What do you call a mischievous egg? A practical yolker. LUSH easter range review. 

Recently I was notified that LUSHChelmsford were hosting a bloggers event. 
I was ridiculously excited as LUSH is one of my favourite shops in Chelmsford. 
I left my email address and was kindly invited to the event. 
Alongside Ashleighsteaparty and School run beauty we joined the gorgeous LUSHIES
Wendy, Nathan, Ross and Sam and other local bloggers to discover the new Easter range after hours. 


On arrival we were all given a name tag each which is a touch I really love. Corny I know, but its lovely being able to strike up a convo with someone and use their names. 
I put my sticker on and was offered a drink and could see they had really made an effort with the cake and nibbles. 
Bear in mind, this event was not subsidised and there was no obligation to buy any products. 

After taking a few snaps and getting to know the others a bit better we crowded round excitedly and were shown the new Easter range. 


I couldn’t believe how knowledgeable each member of staff was. They knew every product inside out, where it was from, how it is sourced, the ingredients, the concept behind it and what its blinkin’ star sign was.

They were on it. There was several demonstrations and even games. Seriously I was in my element. 
We were given the chance to smell and touch all the new products which included three bath bombs, a bubble bar, two soaps and a gorgeous new shower jelly. 

The bombs were  bursting with essential oils and displayed the most beautiful colours. 
I felt like I had just emerged from a waterfall smelling like jasmine with a flower in my hair.
The soaps were just adorable and were made of the brightest colours

The team then took the time to show us their new perfumes (queue Ashleighsteaparty fangirling- hard) 
My favourite was the Presidents hat perfume where I could detect the most beautiful patchouli and notes of honey. It was devine.

Towards the end of the evening we all got the chance to make our own butterball bath bomb. It was honestly like being a kid again for the night, I loved it. 
As you can see

The Lushies even provided us with goodie bags. 
Within the goodie bag you received the following
  • Assortment of easter chocolate 
  • Our hand made bath bomb.
  • Selection of yummy mummy testers 
  • 2 Easter products of our choice 

I selected Pot O’Gold and Immaculate eggception.

Pot O’ Gold £3.50 per 100g 

This shower jelly just looked amazing. It reminded me of butterscotch sundaes you get from the Toby Carvery! The product contains orange peel, pineapple juice, Fair trade vanilla and Myrrh Resinoid. 
Not gonna lie, I thought myrrh is what wise men gave to baby jesus so don’t ask me what it does. 
I found the product felt like fart putty, not the sexiest description but I’m sure you know what I mean. You rip a bit of the jelly off and rub it into your hands until you end up with some lather. I did find this quite hard to do in the shower and it did slide off me a few times but I guess that just adds to the fun for some. 
 Its glittery but this only translates onto the skin as a delicate shimmer. I absolutely love it. 
I used it on my hair and my hair smells lovely and sweet and hasn’t left any build up. Great for a change from my trustee fibrology. 
This had a citrus zingy scent and is the sort of bath I’d like to take before a big meeting or travelling. It was so energising and the notes of lemon were beautiful. I selected the yellow bomb and the great thing about this product is that its 3 bombs in one. Crack the egg on a hard surface and there’s a little pressie inside.
I would deffo repurchase, but would select the pink egg as the only thing missing for me was a mix of colours from the yellow bomb. 

Golden egg bath bomb £3.75

This was originally the product I wanted to take home the most. It has the scent of Honey I Washed The Kids and is so glittery its like my little pony just vomited love on to me! 
But in all seriousness, the glitter transfer from bomb to finger was quite intense and my fiancé has OCD regarding mess and tidyness and I didn’t really want to spend 2 days scrubbing the bath after one use.
If you have used this product let me know in the comments if its as messy as I had presumed? 

Carrot soap £3.95 per 100g 

This bad boy Contains carrot oil hence the name and cocoa butter.

The scented soap is not only energising but penetrates right into the skin and moisturises really well. 
I will be purchasing this in my next visit to LUSH. 

Who new a reusable bubble bar could create so many bubbles! My jaw was on the floor during the presentation. This product has the same scent as the Carrot Soap and can be used several times meaning you get more bang for your buck. Not only are they hash tag adorbs, they create a tropical bath, in minutes. 

To make a rainbow you gotta have some rain! 
But luckily this soap comes with its own silver lining in every slice. 
This soap has so many beautiful colours and contains neroli, mandarin and rose oils. 
It also features a brand-new scent to LUSH called rainbow, funny that and its just beautiful. 
It would look stunning displayed in a bright white bathroom to display a bit of character. 

Hippity hoppity bath bomb £2.50 per 100g 

Beautiful for all you playboy bunnies out there, a cute new bath bomb that smells of violets and turns the bath water pastel pink.
The yummy mummy shower gel was bright purple and lathered really well. I didn’t like the smell as it reminded me of the purple quality street. 
Strangely though, the yummy mummy lotion, had a note of the ‘street’ but was cream coloured and smelt in my opinion of almonds and cocoa butter. I much preferred the lotion. 
Before I share the rest of the snaps I would like to add a mahoosive thank you to the Lushies, you did a wonderful job and I deffo think that the event was a success. 

I realise I am a complete enabler but you have to try the new easter range, so ‘ Hop’ on down *groans* to LUSHChelmsford. 
Lots of Love


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