10 signs you’ve hit your quarter life crisis

1) You have to use urban dictionary to speak to anyone under 16.


Who the Feck is Bae anyways?

2) In the last 3 years you have moved 3 times.


‘Handle with caution; this is everything I own’

3) Dropping it like its hot, has been replaced with sitting down and staying warm


Watching Eastenders~ optional

4) You’re best friend lives in a different city and organising a catch up becomes a military operation.


‘Ooh we have a tuesday night in 6 weeks time that could work?’

5) All your furniture is from Ikea and is more than likely ‘Malm’


Don’t worry, there’s hot dogs at the end of the hell hole.

6) The days where you were able to eat a balanced diet of Mcdonalds for breakfast, KFC for lunch and Dominos for dinner have gone mate.


Kale? Anyone?

7) People think you’re joking when you scream ‘I hate my life’ whilst throwing a biro at whatever naff windows software your work has decided to trial.


Get apple already?!

8) Get paid, pay bills, buy make up, beans on toast for the rest of the month.


Hmm! Nutritious.

9) You feel embarrassed asking for Rosé but Merlot turns you into a hot mess.


Being sick in your bag is not a good look anymore

10) Trying to get a handle on life is hard but there’s always Nutella.



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