Sassy girl survival guide. 

An income. 
Sassy girls earn their own living, whether your washing cars or flying jets, have your own money so you don’t have to depend on anybody. 
Thick skin. 
Well not literally, hello Soap + Glory?!
The world can be mean and cruel and you will get knock backs. Put your sassy pants and remember No, is just the beginning of ‘Not yet girl’ take a minute, brush it off and try again. Remember, mascaras too expensive to waste on tears. 
Self worth. 
You are no bodys convenience. If you only get called at 1am or they only text when they’re in town say ‘Ba-Bye’ Don’t be scared of losing someone who doesn’t feel lucky to have you. 
A team
You will lose friends as you get older. Families will be further apart. Keep a strong circle of trust. Numbers aren’t important here, knowing that these select people have your back through anything will keep you on the straight and narrow. Whether thats your mum, best friend or boyf, keep the good ones close. 
Self esteem 
Stop comparing yourself to others. You are who you are. Want what you already have. Sassy girls survive because they know they own it. What defines ‘it’? 
Fire in your belly. 
A sense of humour. 
A woman with a good sense of humour is the sexiest thing ever. It requires intelligence, good timing and the ability to see the funny side of life. A sassy girl is always a witty girl. 
Women didn’t struggle for centuries for equal opportunities for you to sit there accepting mediocrity. You want it, go get it. 
For every meme on the internet you see, always remember that sass doesn’t equal bitch. You’re fierce and feisty but you help those who need it. 
Body confidence 
Sexy isn’t a shape. It’s an attitude. You will never be perfect. Rock what you got. 
Sassy girls are the ones empowering other women. Not dragging them down. Remember you can light a thousand candles from one flame. It doesn’t put your fire out. 


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