was gonna go for MACs but they’re a bit pricey. I do love them but I think i’ll give this one a go first.


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