BritBeautyBlog Lip Trio review. Must have buy

Hey Everybody!

Decided to do a review on a product designed by @BritBeautyBlog
BritBeautyBlog is one of the leading beauty bloggers in the UK. The woman behind the text and imagery is the incredible Jane Cunningham, one of my blogging idols.
I’ll leave the link to her blog at the bottom of the post as if you click on it now I fear you won’t come back.
I digress, Jane started her blog about 6 years ago and is one of the pioneers for bridging the gap between journalism and Blogging. Jane has worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years and delivers brilliant beauty advice without the bullshit.

BBB has teamed up with British high street favourite Marks and Spencers to offer an exclusive limited edition make up collection.

I was lucky enough to receive several of the beautiful pieces for Christmas (Thanks Auntie Marion!) and am uber excited to review the Lip trio today.

So, just like life, lets start judgement on looks yeah?
The collection has been beautifully illustrated by Nuno Da Costa, a fashion and beauty illustrator. I stupidly forgot to photograph the packaging as I was too excited on Boxing day.
However here is a picture from the M and S website for you all too coo over.

Awesome isnt it?
Nuno Da Costa also illustrates for Janes blog and website. The designs are incredible and deffo give these sets the wow factor. Perfect for a gift to a beauty junkie.
Even the tubes have a beautiful rose illustration standing out on the contrasting white. The colour is displayed on the base of the tube and the lid is made of clear plastic.
I am in two minds about this, one argument is that if the lids had been made of white plastic they would have appeared extremely high end. The flipside is that the clear plastic lid does make it easy to see what colour you’re rushing for.
The other great thing about the packaging is that it’s fun sized. I can fit this into the smallest of clutches which pleases me no end.

Here are the 3 shades, complete with their hash tag adorbs names.

The lip trio consists of 3 (duh, clo) lip crayons. Each tube has a retractable base meaning there is quite a lot of product for your money here.
The formula is really creamy and moisturising as well as comfortable to wear. Its great for those who are beginning to transition from glosses and balms to lipstick as the application of this product requires no finesse at all. I applied straight from the bullet and was pleased at how pigmented all 3 shades were.

Due to the creamy nature of the product I did find that frequent application is necessary as the middle part of my pout faded after drinking and eating. But hey ho, the tubes so cute you wanna apply regularly!

My favourite of the 3 colours was heartful as its a really vibrant red and for fear of sounding sycophantic to BBB is a true red. The sort that looks good on everyone.
Cami is very modern and although I can imagine my mum hating this on me it is very Kim K. Which I’m totes about.
Selfie is extremely pretty and is perfect for a 13 year old or a nanna, perfect for shopping trips and floral dresses this is probably a bit safe for me. I do tend to go hard or go home with lipsticks but I will be digging this out for interviews and meetings with Queen. Winky face guys, winky face!

Here are some shots of me in the different shades.


The final reason I adore this lip trio and why I want Jane to be my new #bbf. Aka, beauty best friend. Is that she has made her range accessible. This set normally retails for £15 which works out at a fiver per lip crayon.

That ish Cray! For the quality of the product plus the creative design element I know that a lot of people would be willing to pay more.
BBB knows that and yet has still made it in the normal girls reach.

So heres where you can buy it- you can thank me later
buy here

And heres where you will be spending the next 6 hours- guaranteed

Its a must have buy!



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3 thoughts on “BritBeautyBlog Lip Trio review. Must have buy

  1. Thank you for such an amazing review! I am so pleased you like Heartful because I tried really hard to make it a red for everyone, since I’m rather shy of red. Even I can wear it and that was my benchmark!

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