Blogosphere is gonna go cray, collection foundation and concealer

So, hands up if you remember Collection 2000?! 
Well they’ve had a good ol’ clear out and are now known as ‘Collection’. 
I know, how trendy? 
Well anyhoo, I’ve recently been shopping my stash and noticed that some of my favourite lippies are Collection two thous… Ahem, *cough cough* sorry Collection. 
I had broken my cardinal rule and prejudged a brand. 
Well thats about to change! 
As we all know I am always on the lookout for the ‘Holy Grail’ drugstore foundation. 
So when I saw this foundation was reduced to 4 squid, I had to have it. 
Along with the corresponding concealer. Totes, had to have both, right? Oh and a bag of Haribo at the counter. Oops. 

So surprise, surprise I was the lightest shade they had. Oh and to be honest it was still a little bit dark for me, but then there was hardly a lot of wiggle room when you only supply 6 shades. 
6 shades? I can go through that many shades throughout the year with seasonal changes and what not. 
Collection is supposed to be supplying foundation to the people of the UK and I can assure you that there are a lot of people whose skin is darker than ‘Golden’. It’s actually disgraceful how women of colour and fair skinned ladies are represented by our drug store brands. Completely forgotten about or plain ignored? Sort it out. 
And breathe…
So I took the foundation home and looked at its packaging.
Not bad at all, but not beautiful. A cylindrical bottle with a pump and a few short words about what it claims to do. 
It’s not one I’d be proud to display but its functionality was good. 
Heres a swatch of one pump of collection.

As you can see it is quite orange toned. You get a hella lotta product from just one pump. 
Here is a comparison between the Bourjois healthy mix foundation, review can be found here and the collection foundation.
Both are the lightest shades in their lines but you can see a large difference in tonality. 
On application it felt quite heavy but this was due to my fondness of sheer foundation at the moment. From an objective point of view it just felt like a medium to full coverage foundation with a semi-matte finish. 
Now its not quite 16 hours, but I was super impressed with how long this lasted. I would estimate 8 hours on and my foundation still looked perfect. Not quite Esteé Lauder DW foundation flawless but pretty close. It was really easy to blend and didn’t settle in my pores. This is an oil-free formula, making it ideal for normal, combination, oily skins – you dry sisters may find that it clings to skins dry patches, so make sure you use a primer beforehand. I have normal skin and didn’t find any creasing or imperfections were highlighted by this foundation. 
There is no obvious scent to this product and it comes with an Spf 20 which is a good thing as SPF is so important. Due to the SPF It did reflect light quite a bit in photos which is a concern. 
With its finish and consistency, I would describe this as a ‘girls night out’ base. By adding a high SPF it will reflect light from any flash photography. 
And we all know we love a photo on a girls night out. 
But thats just a circumstantial opinion, if you are going to wear this maybe just stick to selfies to avoid a ghost face. 

Another downside is that despite the claims that it is anti-transfer I found my Iphone screen was harbouring some foundation residue. Stylish eh?! 
I also picked up the Collection lasting perfection concealer in Fair, the lightest shade. 
So this seriously confused me right, the concealer is fair, but the foundation is porcelain. 
Both are the lightest colours in the range so why are they not called the same thing. More reasons for people to get confused when buying base products. 
this concealer claims to be an ‘ultimate wear’ product with its magic powers including; conceals flaws, imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours. It is transfer proof, cures world hunger and is water resistant for full and long lasting coverage. 
Big claims for a cheapie concealer. 
The packaging is pretty basic and the product is housed in a clear tube. Its really convenient for popping in your handbag too. 
The writing on the tube comes off within days but thats not a deal breaker. 
There is a twist off doe foot applicator on the lid which I found sat nicely in the inner corners of my eyes. Probably not the most hygienic for spots. 

The concealer is lovely and creamy in consistency and there’s no danger of it running down your face. It conceals amazingly at both under the eyes, spots and discolouration. 
It’s so easy to blend out and I used my fingers to do this before setting with pressed powder. 

I use the Kimmy K triangle trick for my dark circles and it covers them brilliantly. 
It cancels out the discolouration around my nose and all my pesky period pimples are gone. 

This is by far my favourite concealer EVER. 
Its creamy, thick and the perfect colour for me. Its a long lasting matte finish concealer but it does not last as long as the foundation but its portable so yay for me! 
The foundation is a decent medium coverage foundation with a semi-matte finish that lasts really well. The main let down with this product is the shade selection. 
Moral is, don’t judge a brand by its outdated naff image. 
Because there’s stonkers to be found. 
Heres a shot of me, with a bit of Kim K Kontouring using the foundation, concealer and natural collection crushed walnut for contouring. 

I hope this helps, 
Lots of love, 

imagesI0CVXUEIuntitled (2)

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