Beauty tips, that actually work.

I live for tips. Not the monetary version, although that would be nice, the advice kind I mean. Tell me how to do something and I’ll drift off. Make it short and snappy and call it a Tip or a Trick and I’m yours.

There’s loads of tricks I’ve picked up over the years, for example;
Avoid yellow snow,
Consume the content you wish to create,
Drink wine in the bath, not in the shower,

But how many do I use in a day to day way? How many tips do I know that could benefit others?

Being a beauty addict and avid blog reader I’ve picked up a fair few.

Here are some of my favourites;

1) When I want a really nice crisp line from my eyeshadow I have a really simple Tip. Line a business card up against the outer corner of your eye. Take your crease brush and brush upward and outwards to the point where your eye socket is. Now brush the shadow across the socket before blending it out.

There you have it, how to get a nice neat crease.

2) Take the same card and line it up in the same place.Take your favourite liquid eye liner and draw a line to your desired length. Complete liquid liner as normal.

Voila! A perfect feline flick.

3) Mix primer and foundation. Sometimes, I fancy a really sheer coverage on the days my skin is playing ball. But, I can’t simply afford a foundation for every possible mood. To make a sheer version of your favourite foundation pop a pea sized amount of primer on the back of your hand and a blob of your foundation. Mix with a foundation brush and apply.

Sheer coverage, made easy.

4) The 2 finger rule. No this is not a drinking game.
Place two fingers next to the side of your nose and start your blush at that spot,make sure you are not lower than the bottom of the nose.

Having your blush too low or too close can make you look old and ill.

5) Rescue dryed up mascara with a cup of hot water by popping the mascara in the hot water for 5 minutes. This loosens the product from the walls of the tube.

When you remove the wand it should be as good as new.

6) Turn your eyelash curlers into mini GHD’s with this little tip. Heat up eye lash curlers by lighting a flame under it for a few seconds. Check its not too hot by placing on your inner wrist. Curl your lashes as normal.

‘No, They’re not falsies.’

7) Intensify eyeshadows by having a white base underneath. Take a white eyeliner, shadow, I actually use a white primer and cover the lid. Smudge gently and apply shadow.

Bright, vibrant eyes!

8) The best way to cover dark circles is by dotting concealer under the eyes with a triangle shape. Not a semi circle. The triangle technique gives under eye bags a lift.


We all need a lift from time to time.

So there you have it, 8 tips you will use on a daily basis.
Let me know if you like the tips, or if you have any of your own in the comments or on Social media.

Lots of Love




10 thoughts on “Beauty tips, that actually work.

  1. After not wanting to spend £20 on a new mascara I thought I’d give the hot water trick a try… It worked!
    You’ve saved me £20, thank you 🙂 x


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