Bourjois, healthy mix foundation review.

Hi hi,
So I am totally addicted to foundations at the moment. Its strange, I used to purchase crazy lipsticks or garish eye shadows but now I am all about getting my base right.

I recently posted about how to choose the perfect foundation and you can find that here if you fancy a read.

I never intended to purchase this foundation but I had to go to Boots for a prescription and there was a 15 minute wait.

Queue spending money when I shouldn’t.

But anyways, I’ve purchased it now and have skipped merrily back to my car even though my prescription was nearly as expensive.

This foundation cost £9.99 which to me is a medium priced drug store foundation.
There is currently 3 for 2 on selected Bourjois in boots at the moment, so its easy to justify an impromptu lipstick expenditure at the same time.

The packaging is okay. It came in a 30ml bottle with a pump. Yay! Love a pump. Especially when you don’t have to buy the pump separately. Shame on you cosmetics industry. You couldn’t lop the top off of this bottle without completely shattering it, so thats a shame. You win some you lose some I guess.

There were 8 shades available and surprise surprise, I’m the palest shade. I still did my colour matching though. I am 51, light vanilla in case you were wondering. There was a really poor selection for women of colour in this range and I feel that I ideally 2 more shades under light vanilla for us pale chicks is also necessary. Why do cosmetics companies believe we are all this ‘beige’ colour? I do not know one woman who is ‘beige’. If you are beige can you tweet me your picture because I am interested to know who ‘beige’ suits. You can tweet me @brazenrouge

First thing I love about this foundation is the beautiful smell. It actively promotes that it uses fruits in its formula. I don’t know if its a gimmick or not but it is a really pleasant smell.
The fruits mentioned are as following;

  • Apricot for radiance
  • Melon for hydration
  • Apple to protect your youth
  • Really? An apple is going to protect my youth? How about well paid apprenticeships and a government who doesn’t sell out the young person at its first opportunity, to protect my youth instead?!

    Alas, I digress.

    Here’s a swatch of one pump. As you can see quite a lot is dispensed and I would describe the consistency as a creamy liquid. It did run, but not ridiculously so.

    I applied with my Real techniques foundation brush to one side of my face. I did so without a primer.
    It applied really easily to my face and one pump of the product covered half my face evenly and smoothly. It did dry quite quickly so you’ll have to work fast. I personally would rather work fast than have to wait 10 minutes for my face to dry though. My skin looked smoother and although I have no blemishes at the moment (hallelujah) it covered old scarring and discolouration around the nose. The colour was flattering and I feel Healthy mix provided coverage without masking my face. It felt comfortable and breathable on my skin and pleasant to wear.

    The bottle mentions the word luminous which automatically makes me think this was going to be a sheer dewy foundation.
    I would describe this as a medium coverage foundation with a satin finish. Perfect for those winter days when our skin needs more TLC.

    It makes reference to the fact that it lasts up to 16hours on the bottle. I always think thats a cheeky bit of wordplay by the beauty industry. Customers assume that the foundation will look good for 16hours. Companies mean it was tested and it lasts on the skin for 16 hours.
    I did not prime or powder my skin but here is an image taken at time of application. I found that 5 hours after application this had worn away. Apologies for the lighting, winter can do one now.


    Worn with a primer and set with a powder this neared the 8 hour mark. I think this is a reasonable length of time considering its a drug store foundation but not fantastic.

    All in all a good foundation, beautiful smell, average packaging. Does not last for 16 hours but lasts a nights work with primer and powder.

    I can’t help feeling that the shade selection lets down this product.

    Have you tried Bourjois healthy mix foundation? Do you find it hard to find your shade in drugstores? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

    Lots of love




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