Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream. BB- bad buy.

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Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream

Price £6.99

So I’m not the greatest fan of BB creams, I feel much more confident with full coverage but in the name of beauty I was excited to try this out.
This 9 in 1 promises to deliver the following; Primes, Moisturises, Minimises Pores, Conceals, Covers, Smoothes, Mattifies, Brightens and helps Protect.
Big claims for a small price tag.
So firstly the packaging is uber lame. With its tubular shape and screw top it hardly inspires symphonies. The only good thing is that you can chop the top off and get every last drop.
The most annoying thing about this packaging is the screw top, due to how runny the formula is, this pours out without any pressure meaning a big mess.
The formula is very wet and did not in my opinion provide a matte coverage. I would describe it as a sheer coverage with a dewy finish. This worked really well at evening out my skin tone and did conceal the dark circles under my eyes. This was poor at covering blemishes and if you have any break outs this isn’t the product to use. This has a scent to it, a bit like sun cream, I did love how moisturising this was and didn’t appear cakey at all. I do also like the fact that the tone is neutral which meant that this would suit warm or cool toned skin. However there is only 2 shades available in the UK; light and medium. I used light and found this was still dark for me. Rimmel seriously need to work on their shading. Wake up! Not every woman is the generic beige beauty companies seem to want us to be. Oh and the way women with darker skin tones are still blatantly ignored by Rimmel UK infuriates me.

I can’t see me using this regularly but maybe in the Summer when I have more of a tan it will fit me better.
I deffo don’t believe that this delivers on all of its claims.

All in all an okay summer product when you want some coverage but don’t want a full face. It is not a matte finish and has very limited shades. I would recommend this for teenagers who have clear skin but do not need to wear a maximum coverage foundation.

I wouldn’t rush out to buy this one guys.

Lots of Love





19 thoughts on “Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream. BB- bad buy.

  1. Ah, I almost hate BB creams, they look always too dark on me and don’t cover anything.Up until now, the only powerful I’ve tried comes from Herborian, it’s Korean, but I rather prefer a light foundation then. last year I used REN a lot, but now it still feels ‘wrong’…too transparent and too dewy, perhaps this is not the right season…


      1. I just don’t find any of their products up to par with other brands. Id even say I prefer cheaper brands like collection to Rimmel. Foundation is a big one for me so il always splash a little more out for a good one. Been trying the Arbonne CC cream. £26 and it’s actually quite good. 👍


      2. Collection lengthening mascara is amazing for my lashes. I normally hate these CC and BB things but the CC cream from them seems to give me good cover and I’m always prone to some bad ass chin spots.


  2. Never been a fan of the “BB” “CC” whatever creams, either. I just never found that any of them have ever really been moisturizing OR covering. They’ve always kinda oozed around on my skin like a big ol’ giant garden slug or left me feeling all stiff or sticky. I’m not opposed to lower priced products if they’re good, but when it comes to foundation, I usually don’t bother with the lower-end drugstore products. Thanks for the review! I’ll be skipping this one for sure!


  3. Aw so unfortunate! I’m not fond of BB creams, but because Western ones don’t give any coverage and Asian ones almost always make me look ashy. But if you are on the pale side, try an Asian BB cream. Coverage is pretty good – medium, mostly – AND it’s always in a pump tube, not a squirt one!


      1. No worries! There are some good ones out there Missha perfect cover is a good one and pretty available online! If you need recs, I can pass some along!


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