Maybe she’s born with it, Dream flawless nude fluid touch review. 

Maybelline Dream flawless nude 

Fluid touch foundation 
20 ml 
So this was a total whim purchase, I saw this beautiful bottle and had to have it. It’s got this ombre style effect on the bottle but at 20ml I believe thats it is quite dinky for the price. 
However that makes it better for fitting in your make up bag, so swings and that. 
When you unscrew the top your met with an applicator wand. 


 I personally strongly dislike the applicator. It’s too scratchy to apply straight to the skin and I can see there being a lot of waste towards the end of this products life as you won’t be able to access the edge of the bottle. Not great for girls on a budget.
The formula itself is really lightweight and feels similar to the Armani Maestro foundation I tried once. It is very sheer on the skin and even my freckles can be seen through the product. It leaves quite a pleasant finish, almost like a powdery matte effect. It almost makes your skin look like its being shot in soft focus. 
Well, thats if you have good skin. I did find that it was not moisturising enough for me and my dry skin felt rather taut. Having a few blemishes on my skin also, (such a lucky girl me) I did find that the formula clung to the edges of the blemishes leaving me with a flaky finish. 


The foundation lasted through an hours gym session really well and here’s a before and after shot. It was set with a Ben Nye powder and it barely moved. 


Through out the course of a night shift I did notice that 7 hours in that the product had faded but it did not bunch or disintegrate on my face. Which is a plus for me. Fading I can contend with, patchy I can not. 
I found that I could not use a beauty blender or brush with this as it was so lightweight and any tools drank it all up. 
My tips for application would be to take the applicator and dot the products on your 4 clean fingers. Then blend the product on with those fingers until you’ve reached the desired effect. 
I will state that the smell of this product was rather strong and when applied near to my eyes the fumes did sting slightly which is rather concerning. 
The shade range is rather poor as frequently demonstrated by the drugstore/ high street and only caters for fair to medium skin tones with 7 shades. 
For the price of this product, I would not repurchase for my own benefit. However it looked absolutely beautiful on my sisters oily/combo skin. 
Once again, I hope this helps 
Lots of love, 


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