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Blogosphere is gonna go cray, collection foundation and concealer

So, hands up if you remember Collection 2000?! 
Well they’ve had a good ol’ clear out and are now known as ‘Collection’. 
I know, how trendy? 
Well anyhoo, I’ve recently been shopping my stash and noticed that some of my favourite lippies are Collection two thous… Ahem, *cough cough* sorry Collection. 
I had broken my cardinal rule and prejudged a brand. 
Well thats about to change! 
As we all know I am always on the lookout for the ‘Holy Grail’ drugstore foundation. 
So when I saw this foundation was reduced to 4 squid, I had to have it. 
Along with the corresponding concealer. Totes, had to have both, right? Oh and a bag of Haribo at the counter. Oops. 

So surprise, surprise I was the lightest shade they had. Oh and to be honest it was still a little bit dark for me, but then there was hardly a lot of wiggle room when you only supply 6 shades. 
6 shades? I can go through that many shades throughout the year with seasonal changes and what not. 
Collection is supposed to be supplying foundation to the people of the UK and I can assure you that there are a lot of people whose skin is darker than ‘Golden’. It’s actually disgraceful how women of colour and fair skinned ladies are represented by our drug store brands. Completely forgotten about or plain ignored? Sort it out. 
And breathe…
So I took the foundation home and looked at its packaging.
Not bad at all, but not beautiful. A cylindrical bottle with a pump and a few short words about what it claims to do. 
It’s not one I’d be proud to display but its functionality was good. 
Heres a swatch of one pump of collection.

As you can see it is quite orange toned. You get a hella lotta product from just one pump. 
Here is a comparison between the Bourjois healthy mix foundation, review can be found here and the collection foundation.
Both are the lightest shades in their lines but you can see a large difference in tonality. 
On application it felt quite heavy but this was due to my fondness of sheer foundation at the moment. From an objective point of view it just felt like a medium to full coverage foundation with a semi-matte finish. 
Now its not quite 16 hours, but I was super impressed with how long this lasted. I would estimate 8 hours on and my foundation still looked perfect. Not quite Esteé Lauder DW foundation flawless but pretty close. It was really easy to blend and didn’t settle in my pores. This is an oil-free formula, making it ideal for normal, combination, oily skins – you dry sisters may find that it clings to skins dry patches, so make sure you use a primer beforehand. I have normal skin and didn’t find any creasing or imperfections were highlighted by this foundation. 
There is no obvious scent to this product and it comes with an Spf 20 which is a good thing as SPF is so important. Due to the SPF It did reflect light quite a bit in photos which is a concern. 
With its finish and consistency, I would describe this as a ‘girls night out’ base. By adding a high SPF it will reflect light from any flash photography. 
And we all know we love a photo on a girls night out. 
But thats just a circumstantial opinion, if you are going to wear this maybe just stick to selfies to avoid a ghost face. 

Another downside is that despite the claims that it is anti-transfer I found my Iphone screen was harbouring some foundation residue. Stylish eh?! 
I also picked up the Collection lasting perfection concealer in Fair, the lightest shade. 
So this seriously confused me right, the concealer is fair, but the foundation is porcelain. 
Both are the lightest colours in the range so why are they not called the same thing. More reasons for people to get confused when buying base products. 
this concealer claims to be an ‘ultimate wear’ product with its magic powers including; conceals flaws, imperfections and blemishes for up to 16 hours. It is transfer proof, cures world hunger and is water resistant for full and long lasting coverage. 
Big claims for a cheapie concealer. 
The packaging is pretty basic and the product is housed in a clear tube. Its really convenient for popping in your handbag too. 
The writing on the tube comes off within days but thats not a deal breaker. 
There is a twist off doe foot applicator on the lid which I found sat nicely in the inner corners of my eyes. Probably not the most hygienic for spots. 

The concealer is lovely and creamy in consistency and there’s no danger of it running down your face. It conceals amazingly at both under the eyes, spots and discolouration. 
It’s so easy to blend out and I used my fingers to do this before setting with pressed powder. 

I use the Kimmy K triangle trick for my dark circles and it covers them brilliantly. 
It cancels out the discolouration around my nose and all my pesky period pimples are gone. 

This is by far my favourite concealer EVER. 
Its creamy, thick and the perfect colour for me. Its a long lasting matte finish concealer but it does not last as long as the foundation but its portable so yay for me! 
The foundation is a decent medium coverage foundation with a semi-matte finish that lasts really well. The main let down with this product is the shade selection. 
Moral is, don’t judge a brand by its outdated naff image. 
Because there’s stonkers to be found. 
Heres a shot of me, with a bit of Kim K Kontouring using the foundation, concealer and natural collection crushed walnut for contouring. 

I hope this helps, 
Lots of love, 

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Bourjois, healthy mix foundation review.

Hi hi,
So I am totally addicted to foundations at the moment. Its strange, I used to purchase crazy lipsticks or garish eye shadows but now I am all about getting my base right.

I recently posted about how to choose the perfect foundation and you can find that here if you fancy a read.

I never intended to purchase this foundation but I had to go to Boots for a prescription and there was a 15 minute wait.

Queue spending money when I shouldn’t.

But anyways, I’ve purchased it now and have skipped merrily back to my car even though my prescription was nearly as expensive.

This foundation cost £9.99 which to me is a medium priced drug store foundation.
There is currently 3 for 2 on selected Bourjois in boots at the moment, so its easy to justify an impromptu lipstick expenditure at the same time.

The packaging is okay. It came in a 30ml bottle with a pump. Yay! Love a pump. Especially when you don’t have to buy the pump separately. Shame on you cosmetics industry. You couldn’t lop the top off of this bottle without completely shattering it, so thats a shame. You win some you lose some I guess.

There were 8 shades available and surprise surprise, I’m the palest shade. I still did my colour matching though. I am 51, light vanilla in case you were wondering. There was a really poor selection for women of colour in this range and I feel that I ideally 2 more shades under light vanilla for us pale chicks is also necessary. Why do cosmetics companies believe we are all this ‘beige’ colour? I do not know one woman who is ‘beige’. If you are beige can you tweet me your picture because I am interested to know who ‘beige’ suits. You can tweet me @brazenrouge

First thing I love about this foundation is the beautiful smell. It actively promotes that it uses fruits in its formula. I don’t know if its a gimmick or not but it is a really pleasant smell.
The fruits mentioned are as following;

  • Apricot for radiance
  • Melon for hydration
  • Apple to protect your youth
  • Really? An apple is going to protect my youth? How about well paid apprenticeships and a government who doesn’t sell out the young person at its first opportunity, to protect my youth instead?!

    Alas, I digress.

    Here’s a swatch of one pump. As you can see quite a lot is dispensed and I would describe the consistency as a creamy liquid. It did run, but not ridiculously so.

    I applied with my Real techniques foundation brush to one side of my face. I did so without a primer.
    It applied really easily to my face and one pump of the product covered half my face evenly and smoothly. It did dry quite quickly so you’ll have to work fast. I personally would rather work fast than have to wait 10 minutes for my face to dry though. My skin looked smoother and although I have no blemishes at the moment (hallelujah) it covered old scarring and discolouration around the nose. The colour was flattering and I feel Healthy mix provided coverage without masking my face. It felt comfortable and breathable on my skin and pleasant to wear.

    The bottle mentions the word luminous which automatically makes me think this was going to be a sheer dewy foundation.
    I would describe this as a medium coverage foundation with a satin finish. Perfect for those winter days when our skin needs more TLC.

    It makes reference to the fact that it lasts up to 16hours on the bottle. I always think thats a cheeky bit of wordplay by the beauty industry. Customers assume that the foundation will look good for 16hours. Companies mean it was tested and it lasts on the skin for 16 hours.
    I did not prime or powder my skin but here is an image taken at time of application. I found that 5 hours after application this had worn away. Apologies for the lighting, winter can do one now.


    Worn with a primer and set with a powder this neared the 8 hour mark. I think this is a reasonable length of time considering its a drug store foundation but not fantastic.

    All in all a good foundation, beautiful smell, average packaging. Does not last for 16 hours but lasts a nights work with primer and powder.

    I can’t help feeling that the shade selection lets down this product.

    Have you tried Bourjois healthy mix foundation? Do you find it hard to find your shade in drugstores? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

    Lots of love



    Beauty tips, that actually work.

    I live for tips. Not the monetary version, although that would be nice, the advice kind I mean. Tell me how to do something and I’ll drift off. Make it short and snappy and call it a Tip or a Trick and I’m yours.

    There’s loads of tricks I’ve picked up over the years, for example;
    Avoid yellow snow,
    Consume the content you wish to create,
    Drink wine in the bath, not in the shower,

    But how many do I use in a day to day way? How many tips do I know that could benefit others?

    Being a beauty addict and avid blog reader I’ve picked up a fair few.

    Here are some of my favourites;

    1) When I want a really nice crisp line from my eyeshadow I have a really simple Tip. Line a business card up against the outer corner of your eye. Take your crease brush and brush upward and outwards to the point where your eye socket is. Now brush the shadow across the socket before blending it out.

    There you have it, how to get a nice neat crease.

    2) Take the same card and line it up in the same place.Take your favourite liquid eye liner and draw a line to your desired length. Complete liquid liner as normal.

    Voila! A perfect feline flick.

    3) Mix primer and foundation. Sometimes, I fancy a really sheer coverage on the days my skin is playing ball. But, I can’t simply afford a foundation for every possible mood. To make a sheer version of your favourite foundation pop a pea sized amount of primer on the back of your hand and a blob of your foundation. Mix with a foundation brush and apply.

    Sheer coverage, made easy.

    4) The 2 finger rule. No this is not a drinking game.
    Place two fingers next to the side of your nose and start your blush at that spot,make sure you are not lower than the bottom of the nose.

    Having your blush too low or too close can make you look old and ill.

    5) Rescue dryed up mascara with a cup of hot water by popping the mascara in the hot water for 5 minutes. This loosens the product from the walls of the tube.

    When you remove the wand it should be as good as new.

    6) Turn your eyelash curlers into mini GHD’s with this little tip. Heat up eye lash curlers by lighting a flame under it for a few seconds. Check its not too hot by placing on your inner wrist. Curl your lashes as normal.

    ‘No, They’re not falsies.’

    7) Intensify eyeshadows by having a white base underneath. Take a white eyeliner, shadow, I actually use a white primer and cover the lid. Smudge gently and apply shadow.

    Bright, vibrant eyes!

    8) The best way to cover dark circles is by dotting concealer under the eyes with a triangle shape. Not a semi circle. The triangle technique gives under eye bags a lift.


    We all need a lift from time to time.

    So there you have it, 8 tips you will use on a daily basis.
    Let me know if you like the tips, or if you have any of your own in the comments or on Social media.

    Lots of Love



    Want all three Naked palettes in one place, for less than a tenner? Read on.

    Hola chicas!

    After massively hyping up the ultra professional eyeshadow palette FLAWLESS review found here, I was officially ready to join the revolution. I was building support for make up revolution, I was finding like minded beauty addicts who had had enough of paying in the region of £40 for an eyeshadow palette, I was hangry! I was ready to go. Sign me up, I’m ready for cosmetic freedom.

    It just seems that team Rev, just nail it consistently every week. Yes, I have had products that I wasn’t thrilled with. But this was mainly just down to colour choice provided did not suit me.

    So when team Rev, gave me the opportunity to review the new ‘beyond flawless’ palette, I was BEYOND excited.

    The packaging was almost identical to the flawless palette except the box came in a yellow gold embossed packaging. It still looks incredibly beautiful and still has the colours contained within on the back.


    I slid out the goodness inside and saw the black gloss container that is so sturdy that I actually struggled to get into it on a weekend away. It is exactly the same as the ‘Flawless’ palette. This is in some way a great thing if you like uniformity in your make up collection however I found it a bit of a struggle to differentiate which colours were inside which palette. Yes it does say on the box on the back but in itsy bitsy writing. I had this problem before with their The ONE blush sticks On those dark winter mornings I need it spelt out for me okay? However I realise that’s being slightly pedantic. It’s a strong, wipe clean, sleek looking palette.


    Inside there is a full sized mirror with 32 circular shadows all with cute witty corresponding named printed on a plastic insert. There is no applicator or brush but I always throw these away anyway. At £8 this makes it only 25p a shadow! Cheaper than a freddo nowadays.

    Let’s get started with the shadows shall we?

    The palette consists of neutral sultry shades. There are no acid brights or random colour that you will never use. These shades are all very wearable and I can’t help but think they may have gained inspiration from the naked palettes us beauty addicts drool over.

    From left to right, Row by Row we have;

    Row one

    Flawless, Light caramel, Papaya, Bare pink, Sand dune, Mineral, Expresso, Warm grey.


    Row two

    Dove, Chestnut, Zorba, Pug, Brunette, Cookie dough, Chocolate, Stone grey.


    Row three

    Sandstone, Bronze, Autumn, Spice, wholemeal, Sepia, Muddy, Nightfall.


    Row four

    Tawny, Ground brown, Toasty, Immaculate, Teddy, Cocoa, Bistre, Blackest.


    Row one – the low down.

    I would use these as my base colours and highlight colours. They are perfect for covering your lid and are all rather pigmented. Even flawless had a good colour pay off which I wasn’t expecting. The only shade I wasn’t keen on was Papaya as it was the least intense in its pay off. My favourite shade was Expresso from this row. It makes my brown eyes sparkle.

    Row two- the low down.

    I like to use these colours on the outer corner of my eyelids. There is a mix of mattes, pearlescent colours to some really beautiful shimmers. It really helps you experiment with your look. My favourites on this row are Zorba and Pug. They really remind me of the Naked 3 palette and I’ve been reaching for these rather frequently.

    Row three- the low down.

    These are the shadows I frequently use to create a deep crease. Sandstone looks like the pay off will be naff in the palette but looks so beautiful on I have to remind myself there are other colours on this palette. I used Spice on a night out recently in a deep crease and it was really dramatic. A bit OTT for day use but for date night, get spice right into that soft V!

    Row four- the low down.

    This is my evening row. I will use Row one shades for highlight only and go the full hog with my shadow game. Teddy is my favourite shade and will make any eye colour stand out. A problem for us Brown eyed girls. I found Blackest the most disappointing shade in this row and the palette. It wasn’t very pigmented compared to the rest. However I very rarely use black eyeshadow so wouldn’t put me off purchasing.


    There is quite a lot of fall out from this palette. However I always start with my eyes first when it comes to applying my face if I am wearing shadows so a quick baby wipe sorts that issue. I cannot believe how incredibly pigmented the colours are and the longevity of the shades. I have had no unwanted patches throughout the day and it’s not necessary to wear a primer. There’s a range of finishes in this palette which I really like and all the shadows felt soft and buttery. I don’t feel like I’m using a budget eyeshadow when applying and the look you achieve is deffo more luxe than 25p a shadow. The colours were easy to blend and have all the shades you should want for creating a smoky eye.

    Heres a day time look I created using Cocoa, Zorba and Sandstone.
    Oh and this was 5 hours after application.

    Insane in the membrane!

    It’s a real travel friendly palette which I like, and by that I mean you could just take ‘Beyond Flawless’ on a weeks trip away and have a different eye look each day.

    If I had to choose between ‘Flawless’ and ‘Beyond Flawless’ I just don’t think I could. I would probably drown trying to save both of them. I do not see one palette as better than the other, they just deliver different things. ‘Flawless’ has a wider range on the colour spectrum meaning you can match outfits, colour block or be more creative. Which is a great tool to have and one of the reasons I still love this palette so much.

    ‘Beyond Flawless’ has the more UD naked vibe and like I said previously has encompassed elements of all 3 palettes in one. These are definitely more neutral and will suit any skin tone or colouring. They work as great transitional colours and different shadow formations can be chopped and changed to creat different looks daily.

    So another cracking addition from the Boys and girls at Make up revolution. They cannot seem to do any wrong in my eyes. I would recommend ‘Beyond Flawless’ to any teenager with a small amount of pocket money

    (Do teens still get pocket money? Sorry If I’ve patronised my more youthful readers, but I’m so outta touch, let me know in the comments)

    But anyways as I was saying, teens with a small budget you need to purchase this for all your eyeshadow scenarios.

    In the same breath I would also instruct my label loving, designer wearing, pals to just try this palette and stop frittering away money for the sake of it.

    Make up Revolution I am yours.

    Lots of love



    *this product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review*