Sleek face form review. 

Hey guys! 

So contouring is huge at the moment. Everywhere I go people wanna know how to get that Kimmy K vibe. 
I have a lot of contour products and can tell you all something now. They’re a waste of money if you don’t have the time or effort into creating a bit of light and shade. 
I have contour kits from all price points with one of my favourites being £2 and another on my wish list is nearing the £50 mark. Cray eh? So when my bezzer, Vez tings- shout out! (She’ll blush reading this on the tube I bet) bought me the Sleek contour face form in medium for my birthday I couldn’t wait to try it out. 
Now my birthday was over a month ago I know but when I say tried out, I mean used nearly every day. There is only one other kit I love as much as this and that review is coming in the next couple of weeks. 
Ooh, Cliffhanger. 
So this nifty little thing comes in at £10 which is a steal considering you get 3 shades. 
The packaging is decent. Sleek in name and nature, the slim line palette comes in matte black with the brand name etched demurely across the front. 
The palette snaps shut and is rather sturdy, along with its slim frame it makes it perfect for your make up bag when on the go. 
I am disappointed that there was no infographic nor diagram accompanying the kit, as I found the presence of the bronzer confusing at first. 
You see the fair version of this palette comes with a blush not a bronzer just so you’re aware. I’m not a massive fan of mixing blush with a contoured face as I believe they’re contradicting looks. 
Blush makes you pretty, youthful and mimic the appearance of post romantic encounters, shall we say. 
Contouring makes you fierce, striking and chiseled- the sort of look that leads you to such encounters. 
But thats just my opinion. 
Anyhoo, I’ll climb back up that tangent, I just went down. 
Yeah, thats is, Sleek, add a little map, sick of having to use all my data to work out how to use the trio. 
Ooh, also, love the full mirror that is inside, perfect for touch ups. 

Well, anyway I worked it out and there are three shades to be used as follows 
Dark brown- contour- creates shadows- recedes areas you apply it to. I.e hollows of cheek bones, temples, edges of the nose.
This palette in my opinion suits cool skin tones best. The contour shade was beautiful at creating shadows and did not have any unnatural shimmer to it. It blended beautifully and lasted all day. There was no orange or muddiness to in the pigmentation and I’ve reached for it consistently since owning it. (I own about 7 different contouring kits or products, so it really is an achievement.) It did not split my foundation as some of my cream contours have so thats a huge bonus. 
Highlighter- shimmery, golden toned highlighter, add to areas you wish to bring to the forefront. I.e middle of the nose, cupids bow, cheek bones. 
I love love love this highlighter, apart from one thing; it has no staying power. The colour has a beautiful glow to it, far more natural than others I have come across, it has a real empyrean aura to it. I know that sounds pretentious but its literally like wiping fairy dust on your face. Truly stunning. For about an hour. I’ve tried fixing sprays, powders, even hair spray, nothing could increase its longevity. I have resigned to the fact that touch ups will have to be frequent as I can no longer live without this highlighter.  
Bronzer- shimmery and luminescent, add after foundation before contour in a figure of 3 to each side of the face. 
Hmm, I don’t really see the point of this. Its far to shimmery for my liking, I much prefer my bronzers to be Matte, like Hoola for instance. 
I understand this is not a designated contour kit (even though I have been treating it as such) but the bronzer just seems a bit unnecessary. It lasted well on the skin, but I found it a bit terracotta and glittery for me. 
I did however like this on my décolletage and upper chest area as my upper body is a lot paler than my face. Is anyone else like this, in all honesty if you are paler on your chest and neck than your face let me know as its such a nightmare trying to colour match. I look like a reverse ombre (my legs are super pale) 
Anyways, a bit of a meh bronzer.
Great word, meh. 

All in all, a great product for those beginning to contour. The price point is extremely fair for the product you receive. If I could make any recommendations to Team Sleek, it would be ditch the bronzer and research how to make that highlighter last longer. 

Obligatory selfie modelling product reaking of unfound narcissism

Oh and I forgot to mention, this product isn’t tested on animals. 

Great buy, 

Thanks V, 

Love Clo




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