All Brow down. Sleek vs Benefit Dupe alert. 

I have a lot of love for eyebrows. Ignored by so many for such a long time they truly are having their moment lately. 
To quote Sali Huges *all hail Sali* 
To painstakingly make up the rest and ignore them is to shove a Helmut Newton in an Ikea clip frame.
Totes agree with you Sal! While I am aware on how important a strong Brow game is I am still unable to comprehend on how to use the term ‘Brows on fleek* whilst maintaining a shred of dignity. 
For years I have used Brow Zings by Benefit. Its not cheap at £24.50 but it lasts a lifetime. 
I know you guys love Benefit but often the price tag keeps you from purchasing. I also know you do not want to compromise on quality either. 
Exactly my dilemma with my upcoming nuptials. 
One of my bezzers Verity has been using the Sleek version for a while now and raves about it. 
I decided to give it a go as at £8.49 it is a significant price difference. 
As you can see from the pictures they are practically identical except the sleek one was marginally bigger. ‘Mazin! 
With no fuss packaging and a mirror within, it screams dupe to me. 
Both kits came with a hard angled brush, a blending brush and a pair of tweezers. 
The sleek kit offer 4 shades; light, dark, extra dark and black. 
I love that there is several shades to choose from as I do find blondes are often ignored in the brow game. 
I use dark and it suits my colouring perfectly. 
Benefit offers light, medium and deep. I use deep and it is exactly the same as the Sleek dark colour. 
The kits come with 2 pans, one filled with a pigmented wax and a colour co-ordinating powder. 
Here’s a quick run down on how to perfect your brows. 
Point A always starts at the bridge of your nose, no further in, you’ll look positively cray. Point B is the highest part of your arch which is directly in the middle of your eye. Whilst point C finishes in line with where the edge of your winged liner would finish. 
Ready? Lets go. 
Using the angled brush, dip it into the wax and using short soft strokes start at point A. 
Brush up the way to avoid that boxy scouse brow vibe. Not a great look. 
Brush towards point B and then back down to C. It really is as easy as that. 
Sleeks wax is a lot softer to use and easier in my opinion than Brow zings. 
Brow zings wax is a lot heavier and I find there is more fall out on application.  Sleeks wax does suffer from slight oxidising but only appears a fraction darker the longer you use it. 

Taking the blending brush and the pigmented powder follow the shape of your new fierce brows. There is no difference in the powders either from sleek or from Benefit.

The sleek powder perfectly locks brows in place and softens the entire look. Both kits fill in sparse brows and maintain a natural look. 
I don’t think you can tell the difference between my brows and certainly not a difference of nearly £15. 
Both kits have incredible longevity and last all day. Yes they will smudge if you wipe your hand across but is that not to be expected? You wouldn’t be surprised if your lippy did that. 
I am completely in awe of the sleek offering and the only slight down fall is the brushes aren’t  quite as good as the Benefit ones. This makes no odds to me as I use eco tools brushes for my brows but I don’t think its a deal breaker here either. 
Both kits are nearly identical on all fronts bar the price. My advice would be to save your cash and purchase the sleek kit here
Hope this helps, 
Lots of love 

11 thoughts on “All Brow down. Sleek vs Benefit Dupe alert. 

  1. A-ha here you go with an other comparison between two very different products! I’m using a benefit brow pencil and I’m in love with it. It’s far better the super-hyped Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz in my opinion, but I have no benchmarkings with drugstore or far cheaper brands, so I can’t tell…


  2. That’s me decided… I have Brow-zings at the moment and you’re right, it does last an absolute ageee! But I am trying to make good cost effective changes in my beauty regime, so when i next need another brow kit – it’ll be a sleek one! xx


  3. I switched to sleek from benefit after a recommendation from my mum and I’ve never looked back! I love the dupe posts, I’m all for money saving where possible. Love your makeup blogs, down to earth and to the point! 🙂 x


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