Believe the Hype, Real Techniques Bold Metals review. 

So, who’s the happiest girl in the world then? 
Bar Taylor Swift, obvs. 
It’s me silly! Why? You ask. 
Well, my lovely partner got me the most perfect anniversary present. 
No not diamonds, not a pug puppy, not even a years supply of nutella could’ve warranted the ‘jump clap’ I hadn’t done since we got engaged. 
It was these; 

These bad boys came waltzing into my life. 

Before we start, the cast all have the same unique feature which I will explain now. The ferrule (where the handle meets the hair) is weighted and appears to be a slightly more durable material. Having a weighted ferrule prevents the thinner end weighing your brush down. The aim of this is to make the brush feel more comfortable in your hand over a long period of time. It also helps you with precision as these brushes are engineered for perfect weight distribution for when its tipped towards the face. Perfect for you make up artists. The ends of the brushes are all tapered to a thinner end with ridges I love this feature as it stops the little beauties rolling off the table. Perfect for those product shots! These brushes were clearly designed with M.U.A’s in mind. The nifty little ends are perfect for sliding into your pro belts. I would say though, that the handles are made of plastic, a little bit disappointing for a premium brand. 

So shall we meet the beautiful cast in the Bold Metals production. 
100 Arched Powder brush. 

As a powder lover, A day doesn’t go by when I don’t set my face with a final sweep of powder. 
I am rather loyal to my buffing brush by real techniques from their core collection but was excited to try this show stopper out. 
The first thing that I should mention is the beautiful colour. A lovely metallic gold which is so luxe you will feel like a superstar with this in your brush pot. 
The actual bristles are so soft, I’ve never owned a brush this soft. It took me 5 minutes before I picked up any product as I was to busy fondling it. 
The cut of the brush helps with picking up the product but I wasn’t mad on the actual application. Don’t get me wrong it applied nicely but its just not a revolutionary brush. I have jobs of equally good quality but they are nowhere near as beautiful. 
I will continue to use my buffing brush for blending my foundation but this is a welcome addition to my Spring cosmetic collection as for me its perfect for adding a swish of bronzer. 
Not a necessary buy but is a lovely addition to your collection if you can afford the £25 price tag. 
101 Triangle foundation brush. 

This dual function brush comes in at £22 and is the other Gold addition to the range. The ferrule is weighted as previously explained and the ends are also tapered along with all the brushes in the line. The brush bristles are a unique shape, a bit like a Toblerone. The flat edge of the brush picks up your foundation, of the cream or liquid variety. It covers a large amount of the face and makes application a dream. The yellow to white ombre bristles show easily how much base you have picked up however I wasn’t in love with the bristles as much as I thought I would. You see the brush bristles  felt rather like plastic not at all like the Arched powder brush. The point was actually quite harsh and felt quite scratchy, meaning I wouldn’t feel comfortable using the point to cover any blemishes. I would happily pay over the price point for the brush as the unique shape really does transform your make up finish. I barely needed to use my trusted buffing brush. The triangle foundation brush blended my base in seamlessly and I just wish the bristles had been softer and this would’ve blown me away. 

200 Oval shadow brush. 

This was the brush I was least impressed with. Don’t get me wrong, the bristles were beautifully soft and it worked picking up the product. The silver colour was my least favourite of the collection but its still nice to have a great new eyeshadow brush in my collection. I don’t have any creme shadows so can not confirm if this would work with creme shadows as promised, but in my attempt to give it a go, I took my concealer and the tapered ends fitted beautifully under the eye. I wasn’t expecting it to but it did. I’m not sure that I would spend £15 on this brush as it does a good job but is nothing to write home about. 

300 Tapered Blush Brush 

So firstly, that Rose Gold tho! 

*Hearts in eyes emoji* 

For me this was too small to be a blusher brush, when you have cheeks as chubby as mine you need a fatter brush. Not one to give up on a £24 Brush I began to experiment. The bristles are so soft and fluffy its un-real! The bristles are also tapered on this brush which came in useful for what I used it for. This is my new go to brush for powdered highlighters. I have so many powder highlighters that it’s astonishing that I didn’t have a purpose bought brush to light up my life. The size of the brush places highlighter perfectly on the contours of the face. 

301 flat contour brush. 

This was the brush I was desperate to get my grubby foundation stained hands on. I literally gawped at the display in Boots, fangirling at this Rose Gold bad boy. There’s been a lot of hype around the product and rightly so. This is a really good product for picking up a powder contouring product. It fits perfectly in the hollows of your cheeks. However I found that the result left me looking a bit Tony the Tiger as the dense bristles were great at applying the product but not at blending if you’re a novice at contouring. However I tried again and I got it spot on. The trick with this brush is to use the thin angle of the brush to apply it in a line following the cheek. The bit I didn’t learn until my second attempt, was by turning the brush, so its wider. 
By turning the brush and blending upwards in circular motions you keep the fierce contour shape we love but without the obvious cosmetic camo girls so often end up. 
 The shape of the brush is perfect for the nose and forehead. If you can’t get the hang of the techniques aforementioned, blend this product using a real techniques core collection contour brush with no product on it and that gives you some hella fine cheek bones. 
As you can see I told the ol’ man that I didn’t need the other two eye brushes so I haven’t got these to review. 

I washed the brushes and I am pleased to report that the white bristles didn’t stain and the handles didn’t tarnish. 
I did have to give the Triangle foundation brush a lot of TLC. I was washing it for a good 5 minutes by my calculations and foundation just kept streaming out. I did get it clean but be prepared that brush was hard work. 

All in all, I think that these are great brushes for make up artists to wow and impress on bridal and prom assignments. I’ve read a lot of negative reviews on these and think a lot of it is unwarranted. I believe these brushes in the hands of ‘amateurs’ such as myself is a bit like giving someone a DSLR to take a selfie in a club toilet. A waste. However if you’re willing to adapt and learn how to use these brushes properly then you will love these brushes. If you are new to make up I wouldn’t suggest these for you, you may feel that they’re a bit overwhelming but if you’re an MUA or a beauty junkie in the know then I think they’re well worth the money. 
If I could offer any feedback it would be to make the triangle foundation brush softer. I don’t think the tapered blush brush is the best size for blush but as I said was perfect for highlighter. 

Lots of love 


9 thoughts on “Believe the Hype, Real Techniques Bold Metals review. 

  1. i’ve been debating purchasing these brushes or not but after reading this, i think it’s a must! they’re beautiful!


    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes they are expensive but if you’re gonna level up your make up game then I’d invest. If you can not afford all of them, (who can?!) don’t bother with the eye brushes. They’re good but the face brushes will transform your look xx


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