From Essex to Barry M; Chisel cheeks contour kit. 

So its, offich! 
Contouring is here to stay. If you haven’t got a huge budget, but you have got a burning desire to refine and define, this budget beauty might be for you. 

Weighing in at 7.5g and a mere £5.49at the moment from Boots, this is cheaper than your standard shop bought lunch. 
Butter a roll and pack a capri sun in with your babybel one day and treat yourself. Its a great little buy. 

The cardboard packaging isn’t exactly swoon worthy but it is quite cute. With mint greens and baby pinks its very on trend for SS15, however I think this was more a happy accident than foresight. 
You can see straight away what product you’re using and who it’s by. 
Great for when you’re in a rush. 
Although one must never contour if on a schedule. 
The little palette snaps shut and for cardboard wears better than I thought it would.  
Its about a centimetre thick and 4 inches wide by 2 centimetres long, perfect for travelling.
On opening this little gem, I see no mirror but cute little diagrams. 
Aww, how thoughtful. 

Now, without sounding mean, this is a very generic ‘how to contour’ diagram. If you are in the business of narrowing a round face or making a small lip fuller, head online to youtube or to your favourite blogger. 
However if you’re after the standard sculpt and smoulder look, then this will get you from A to B with very little effort. 
There are 3 round pans in the kit starting from light to dark. 
The pans look small and unassuming but it fit my contour brush in there perfectly and it all seems quite compact and sturdy. 
The main ingredient in the set is Talc, so I was concerned over how drying this may be. 
Gurrrl, I was wrong. 
The shades are beautifully soft and blending is like childs play. The pigmentation is good but the pay off does fade over the day. You’re looking at, 4 hourly touch ups. 
Not full on restructuring but just a little top up. 

The highlighting shade is a matte ivory that attracts light without looking shiny. There are no shimmer particles in this, thank the lord! We want bone structure cosmetics companies not stripper glitter! 
(That’s a whole other post) 
It is slightly chalky but not uncomfortable to wear at all. Its a lovely highlighter but you will need to touch this up. 
The middle pan is the bronzer in this set. Full of warmth and summer memories this is beautiful to sweep down the neck and over the forehead to stop the face looking so stark compared to the neck. It will suit most skin tones and being matte makes it so more wearable. Its a bit like hoola’s geeky little brother. Same kinda look but a bit scrawnier. 
The darkest shade is the top dog in the set. A beautiful grey based brown, that although looks like puddle water in the pan created sculpture and receded areas like a pro. It is deep and cool toned and is perfect for creating shadows. 
I am shocked at how reasonably priced this is. Its pretty much supermodel in a palette. 
Bone structure is no longer for the gazelles of this world, 
Us larger ladies with perhaps a bit more cheek than bone, shall we say? Can now say; 
I came, I saw, I contoured. 
Viva la Chubb! 

Let me know if you like the palette in the comments. What drugstore contour sets do you rave about? Are powder contour sets easier than cream or vice versa? 
Lots of Love 

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