Want all three Naked palettes in one place, for less than a tenner? Read on.

Hola chicas!

After massively hyping up the ultra professional eyeshadow palette FLAWLESS review found here, I was officially ready to join the revolution. I was building support for make up revolution, I was finding like minded beauty addicts who had had enough of paying in the region of £40 for an eyeshadow palette, I was hangry! I was ready to go. Sign me up, I’m ready for cosmetic freedom.

It just seems that team Rev, just nail it consistently every week. Yes, I have had products that I wasn’t thrilled with. But this was mainly just down to colour choice provided did not suit me.

So when team Rev, gave me the opportunity to review the new ‘beyond flawless’ palette, I was BEYOND excited.

The packaging was almost identical to the flawless palette except the box came in a yellow gold embossed packaging. It still looks incredibly beautiful and still has the colours contained within on the back.


I slid out the goodness inside and saw the black gloss container that is so sturdy that I actually struggled to get into it on a weekend away. It is exactly the same as the ‘Flawless’ palette. This is in some way a great thing if you like uniformity in your make up collection however I found it a bit of a struggle to differentiate which colours were inside which palette. Yes it does say on the box on the back but in itsy bitsy writing. I had this problem before with their The ONE blush sticks On those dark winter mornings I need it spelt out for me okay? However I realise that’s being slightly pedantic. It’s a strong, wipe clean, sleek looking palette.


Inside there is a full sized mirror with 32 circular shadows all with cute witty corresponding named printed on a plastic insert. There is no applicator or brush but I always throw these away anyway. At £8 this makes it only 25p a shadow! Cheaper than a freddo nowadays.

Let’s get started with the shadows shall we?

The palette consists of neutral sultry shades. There are no acid brights or random colour that you will never use. These shades are all very wearable and I can’t help but think they may have gained inspiration from the naked palettes us beauty addicts drool over.

From left to right, Row by Row we have;

Row one

Flawless, Light caramel, Papaya, Bare pink, Sand dune, Mineral, Expresso, Warm grey.


Row two

Dove, Chestnut, Zorba, Pug, Brunette, Cookie dough, Chocolate, Stone grey.


Row three

Sandstone, Bronze, Autumn, Spice, wholemeal, Sepia, Muddy, Nightfall.


Row four

Tawny, Ground brown, Toasty, Immaculate, Teddy, Cocoa, Bistre, Blackest.


Row one – the low down.

I would use these as my base colours and highlight colours. They are perfect for covering your lid and are all rather pigmented. Even flawless had a good colour pay off which I wasn’t expecting. The only shade I wasn’t keen on was Papaya as it was the least intense in its pay off. My favourite shade was Expresso from this row. It makes my brown eyes sparkle.

Row two- the low down.

I like to use these colours on the outer corner of my eyelids. There is a mix of mattes, pearlescent colours to some really beautiful shimmers. It really helps you experiment with your look. My favourites on this row are Zorba and Pug. They really remind me of the Naked 3 palette and I’ve been reaching for these rather frequently.

Row three- the low down.

These are the shadows I frequently use to create a deep crease. Sandstone looks like the pay off will be naff in the palette but looks so beautiful on I have to remind myself there are other colours on this palette. I used Spice on a night out recently in a deep crease and it was really dramatic. A bit OTT for day use but for date night, get spice right into that soft V!

Row four- the low down.

This is my evening row. I will use Row one shades for highlight only and go the full hog with my shadow game. Teddy is my favourite shade and will make any eye colour stand out. A problem for us Brown eyed girls. I found Blackest the most disappointing shade in this row and the palette. It wasn’t very pigmented compared to the rest. However I very rarely use black eyeshadow so wouldn’t put me off purchasing.


There is quite a lot of fall out from this palette. However I always start with my eyes first when it comes to applying my face if I am wearing shadows so a quick baby wipe sorts that issue. I cannot believe how incredibly pigmented the colours are and the longevity of the shades. I have had no unwanted patches throughout the day and it’s not necessary to wear a primer. There’s a range of finishes in this palette which I really like and all the shadows felt soft and buttery. I don’t feel like I’m using a budget eyeshadow when applying and the look you achieve is deffo more luxe than 25p a shadow. The colours were easy to blend and have all the shades you should want for creating a smoky eye.

Heres a day time look I created using Cocoa, Zorba and Sandstone.
Oh and this was 5 hours after application.

Insane in the membrane!

It’s a real travel friendly palette which I like, and by that I mean you could just take ‘Beyond Flawless’ on a weeks trip away and have a different eye look each day.

If I had to choose between ‘Flawless’ and ‘Beyond Flawless’ I just don’t think I could. I would probably drown trying to save both of them. I do not see one palette as better than the other, they just deliver different things. ‘Flawless’ has a wider range on the colour spectrum meaning you can match outfits, colour block or be more creative. Which is a great tool to have and one of the reasons I still love this palette so much.

‘Beyond Flawless’ has the more UD naked vibe and like I said previously has encompassed elements of all 3 palettes in one. These are definitely more neutral and will suit any skin tone or colouring. They work as great transitional colours and different shadow formations can be chopped and changed to creat different looks daily.

So another cracking addition from the Boys and girls at Make up revolution. They cannot seem to do any wrong in my eyes. I would recommend ‘Beyond Flawless’ to any teenager with a small amount of pocket money

(Do teens still get pocket money? Sorry If I’ve patronised my more youthful readers, but I’m so outta touch, let me know in the comments)

But anyways as I was saying, teens with a small budget you need to purchase this for all your eyeshadow scenarios.

In the same breath I would also instruct my label loving, designer wearing, pals to just try this palette and stop frittering away money for the sake of it.

Make up Revolution I am yours.

Lots of love



*this product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review*


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