The can’t call it a beauty blender, but its basically a beauty blender by Real Techniques, post.

Real techniques miracle complexion sponge £5.99

I will speak now and then forever hold my peace. There is a lack of photos on this post, but in my defence it wouldn’t stop rolling around! Even with white tack! 

Hailed as a dupe for the iconic Beauty Blender but at £10 cheaper I don’t know whats been preventing me from purchase this nifty little sponge. 
After scouring ebay for what feels like months trying to find a cheaper alternative to the BB, this one kept coming back with the best feedback.
The concept behind the sponges, some are hailing as holy grail, is that it blends out your foundation or concealer, to leave a soft, airbrushed, non cakey look. The sponges are designed to be used with liquid foundations, helping to prevent creasing and product just sitting on the surface. 
The RT sponge is roughly the same size as the BB but does not expand nearly as well when damp, it increased a good 20% however and felt quite buoyant. 
I really like the different angles on the RT. It has the point and curve that has made the BB a household name, this is perfect for the inner eye corners, nostrils and blemishes. The difference with the RT offering is that instead of a teardrop bottom it has a slanted edge. 
The slanted edge fits really well under the bottom lash line and around the contours of the nose, it blended my concealer beautifully. I stippled the curved edges (this means to bounce) across the under eye area and it did look seriously flawless. 
I will say though, that the RT sponge soaks up a hella lotta water, its a bit of a nightmare to be honest. It doesn’t wring out very well and felt really wet. 
To combat this I run it under the tap the night before and left it on a bit of kitchen roll. Not the chic Norwegian loft look, I’m going for in my humble abode. Leaving it on the kitchen roll appeared to draw the water out and made it usable quicker. 
When it comes to finish, it left the same beautiful finish that the BB leaves. 
Dewy, fresh and natural, perfect for sheer coverage.
I will admit I prefer make up brushes for foundation application but love the RT or BB for concealer under the eyes and blending foundation around the jaw line. 
These sponges no matter what brand you use are not the best at a full coverage and I tend to apply my foundation with the RT Triangle foundation brush, I take the RT sponge and gently blend the base in concentrating on the jawline and eye area.
I found this left with me with an airbrushed finish and I love it. 
The flip side to this little gadget is that I did find that cleaning this was a bit of a ‘mare. One use and this looked ready for the launderette. As soon as I finish applying I chuck this in the sink and even after constant squeezing under water there was still foundation leaking out. 
The RT sponge stained almost straight away and the pores of the sponge were very visible, The BB is exactly the same though so I just feel that this is the downside to using sponge to apply base. 
I wasn’t madly in love with the RT offering but then I wasn’t in love with the BB when I tried it before from
A friend.
However a week of use, I’m coming around to the idea of it. 
I do feel the RT is a lot of faff, the sponge looks gross after one wash and where the hell do you store them? 
Seriously if you know how to store them other than the expensive holder they sell let me know in the comments. 
I do however, like how my concealer works better with the RT sponge, blending around the jaw line is now a doddle and the price point on this is approximately a tenner less than the BB.
Well worth a purchase if you can not afford the BB’s prices, however for me its no Holy Grail, its just a nice addition to my kit. 
I know that I seem disenchanted with this product, but I find it hard to get excited over a bit of Sponge that doesn’t wear squarepants If I’m honest. 
If you like the BB you will not be disappointed with this product, if the BB wasn’t for you then I would not recommend going out and purchasing as it does not offer anything that the BB cannot do. 
Lots of love, 


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