Revlon Canes Benefit with their DUPE!

Hey peeps,

Hope you’re well, I have the tummy bug from hell and have wanted to crawl into bed listen to Katie Melua and cry into my jim jams all day.
Actually I lie, thats pretty much been my life for the past week.
It has taken me 3 days to write this blog due to feeling exhausted but I needed to tell you all about this incredible dupe.

So first things first lets weigh up the contenders.
Benefit they’re real mascara 0.3 fl oz
Price £22

Revlon photoready 3D Volume 0.34 fl oz m
Price £8.08

So I’m currently a proud owner of a mini Benefit They’re real mascara that I received for Christmas.

The packaging is the same as its bigger sister. A slate grey tube with a metallic top. Nothing to shout from the rooftops about but mascaras rarely come in beautiful packaging.

The wand applicator has short spiky bristles that used haphazardly can actually hurt. They are staggered on the brush which I found helped coat my lashes. The end of the wand has a ball shaped end with spikes pointing up the way meaning you can really focus on those inner corners but just be careful you don’t scratch your eyes out like an alley cat.
The wand can be used horizontally or vertically allegedly because of this nifty little dome on the end of the brush. I have to say I disagree. Yes by pushing the wand up vertically it does push your lashes up. It does not in my opinion extend, lengthen, volumise or do anything extraordinary that using the wand horizontally wouldn’t.

I found that the formula is very wet and for want of a better word ‘gloopy’ and once applied this takes forevaaaaaaaa to dry. A badly timed sneeze ruins a mornings hard work, believe me.
I found that it was actually quite clumpy when applied but nothing a few zig zag strokes wont sort out.
But it does deliver, my lashes definitely looked thicker and longer and had the ‘false lash effect’ the holy grail all lash addicts are after.
The mascara was really tough to take off and although not marketed as a waterproof once the mascara is dry its not coming off even when you’re chopping onions.

The definite draw back to this product is the price. £22 is a lot of money to spend on a mascara when there are significantly cheaper mascaras on the market that dupe the ish out of ‘They’re real’.

So lets discuss the Dupe! Love me a saving.

So I really like the packaging on this product. A sleek black tube which fits like a glove in my acrylic stackers.
The rubber brush has lots of thin little spikes similar to ‘they’re real’. The bristles aren’t staggered but it does have the mini dome on the end, however a bit smaller.
The formula felt a lot dryer and didn’t smudge. You have to work very quickly with this product as if you dither the lashes can look a bit spidery. If you’re fine with speed a few coats of this added significant length and volume.

My lashes didn’t feel as crunchy or brittle as they did with the ‘they’re real’ but looked a smidgen thinner.
Again this was quite difficult to get off so you will need a lot of eye make up remover to avoid panda eyes in the morning.

For 8 quid, I would say this is a mid price range mascara but the effects are so much better than that.
I strongly believe this rivals ‘they’re real’ by Benefit. If you’re after a Dupe for the Benefit A lister, I would highly recommend the Revlon contender.

Heres a few shots, I’ll let you make up your mind but I think its evident why Revlon makes a wicked Dupe.





So there you go Peeps, the Prices were taken from Amazon so that they were equally matched.


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2 thoughts on “Revlon Canes Benefit with their DUPE!

  1. very detailed review, thanks for sharing your comments about both mascaras. I loved the pictures with the two applied on different eyes, as the difference is more visibile in this way.


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