All bases covered. The foundation fix

The most important tool in anyones make up arsenal.
So many times people say their desert island product is mascara or a nude lipstick but you should never, ever underestimate an Ace base.

I was talking to a chap at work the other day about foundation (he was clearly humouring me) and he said the following;

‘I hate the stuff, forever trying to get my 13 year old to stop wearing the rubbish, it makes you look orange.’

Gurl, hold my weave!

This just shows how wrong the perception of this incredible invention is. A good foundation is like basking in a candle lit glow. It gives the appearance of flawlessness, covers blemishes and redness. Disguises dark circles and makes you look healthy.

Thats what we all want at the end of the day. Skin is the largest organ we possess and we want it to kick ass.

Yet, foundation is the one area most people get horrifically wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I have also fallen foul of inch thick american tan base. Learn from my mistakes and I can make the process a lot easier for you.

I devised a little flow chart (cos im cool like that) with which foundation will work best for you.

But first take on board the following areas for consideration.

Colour match
Quite possibly the hardest part of choosing a foundation. The colour match.
A general rule of thumb is a yellow toned foundation suits most women. You have to be extremely pale to suit a pink toned foundation. Think paler than Jessica Chastain. So if you are darker than ol’ Jess avoid foundations that have the words ‘blush, rose or pink’ in them. The next reason the colour match is so hard is due to the God awful lighting in the shops.
You will need to leave the store looking like a wombat but it is completely necessary.
Using the gift of sight, choose a foundation you think will suit you.
Choose that shade, 2 paler than it and 2 darker than it. Unless of course you are at the farthest end of the spectrum.

Swatch each shade in distinct lines across your lower cheek onto your jaw line. Kinda like a cosmetic camouflage.

Do the same on your forehead. Yep looking pretty cray now. Even Miley thinks you’ve taken it to far

Do not blend.

Leave the store, and head to natural daylight. Take your trusty mirror and check your stripy face. One shade will be hard to see. That my friend is your shade.

Yes that sometimes means buying two foundations in order to get a seamless, flawless finish.

Finding out your skin type-

Your skin type will effect what foundation will suit you. A simple test I use is, wash your face so its clean and leave it to dry with no product on it.
After an hour once your skin has settled your skin will return to its natural state.
Dab your face with a tissue and pay attention to your t zone.

If your skin is ‘normal’ hate that word but anyway, it will show neither oiliness nor flaking skin. It should feel supple and smooth. If you have it, huzzah! You can choose foundation based on coverage and finish alone. Boo ya!

Oily skin is characterised by the grease left on the tissue.

If you have dry skin it may feel taut or show flakes of dead skin.

Combo skin is most common. Usually, the skin is oily in the T-zone and normal to dry elsewhere.

What coverage do I need?

Sheer- Sheer coverage is great for a natural finish. Its hard for sheer coverage to look cakey as its so lightweight. It can be hard to find a good sheer foundation for oily skin at the drugstores. This is due to the silicones commonly used in Sheer foundations making the skin feel more oily. If you suffer from acne or rosacea you may find that sheer does not offer you enough coverage.

Medium coverage-will cover light blemishes or discolouration but will still look natural.

Full coverage- think American pageant queen. Great for nights out and covering all manner of sins. The problem is that it can clog your pores causing skin issues.


finish is completely preference but some finishes work better in my opinion. However terminology is a nightmare in the beauty world. Here’s a quick run through to help you make an informed decision.


think luminous, youthful and glowing. It exudes radiance and looks fresh. This isn’t the best effect on oily skin. Oil produced throughout the day causes make-up to move around and dewy looks can end up sliding off on oily skin.


The happy medium between dewy and Matte. Skin looks fresh with a healthy sheen. This again isn’t the best for oily girls. They glow on the right skin.


My favourite look, perfect, long lasting with no shine. Great for oily or combo skins. However those with wrinkles may feel that lines are accentuated by this finish.


Silky smooth but slightly more forgiving than matte on mature skin. Great for oily or combo skin.

Ugh! Told you it was a minefield.

So the more experimental of you might take this info and go forth and conquer the foundation world. Others might be staring at the screen wondering where to start.

Alas, I created the Brazenrouge foundation flow chart.
I’ve done the hard work and have created you an easy path to the perfect foundation for you.
I have spoken to women with different skin types, different ages and ethnicities in order to come up with suggestions for you guys. Now that sounds like hard work but this was mainly just chatting at beauty counters getting my face done #winning.

It will not be easy. There is hurdle after hurdle. You will shake your fist in fury. Hurl abuse at swatches on your face screaming ‘hows that fecking ivory’

Trial and error is key, ask for samples or for counter staff to apply it so you can try it out in the daylight.


I realise that the writing is small, just screenshot it and use for your own reference.

Hope this helps.

Lots of love



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