12 week spending ban

Happy new year beauty Junkies, hope everyones head isn’t too sore. Mwaahahaha. The good thing about being poorly over NYE, no hangover! #winning
In my 2014 roundup, link here
I covered what I wanted to achieve in 2015 in brief detail and waffled on about my year.
So for those of you who didn’t read it


But to keep you in the loop one of my mini goals is to pay off my wedding venue in small instalments.
So thats fine, I can do that. Not a problem.
The negative side however is that I need to put down a £500 deposit to secure our date.
A little bit harder. Myself and the ol’ man are deciding to get wed debt free. So credit cards or loans are out of the question. I don’t have that money lying around and neither does he.

So had a little think and with it being 01/01/15 what a perfect day to set a challenge.
I am placing myself on a spending ban for 12 weeks.
I know drastic, right?
In this time I hope to save the £500, nay I will, save the £500 I am required for the deposit.
Essential items are; food, rent, bills, presents for others, personal hygiene items, petrol but NOT make up, accessories, clothes, books, takeaway etc

The 12 weeks will be tough, I know it. I often don’t bother packing a lunch, then but utter crap when I’m starving. Sometimes I buy the crap, when I have brought in a lunch.
If I’m having a bad day a spontaneous lipstick purchase makes me feel better again. If I cannot sleep I’ll often have a splurge on ebay on novelty work out tops in the hope it’ll make me exercise more.

No more. I gotta get on track and do this. I’ll report back to you guys on how I’m doing and where I’m struggling. For Christmas I was extremely spoiled therefore have enough make up to see me up to April. (I hope!)
I will be challenged throughout this time. I have my birthday, our anniversary, Valentines day e.t.c all of which, I would normally buy a new outfit. Nope, not this time. Upcycling all the way to the 12 week mark.

I will have plenty still to blog about as I have all my upcoming reviews, a few tutorials and a couple of recipes I wanna try out on you guys.
Plus lots of empty video’s to come. Yeah Boy!

Its gonna be tough, but its required. If you wanna join me on the spending ban, tweet or IG me @brazenrouge to let me know how you’re getting on.
Alternatively give me a shout in the comments.

Lots of Love




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