The bore chore; how to clean your make up brushes

Hey peeps,

Everyone has that one job they hate doing right? Putting the bin out, poop scooping after your pooch and tax returns to name a few.
No matter how organised you are, how OCD you are about cleanliness; if you are into beauty I guarantee that washing your brushes fill you with dread.
I don’t believe its the actual act of cleaning that is so boring, for me its having to commit to a day where I can not use my brushes.
I struggle with the separation but its so so important.

I know girls who have spent so much money on brushes but are clueless when it comes to the upkeep.
You do not know the atrocities I have witnessed when it comes to brush hygiene. It stops here.

I will show you how to care for your brushes so you can prolong their life span.

There are professional make up brush cleaners on the market but Brazenrouge is all about being fabulous on a budget and I have a purse friendly method for you to follow.

You will need;
A scheduled 24 hour make up free period.
Dirty brushes
Clean water
A cup
Baby shampoo
Counter space


So lets talk time. Time is money I get that, I really do but its so important to wash your brushes regularly. Once a week is perfect but due to my shift pattern I complete the bore chore once every ten days.

You will need approximately a whole day when you will not need your brushes. Do not think that you can speed this up. Using a hair dryer or radiator will ruin the bristles or throw them out of shape. Its not worth it, go make up free and own it.

Take a cup and fill with luke warm water and baby shampoo.

Dip your brush into the mixture and swirl it around. Avoid dunking your whole brush in, they’re not marines! If you get the ferrule wet (the metal band that is glued to the handle) you risk the brush breaking. Think small paddle rather than belly flop.

Take your wet brush and wipe on the palm of your hand, all sorts of manky colours will appear. Think, you were chucking that cak on your face.

Run the brushes under the cold tap again avoiding the ferrule to rinse off any remaining product and reseal the hairs.

Use your fingers to shape the hairs back to their original shape.

Place on your counter with the hairs hanging over the edge. Do not dry them standing up as water could run down and damage that damn ferrule again. Lay them flat allowing them to air dry.

So there you go, the cheapest easiest way to complete the bore chore, it has to be done. Make up brushes contain bacteria, oil and dirt that are a breeding ground for germs. To start wiping all that muck over your face seems pretty counter intuitive when the whole reason make up brushes exist is to make us pretty.

Hope this helps

Lots of Love




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