Holy Grail! Make up revolution Ultra palette – Flawless.

Hey peeps,

As you may know, I gotta lotta love for make up revolution at the moment. I am not the only one with Anna Wintours’ make-up artist, Nariman Pouranpir also a fan, its time we took serious notice of the budget beauty brand.
Available at superdrug in the UK it’s one of the newest make up brands on the block, famed for its new releases and impeccable customer service.

I was extremely pleased to be given the opportunity to review the
ULTRA Professional Eyeshadow

When I first saw the packaging I seriously fan-girled. The sleeve came in rose gold with the word FLAWLESS embossed across it. It looks seriously luxe.


The back of the packaging also shows the colours contained in the palette.


Once I had let out a few squeals I slid out the actual palette.
It’s black gloss with the text etched in Rose Gold. I cannot get over how sturdy the palette was. As much as I try to be open minded there was an incy wincy part of me that thought that they would have cut corners somewhere. But alas, I was wrong. It shuts securely and its wipe clean! #happydance.


Inside there is a full sized mirror and 32, yes 32 circular shadows.
There is no applicator or brush, but lets be truthful they’re always naff aren’t they?


The shadows are all individually named too which makes it easier to conduct tutorials and is just a nice touch really.

Lets talk shop then, the shadows are an extensive blend of neutral shades developing across the palette to sultry show stoppers.

The shadows range from matte, shimmer to glitter.









I found that the high majority of colours were highly pigmented and the pay-off was extremely intense. The only colour that I wasn’t impressed with was paper. I would prefer that to have more of a shimmer so that I could use it as a brow bone highlighter.

Each shadow was extremely buttery and soft to apply. Yes there is fall out but if you tap your brush before application then it isn’t too bad.

Smudge and Raw were two of my favourite matte neutral shades. These bad boys were ‘mazing at acting as transitional shades. You know the sort of shades that blend out perfectly, never being able to shine centre stage but without them the show would not go on.

The best shimmer shades in this palette were tarnish and angel. I found tarnish sat on my lids beautifully and showcased my eyes like jewels. Angel looked beautiful in the inner corners of my lids making the whole look soft and feminine.

Now I haven’t had a chance to test run the glitter shades as Sainsburies didn’t seem an appropriate forum to show case this level of paz-azz. However from the swatches, I have deffo got my eyes on Black tie and Blue stars as a seductive liner to complete an evening look.

Here’s a look I created with paper, café noir and angel.


I didn’t use any primer on my lids and I was so pleased to say that the shadows have serious longevity.
The palette could easily take you from day time to night. Although I’ve only had it for a week I haven’t reached for any other eye shadows in my collection.

This palette is perfect for those who want to start developing their collection and creating show stopping eyes.

The only thing that I think could improve this palette is if there had been a small insert or diagram on how to create certain looks.
I realise that for bloggers half the fun is creating your own however there are lots of people who aren’t as confident and would appreciate a nod in the right direction.

So all in all, if that is the only negative I can find with a product you know I am being pedantic.

Great mix of shades and finishes. High colour pay off, intense pigmentation, buttery texture and long lasting effect.

Oh and its only £8

Girl, can you say Holy Grail?

Lots of love



*this product was sent to me in return for an honest review*


9 thoughts on “Holy Grail! Make up revolution Ultra palette – Flawless.

  1. Wow I definitely need to get this palette! I love the colours in it and for only £8.00 well you can’t go wrong can you! Great post! xx


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