Join the Revolution! Blushers unite!

Hey peeps,

You all know, I gotta lorra lorra love (ay-up, Cilla!) for make up revolution.
I am a serious fan girl but that isn’t to say that the budget beauty brand doesn’t still have to work its socks off to win me over with its new releases.
Makeup revolution is available at superdrug in the UK and its products start from as little as a quid.

I was extremely pleased to be given the opportunity to review the one blush stick in matte pink and dream.

The outer packaging isn’t much to scream about. Plain black cardboard with a band of the corresponding product colour around the top to indicate what goodness lies within.
Now this is a good idea in my opinion but it goes a little bit awry.

The actual packaging is beautiful. It appears to be very similar to NARS multiple. It comes in a black wind up tube with product inside that I can never see ending. The products I received came in a matte black tube or a gloss black tube. The matte black corresponds with the matte shades and the gloss tubes correspond with the sheer shades.
Don’t get me wrong the product packaging is beautiful but you cannot tell what colour is in which tube. Hello aggro!
So listen up Revvers! Take the thin band of colour off the cardboard and onto the tube. We chuck the cardboard away and mornings are confusing enough without the element of guess work.

I took the lid off each tube and was met with this;

Whoa! I know, bright isn’t it?
The pink shade is clearly the ‘matte pink’ shade and the shimmery lilac is ‘dream’

I was a little bit intimidated by ‘matte pink’ so decided to give ‘dream’ a test drive.

Dream is a light shimmery lilac which is a very pale highlighter.
The texture is beautiful and really easy to apply.
Here are some swatches,



As you can see Dream pretty much disappears. Well it does and it doesn’t. The colour disappears but leaves behind an iridescent shimmer. I believe its too light to be worn as a blusher but may be the perfect addition in your contouring arsenal.

Its very comfortable to wear but due to its creamy texture I do feel that it wore away after about 3 hours.
I would recommend wearing a setting powder over the top. This took its staying power to 6 hours when I tested it.

As it was quite a light shade I felt confident enough to blend out with my fingers. This looked really quite pretty and natural but it wasn’t quite the pop of colour I was after from a blush stick.

All in all a pretty highlighter but not a great blusher.

I hate to kick a product whilst its down too but, this is also marketed as a lip product.
It looked frosty and made my teeth look really yellow. It was seriously 1981 and not very flattering.


But then, oh. I, can’t, even. Wait. Okay, then I tried the ‘matte pink’
Oh em gee.
This is the bees knees. It is a bright bubble gum pink with blue undertones. It is so vibrant in the tube, you can see why I was intimidated. I pushed this product onto the skin rather than drag it. The colour is extremely pigmented and the colour pay off is so intense.
I took my real techniques stippling brush and buffed it in. It blended so beautifully and gave this flush of colour on my cheeks that I haven’t been able to put down. By pushing the product on and buffing it with a stippling brush it did not disturb my base at all. A common complaint I have with cream blushers.
I set the blusher with some stay matte powder to keep it in place and this has some serious staying power. A full 8 hours and I still look rosy.
This is one of my January favourites and I can see this lasting a life time.

Here are a few shots;



So like I mentioned previously these are also marketed as lip products.
The matte pink looks beautiful on and is so matte. Its a really strong modern look and is surprisingly comfortable to wear. The only let down is that a lot of product is transferred from contact. Maybe a coat of lipcote would solve this.

All in all, Dream is a pretty highlighter and matte pink is a gorgeous HG blusher. I’m never a fan of putting blushers on your lips so I would suggest you ignore that as a feature. But matte pink as a blusher is just beaut!

You can buy these here
For only £5


Hope this helps



*this product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review*


5 thoughts on “Join the Revolution! Blushers unite!

  1. The matte pink blush looks so pretty! I am glad you reviewed both of these because if I was choosing between the two I would probably have gone for the lighter colour but seeing them on someone I definitely prefer the Matte Pink 🙂 x


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