Roll up, Roll up, Roller Lash by Benefit review.

Roll up, Roll up got another Brazenrouge review for you today.
So unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll be aware that Benefit have a new lash product soon to be released.
I had been seeing beauty bloggers tweeting live about the new mascara launch night and I was extremely jealous. I was double tapping like mad on IG for the guys and gals at Benetowers hoping they might notice little ol’ me.
Then all my dreams were answered, well one of them was.
Elle magazine has released its newest issue with a free, yes free, sample of Benefits new Rollerlash mascara.
But wait, the best bit? It’s not even been released by Benefit yet! Can you say Exclusive?


Isn’t she pretty?

The sample size comes in 3g net weight tube which although may sound small is the perfect size for travelling. It has a jet black tube and the wand is in gorgeous rose gold, with the name etched on the black tube.
No surprise here, but benefit nail the packaging. This is only the sample too, the real thing is even more beautiful.


The brush is modelled on the design of a velcro roller.

A la, these bad boys


The spoolie is designed for shorter, straighter lashes which need help in enlarging the eye area. Each bristle has tiny hooks that hold each lash and rolls them upwards. The curved shape of the brush helps guide your lashes into position. I am not exaggerating when I say you can feel the wand latching on and lifting your lashes up the way. Its not uncomfortable at all but it is effective.
There is a wiper within the tube that works really well in making sure that you don’t get copious amount of product on the brush. Waste not, want not.


The formula is promised to hold a 12 hour setting power which I was suspicious of. As much as I have loved other benefit mascaras I have found that they flake after a days wear. None of that with Roller lash.
Oh and can we mention how comfortable it is? As soon as I applied it I was ready to go. No drying time required. My lashes feel extremely soft and not at all crispy.
I am really pleased with this product and can see it being my new favourite day time mascara. After a few coats it did become a bit clumpy but nothing a mascara comb couldn’t fix.

Now anyone who has owned a Benefit mascara knows that removal isn’t a pretty process. I am uber excited to say that this only took 2 cotton pads, some micellar cleansing water and gentle rubbing. No more stinging scarlet eyes.

Here’s a before and after, side view so you can check out the curl.


So believe the hype, if you are have little lashes and desire a feminine flutter with root lift and beautiful curls then this is the mascara for you.

Well worth a purchase when its released.

Lots of Love




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