High light up my life like no one else

Hi peeps,

So you may or may not be familiar with the word highlighter.
Some of you may be armed with an arsenal of light reflecting cosmetics.
Others may be staring at me blankly holding a fluorescent pen.

Highlighting in terms of make up is a product that attracts light. It makes the area you have applied it, look brighter and can create the illusion of height.

When choosing a highlighter colour there is a simple test.
Does a gold necklace flatter you skin tone? If yes choose highlighters that share golden, copper or bronze pigmentation.

Or do you always reach for silver or Platinum? If so use pink highlighters with flecks of silver in it.

I am team Silver and have three different highlighters to discuss with you guys.
There are many varieties out there ranging from budget to luxury. These three are ones I use on a regular basis and do different things to the make up look I’m trying to achieve.

Benefit Highbeam
Full size 13 ml 0.45 US fl oz


Okay, so the picture shown is not the full size but a mini I received with a gift set.
High beam is commonly referred to as ‘supermodel in a bottle’ because you simply appear like your glowing within.
It comes in round cylindrical bottle which is very similar to a nail polish. Warning message.
Do not get confused and apply nail polish to your face. Its easier than you think on those half 4 starts.
The bottle is perfect for taking on the go in your make up travel bag as its compact in stature. The top twists on and is very secure so no need to worry about spillages on the go.
The applicator brush is again, identical to a nail varnish brush. It makes application extremely precise. The bristles on the brush are so soft meaning there is no irritation to the skin.
Less is more with this product. Which is something I rarely say.

The colour is an extremely soft pink with ethereal silver flecks running through the product leaving you with a lasting glow.
Thats the other great thing about high beam is that it adds long lasting shimmer not sporadic glitter like other highlighters can.
It blends incredibly well never pushing other products off the face.
The product isn’t at all oily and I have never had break outs in the areas I’ve applied it.
I have a very emotive relationship with high beam. I can vividly remember creeping in to my mums dressing room as a teenager and putting it proudly on my cheeks.
My application at the time might not have been on the money but the product was and still is.
Although very expensive it is worth the cost. I haven’t found a highlighter that lasts as long, stays all day with perfect luminosity. Its one of the best Benefit products around and if you can afford to splurge its well worth it for this must have buy.
You can buy a mini on its own off of amazon or ebay but I can’t give you a definitive price from there so have stuck to the brands website for prices.

No7 instant radiance highlighter
5.5g net wt 0.19 oz


So this is very similar style to the clinique chubby sticks. This highlighter comes in a wind up stick format that is very creamy. The stick is short and stubby but be warned that if you wind it up too far you can end up breaking the stick. Flimsy I know. The colour of the highlighter corresponds to the colour on the stick making it easy to recognise what colour you are choosing. The formula is quite shimmery but there is no gritty greasy feeling with it. The product blends really well and is great for a dewy radiant glow.
The colour is very similar to high beam but in a creme formula. Do not be fooled that just because it is in a stick format that it is swipe and go. It will require you to blend the product and I found this easiest to do with my fingers.
I have not had any break outs where this product was applied.
Due to the width of the stick I found it quite difficult to apply to the brow area, this left me with frosty looking brows. I really like my highlighter to get right in to the little nooks such as my cupids bow, brows or inner eye. It wasn’t the most precise tool but I do feel like it lasted the distance with its staying power. It is in my opinion a good highlighter for the price.

Ted Baker Pearly Pink Illuminator
9ml 0.3 US fl. Oz
Price £5 on average.

So who doesn’t love Rose Gold at the moment? It’s absolutely everywhere and Ted Baker know this. They have designed this highlighter to be similar to nail varnish but cubed in shape. The rose gold lid means it can take pride of place in my acrylic stackers. The base is clear meaning that you can see what colour you are picking out. I love these little touches as they make life so much easier. The product name is displayed clearly on the glass again in Rose Gold which is beautiful at catching the light.
The bristles on the brush are very soft on the face and it did not separate my make up as some poor highlighters do. The brush was small enough that precision could be key. The areas the highlighter was applied to did not cause any spots which is #amazeballs. This is appearing to be very similar to a certain Highbeam product. Which it is, I have to admit these are practically separated at birth. The only difference in my opinion is that Ted Baker has move silver tonality in the formula than pink. Not drastically but when placed next to each other it is noticeable. Everything else about the formula is similar to high beam, the texture, the staying power. If Ted Baker could tweak this and take some of the silver flecks out it would be an incredible dupe for highbeam.
The only thing that irritates me with this product though is that I can not find it for sale singularly on the internet anywhere. So the price is good if you can find it on ebay or alternatively keep your eyes out for this little beauty in Ted Baker gift sets.

Just for you guys to have a looksie heres an unblended swatch


Followed by a blended swatch


Hope this helps your shopping peeps!

Lots of Love


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14 thoughts on “High light up my life like no one else

  1. Last time I was at a Benefit counter, to look for a highlighter, the shop assistant told me they hadn’t any. Apart from a high quality primer, with highlighting properties. I don’t know if she save me or lost me as a client, but it was pretty funny…


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