Drawer diving. Brazenrouge style. 

Who doesn’t love a good snoop around someone else’s drawers? 

Not like that you Philistine. Hash tag winky face emoji. 

I know I love posts where I can gather inspiration from others, have a look at how others organise their storage and see what purse friendly storage techniques others use to make their home Pinterest worthy. 


I call my space my make up station. Others refer to theirs as a dressing table, or some may use an en suite. 
I call mine my make up station as this is where all things beautifying happen. I put my face on here, I trial new products here, I make over other ladies and I write about my love of cosmetics, all from this one space. 
It is my happy space and for someone who is naturally messy and hoards everything in sight, it is the one space that I am territorial over. 

Still a long way to go with the aesthetics as I would like to add some paperchase post cards but it fulfills its purpose. 

The table is actually a desk and not a dressing table at all. I purchased this from the micke range at Ikea. For those of you who regularly see the malm dressing table, you may know that they’re actually very long and even though I have a decent sized bedroom due to doors and in built wardrobes I only had a specfic place where my station could go. Micke is the perfect fit and is brilliant because there is lots of desk space and there is a hole at the back of the desk where wires can be fed through. There is a thin wide drawer where larger items can live, a thin deep drawer where all my blog odds and sods live, scrabble tiles, tripod e.t.c. plus a set of shelves where my hair appliances live. 

So as you can see its easy to stay organised in a Micke space and for £60 its more than affordable. 

To take the space from study to beauty I purchased a mahoosive square mirror from Ikea but unfortunately I can not remember the name of the designer. It was £15 which I remember thinking was a huge bargain and it is for the amount of mirror you get for your money. Mine is placed leaning on the wall to prevent adding any holes to the wall, damn rental! 

Moving on to the fun bit, readers of brazenrouge will know all about my love  of acrylic stackers and I’ve wrote about the beautiful plastic that keeps my bank balance low and my aspirations high, if you’re undecided on whether these are a good choice for you or not check out that post here

So I have added to my collection since we last spoke about the stackers  and we have had a little move around in my station. 

So here’s how I’m organising my station at present;
I keep my make up brushes in this aluminium plant pot, from Ikea, it was about £1.50 and added a real juxtaposition between the softness of the beautiful girly brushes to a real industrial no frills holder. 

I really like incorporating that into all my interior and even my style at the moment, I like the composition between opposites and will often wear a tailored white shirt with a loud brash pair of harem pants. My bedrooms no different, but thats just my personal taste.  

I keep my eyeshadows and palettes in the long thin drawers and find that having the more visible means I am more likely to use them. 
I also keep my contouring kits in one of these drawers as they seem to fit perfectly and it makes them so much easier to find. 

In the 6 drawers stackers tend to be a variety of highlighter, blusher and bronzer although Maybelline colour tattoo’s just fit beautifully so they have pride of place there also. Having a quantity of different face products in front of me at eye level has definitely helped me switch up my daily routine and has got me out of the powder pink blush rut I had fallen into. 

The top compartment is a bit of a jumble but there is method to my madness. The issue is that the compartments can only fit certain sized products. 
I have all my eyeliners up here free standing, it makes it  so easy to see on those early starts what I have at my disposal rather than my desired eyeline lying abandoned under a summer bronzer you’re not going to use for three months. 
I also keep all my concealers up here and although I am a creature of habit and stick to the same two concealers normally sometimes remembering I have other options keeps me from becoming lazy with application. 

I keep my highlighters and benetint up here and I have to say it is the perfect size for the mini benefit items. They fit beautifully and I reach for high beam every day rather than forgetting I own it because its got lost in some crevice of a dirty make up bag. 
I also keep a loose powder tucked up here behind my favourite perfume for when I just need a quick touch up. 

Moving alongside the desk near to my lamp which is a God send for those dark winter nights tapping away is my lipstick stacker. 
The top tier was my first ever stacker purchase from amazon and I still love it. 
The bottom row contains red lipsticks, the second row are nude browns, the third is pink shades followed by the top row containing all my berries and plums. 

Sometimes the shades I wear don’t always fit directly into these categories so I take the strongest note of colour and pop it in there. I also place the lippies in bottoms up, so I can see the name and number of the shades. 


I have three small drawers beneath that, the top two containing lip balms and lip glosses, the items I am least likely to wear, I find gloss so annoying but it is easier to maintain than a matte lip so I always keep some close. 
The bottom drawer contains the beginnings of a lip liner-holic. Only a few shades but its grown exponentially and I blame Kylie Jenner! I’ve bought more lip liners over the last 6 months then I have done in 13 years of wearing make up. 

Finally moving on is my final piece, an arena style stacker. It conceals my eyebrow kits and houses 9 mascaras, I love having them all in plain view as I really can mix it up depending on my mood. I also keep my make up revolution blush sticks and laquers here, they fit perfectly and my brush often finds itself tempted by the vivid pops of colours these bad boys produce. 

So a lot of thought goes into this space and its constantly evolving as new products are introduced and old favourites are forgotten. 


The wide long drawer is a bit of an Aladdin’s cave as you’re about find out but its a life saver. 

So the back left drawers is home to the odds and sods, such as business cards and lash curlers, they take up a lot of room and aren’t the most beautiful to look at so they are relegated. 
In front of them are the useful and miscellaneous. I have no clue what catagroy they fall under but I use them daily so they are close by. Cotton buds, primers and lip scrubs can be found here. 

The back middle drawers contains all my nail polishes. I rarely paint my nails due to uniform regulations at work boo! But when I do its always a dark deep passionate colours and they can be found back there alongside, remover and decals. 


The back right drawer is my lotion and potion drawers, containing a mix of soap and glory products, this turns Sunday night bath nights into something even more luxe. I’m slipping and sliding all over the place but its a once a week job for the thick butters so there they are. 


 And last but not least are my foundation boxes. I have split these into categories of oily foundations and dry skin foundations and use according to what my skins telling me that week. It is having a diva week at the moment according to the strip of spots on my mouth to cheek area. 
Having the laid out neatly helps me use a variety of products and I never seem to neglect the cheaper products as they are laid out side by side. I have come to learn what foundation works best under what conditions and task them accordingly. 

So my shelves are far from interesting but I am not one to hide away. Rollers, brushes, dry shampoo and boxes of the absconders that are known an kirby grips. 

I keep my skin care in the bathroom due to the late nights, I don’t want to wake the old man up by turning the light on to remove my make up. 

So there you go, a quick snoop into my make up storage. 

I hope this helped and let me know where you keep your make up or if you have any suggestions for me on how to better utilise the space. 

Lots of love 




Rimmel wake me up foundation review. The Twilight effect. 

Rimmel wake me up anti-fatigue foundation
Skin brighteing
Vit C
SPF 15
100 ivory

 So this product had been on my wish list for ages, probably as long as I have been blogging, I have seen peeps rave about this foundation, that its their holy grail base, they cannot live without it. But other products had always stolen my attention with their dupe claims or for being the same price as a walnut whip.

At £8.99 its a mid price foundation for me, I know some say that its a cheapie but seriously I have found base that’s so cheap but is far better than the leading retailers.

I took the plunge and here’s what I found. 


 I really like the packaging. The orange cap makes it easy to find in my drawer on those half 4 starts and being one of my favourite colours makes me feel a little bit chirpier. The bottle is glass and has Rimmel embossed on the side of the glass which I’m not sure is necessary. A nice touch but if they could knock a pound off the price by not doing it, I’d be rather pleased. The bottle contains one fluid oz, or 30 ml if thats easier to work out. Underneath the cap is a bright orange, wait for it, pump.


 Finally some decent pump action is happening up in here. Take notice Estée Lauder!
One pump released a decent amount and overall I was really pleased with the packaging. 


 There is rather distinct smell to this formula and I actually really like it, it kinda reminds me of hand soap and smells really clean to apply.

The formula is rather thick and viscous for a liquid foundation and if I was to tip my hand upside down like so, it wouldn’t run off.


  One pump of foundation covered half of my face comfortably and I would describe the product as medium coverage but it is easily buildable if required.
On weeks like this when my skin is having a bit of temper tantrum, its nice to know that I can add a little bit more product on to achieve higher coverage without appearing cakey.

The finish in my opinion was satin as although luminous it did cover imperfections and blemishes well.

Here’s a shot of how you can build up the coverage. 


 Whilst on the topic of luminosity, Rimmel claims that this foundation visibly awakens the skin and illuminates with a radiant glow and a flawless finish.
I have to say that I was rather chuffed with this foundation until I went for a pub lunch with my old man.
We were sat by the window and it was a beautiful day and could have easily passed for summer. He said to me rather bewildered, whats on your hand?
I looked down and my hand looked like a glitter ball. I had no clue and was confused myself.
He took my chin and turned my face and said to me “Why do you look like a christmas tree” Now he’s used to highlighter and knows what my face should look like, Glitter on my face is not a good look.
I put my brain in gear and worked out that the glitter particles on my hand were from the foundation I was wearing, “Wake me up” I looked in a mirror and I looked like Bella from Twilight glistening away. I tried to take a picture but it couldn’t convey onto camera. I managed to get a shot of my hand and this is what it looked like. 


  Now I like luminous and dewy but that was a step to far. As soon as I was out of the window space Porter said to me that my face looked normal again (what a charmer) and I have to agree my face looked fine. I hadn’t plastered it on, I hadn’t worn a different primer. There was no explanation other than the fact that in this foundation there are particles that under harsh light (such as direct sunlight or stage lights) will turn you into a glitter ball.

It’s such a shame as I was prepared to love this foundation, it didn’t cling to any of my dry patches around my nostrils, it lasted for hours, It completed all the jobs a good foundation should. It seems a shame to not get any use out of this but I do have to make you aware that I would not recommend this as a summer foundation or if you work on stage.
Due to its low SPF of 15 this in my opinion would be a great night shift foundation or night out base. Due to its luminosity and vitamin moisturising complex I would recommend this for those who have dry to normal skin.
Its anti-fatigue and would keep you looking fresh for hours on end. There would be no harsh lighting for you to turn into a twilight character. The product is buildable and can cover all sorts of blemishes on your skin that you may have from being run down.

 Rimmel seriously needs to sort out its cak range of colours however, 6 shades and their version of ivory was still to dark for me in all honesty. I tend to use this when I am wearing tinted moisturiser due to it being so dark. So not for you if you are fair skinned or anything darker than natural beige.

 I am guessing about 60% of UK woman would not be able to match their shade in this selection. That is my opinion only but its a travesty that in 2015 a leading cosmetic company believes that there is no demand for their products from women paler than “Ivory” or anyone darker than “natural beige”

All in all a good high street/drugstore foundation but with a few tweaks it could be perfect. 

 I hoped this helped 

 Lots of love 



10 Beauty Blogger Problems

1.You can not afford a DSLR but you need one. Immediately. 
2. This is your porn. 
3. Glossybox days are the best days 
4. Swatches everywhere
5. If Im wearing winged eye liner, thats why I’m late. 
6. Having a wish list longer than a stock check at sephora
7. Colour matching foundation looks like you’re wearing cosmetic camo 
8. Do I choose my Yankee candle on scent? Or colour? 
 9. Brands will email you with the headline ‘great opportunity for your blog’ the opportunity? To work feverishly for free on a topic completely unrelated to your blog. Naa! 


10. Making a melt of yourself on the internet for the sake of beauty. 

Sassy girl survival guide. 

An income. 
Sassy girls earn their own living, whether your washing cars or flying jets, have your own money so you don’t have to depend on anybody. 
Thick skin. 
Well not literally, hello Soap + Glory?!
The world can be mean and cruel and you will get knock backs. Put your sassy pants and remember No, is just the beginning of ‘Not yet girl’ take a minute, brush it off and try again. Remember, mascaras too expensive to waste on tears. 
Self worth. 
You are no bodys convenience. If you only get called at 1am or they only text when they’re in town say ‘Ba-Bye’ Don’t be scared of losing someone who doesn’t feel lucky to have you. 
A team
You will lose friends as you get older. Families will be further apart. Keep a strong circle of trust. Numbers aren’t important here, knowing that these select people have your back through anything will keep you on the straight and narrow. Whether thats your mum, best friend or boyf, keep the good ones close. 
Self esteem 
Stop comparing yourself to others. You are who you are. Want what you already have. Sassy girls survive because they know they own it. What defines ‘it’? 
Fire in your belly. 
A sense of humour. 
A woman with a good sense of humour is the sexiest thing ever. It requires intelligence, good timing and the ability to see the funny side of life. A sassy girl is always a witty girl. 
Women didn’t struggle for centuries for equal opportunities for you to sit there accepting mediocrity. You want it, go get it. 
For every meme on the internet you see, always remember that sass doesn’t equal bitch. You’re fierce and feisty but you help those who need it. 
Body confidence 
Sexy isn’t a shape. It’s an attitude. You will never be perfect. Rock what you got. 
Sassy girls are the ones empowering other women. Not dragging them down. Remember you can light a thousand candles from one flame. It doesn’t put your fire out.