10 signs you’ve hit your quarter life crisis

1) You have to use urban dictionary to speak to anyone under 16.


Who the Feck is Bae anyways?

2) In the last 3 years you have moved 3 times.


‘Handle with caution; this is everything I own’

3) Dropping it like its hot, has been replaced with sitting down and staying warm


Watching Eastenders~ optional

4) You’re best friend lives in a different city and organising a catch up becomes a military operation.


‘Ooh we have a tuesday night in 6 weeks time that could work?’

5) All your furniture is from Ikea and is more than likely ‘Malm’


Don’t worry, there’s hot dogs at the end of the hell hole.

6) The days where you were able to eat a balanced diet of Mcdonalds for breakfast, KFC for lunch and Dominos for dinner have gone mate.


Kale? Anyone?

7) People think you’re joking when you scream ‘I hate my life’ whilst throwing a biro at whatever naff windows software your work has decided to trial.


Get apple already?!

8) Get paid, pay bills, buy make up, beans on toast for the rest of the month.


Hmm! Nutritious.

9) You feel embarrassed asking for Rosé but Merlot turns you into a hot mess.


Being sick in your bag is not a good look anymore

10) Trying to get a handle on life is hard but there’s always Nutella.



Roll up, Roll up, Roller Lash by Benefit review.

Roll up, Roll up got another Brazenrouge review for you today.
So unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll be aware that Benefit have a new lash product soon to be released.
I had been seeing beauty bloggers tweeting live about the new mascara launch night and I was extremely jealous. I was double tapping like mad on IG for the guys and gals at Benetowers hoping they might notice little ol’ me.
Then all my dreams were answered, well one of them was.
Elle magazine has released its newest issue with a free, yes free, sample of Benefits new Rollerlash mascara.
But wait, the best bit? It’s not even been released by Benefit yet! Can you say Exclusive?


Isn’t she pretty?

The sample size comes in 3g net weight tube which although may sound small is the perfect size for travelling. It has a jet black tube and the wand is in gorgeous rose gold, with the name etched on the black tube.
No surprise here, but benefit nail the packaging. This is only the sample too, the real thing is even more beautiful.


The brush is modelled on the design of a velcro roller.

A la, these bad boys


The spoolie is designed for shorter, straighter lashes which need help in enlarging the eye area. Each bristle has tiny hooks that hold each lash and rolls them upwards. The curved shape of the brush helps guide your lashes into position. I am not exaggerating when I say you can feel the wand latching on and lifting your lashes up the way. Its not uncomfortable at all but it is effective.
There is a wiper within the tube that works really well in making sure that you don’t get copious amount of product on the brush. Waste not, want not.


The formula is promised to hold a 12 hour setting power which I was suspicious of. As much as I have loved other benefit mascaras I have found that they flake after a days wear. None of that with Roller lash.
Oh and can we mention how comfortable it is? As soon as I applied it I was ready to go. No drying time required. My lashes feel extremely soft and not at all crispy.
I am really pleased with this product and can see it being my new favourite day time mascara. After a few coats it did become a bit clumpy but nothing a mascara comb couldn’t fix.

Now anyone who has owned a Benefit mascara knows that removal isn’t a pretty process. I am uber excited to say that this only took 2 cotton pads, some micellar cleansing water and gentle rubbing. No more stinging scarlet eyes.

Here’s a before and after, side view so you can check out the curl.


So believe the hype, if you are have little lashes and desire a feminine flutter with root lift and beautiful curls then this is the mascara for you.

Well worth a purchase when its released.

Lots of Love



Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream. BB- bad buy.

Hey guys,

I’m on a blogging roll! Love these weeks when I’m really into it.

Rimmel 9 in 1 BB cream

Price £6.99

So I’m not the greatest fan of BB creams, I feel much more confident with full coverage but in the name of beauty I was excited to try this out.
This 9 in 1 promises to deliver the following; Primes, Moisturises, Minimises Pores, Conceals, Covers, Smoothes, Mattifies, Brightens and helps Protect.
Big claims for a small price tag.
So firstly the packaging is uber lame. With its tubular shape and screw top it hardly inspires symphonies. The only good thing is that you can chop the top off and get every last drop.
The most annoying thing about this packaging is the screw top, due to how runny the formula is, this pours out without any pressure meaning a big mess.
The formula is very wet and did not in my opinion provide a matte coverage. I would describe it as a sheer coverage with a dewy finish. This worked really well at evening out my skin tone and did conceal the dark circles under my eyes. This was poor at covering blemishes and if you have any break outs this isn’t the product to use. This has a scent to it, a bit like sun cream, I did love how moisturising this was and didn’t appear cakey at all. I do also like the fact that the tone is neutral which meant that this would suit warm or cool toned skin. However there is only 2 shades available in the UK; light and medium. I used light and found this was still dark for me. Rimmel seriously need to work on their shading. Wake up! Not every woman is the generic beige beauty companies seem to want us to be. Oh and the way women with darker skin tones are still blatantly ignored by Rimmel UK infuriates me.

I can’t see me using this regularly but maybe in the Summer when I have more of a tan it will fit me better.
I deffo don’t believe that this delivers on all of its claims.

All in all an okay summer product when you want some coverage but don’t want a full face. It is not a matte finish and has very limited shades. I would recommend this for teenagers who have clear skin but do not need to wear a maximum coverage foundation.

I wouldn’t rush out to buy this one guys.

Lots of Love




Matte is back! Rimmel stay matte liquid mousse foundation review.

Rimmel stay matte liquid mousse foundation
Price £5.99
1 fl oz 30ml

Hey everybody!

I have a slight obsession with all things matte. I have recently ran out of my HG (Holy Grail) foundation and with me being on a Spending Ban, I can’t just run out and replace.
So I started using a foundation that I got for Christmas that has been sat abandoned whilst I distracted myself with sparkly eye shadow and nail decals.

Enter Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation.

The packaging is anything but inspiring, shaped like a tube of toothpaste, I could understand how it would be easy to walk past this product. The good thing about the tube is that you can lop the top off with some scissors meaning you can get every last shred of product. The colours used are bland and it looks like a half arsed attempt at branding.

The shade selection is also minimal, I think there is about 6-8 and the stay matte powders don’t correspond which is laaaaame but things do improve.

So the first thing to say about this formula is a little goes a hella long way. The product is extremely thick to the touch and is really easy to apply. I found this was a dream for my stippling brush as it wasn’t absorbed into the brush but you can use your fingers if thats what you prefer.

It applies really smoothly and there is no scent to the formula. The product isn’t buildable however due to its thickness, too many layers and it can become cakey. This means that you will have to blend really quickly due to how fast it sets.

I can not see any sun protection mentioned on this product which is a double edged sword. Obviously sun protection is super important and I always advocate wearing it. The issue with SPF is that it can reflect light in photos. This can cause your face to appear ghostly in photographs. So this product is great for photographing and nights out when you will be using a flash but not for day time use.

The coverage is medium to full and I found it worked really well at evening out my skin tone. The product lasts all day and I found it smoothed out my skin and minimised the appearance of pores. My face appeared Matte which is ultimately the aim with this product. I would suggest that this is a formula that should be used in the evening due to the lack of SPF, the increased chance of flash photography and the flawless finish.

Heres a shot of how thick it is


It claims to be feather light where as I found it quite thick. My skin did feel silky smooth and I found it comfortable to wear. I did find it quite heavy but not at all greasy.

All in all a good foundation for the price if you can match your skin tone
So I hope you found this helpful. If you like the product reviews, let me know or if you want more tutorials/challenges put your thoughts in the comments.

Lots of love



The bore chore; how to clean your make up brushes

Hey peeps,

Everyone has that one job they hate doing right? Putting the bin out, poop scooping after your pooch and tax returns to name a few.
No matter how organised you are, how OCD you are about cleanliness; if you are into beauty I guarantee that washing your brushes fill you with dread.
I don’t believe its the actual act of cleaning that is so boring, for me its having to commit to a day where I can not use my brushes.
I struggle with the separation but its so so important.

I know girls who have spent so much money on brushes but are clueless when it comes to the upkeep.
You do not know the atrocities I have witnessed when it comes to brush hygiene. It stops here.

I will show you how to care for your brushes so you can prolong their life span.

There are professional make up brush cleaners on the market but Brazenrouge is all about being fabulous on a budget and I have a purse friendly method for you to follow.

You will need;
A scheduled 24 hour make up free period.
Dirty brushes
Clean water
A cup
Baby shampoo
Counter space


So lets talk time. Time is money I get that, I really do but its so important to wash your brushes regularly. Once a week is perfect but due to my shift pattern I complete the bore chore once every ten days.

You will need approximately a whole day when you will not need your brushes. Do not think that you can speed this up. Using a hair dryer or radiator will ruin the bristles or throw them out of shape. Its not worth it, go make up free and own it.

Take a cup and fill with luke warm water and baby shampoo.

Dip your brush into the mixture and swirl it around. Avoid dunking your whole brush in, they’re not marines! If you get the ferrule wet (the metal band that is glued to the handle) you risk the brush breaking. Think small paddle rather than belly flop.

Take your wet brush and wipe on the palm of your hand, all sorts of manky colours will appear. Think, you were chucking that cak on your face.

Run the brushes under the cold tap again avoiding the ferrule to rinse off any remaining product and reseal the hairs.

Use your fingers to shape the hairs back to their original shape.

Place on your counter with the hairs hanging over the edge. Do not dry them standing up as water could run down and damage that damn ferrule again. Lay them flat allowing them to air dry.

So there you go, the cheapest easiest way to complete the bore chore, it has to be done. Make up brushes contain bacteria, oil and dirt that are a breeding ground for germs. To start wiping all that muck over your face seems pretty counter intuitive when the whole reason make up brushes exist is to make us pretty.

Hope this helps

Lots of Love