2014 roundup

New year new me and all that crap time. Yay! When the skinny minnies post that they NEED to lose 20lbs, the wanderers waffle on about experiencing new things and everyone in between wants to save every penny they earn.

Instead of trying to change every last detail about yourself why not break a habit or set mini goals instead?

Why not take a moment and reflect on what you’ve achieved over the past year instead of jumping head first into being a marathon machine.

Let’s all just take a minute, make a brew and reflect on 2014 before diving into the next one.

Insert self indulgent schpeel.
In 2014 I found out that I like who I am. I know not everyone does but thats okay. I have fewer friends than ever but the ones I do have are worth their weight in gold.
I’ve struggled with anxiety a lot in 2014 and its something I’ve come to realise the hard way. Its been highlighted to me that I am a perfectionist and an ‘all or nothing sorta girl’ which I thought was trollocks at first but have now learnt that its true. I want to take time to look after myself in 2015 and slow my pace. I am going to make sure that I look after my mental health the same way I would my physical health as the two definitely correspond when it comes to moi.
I’ve had some pretty kick-ass moments but no shocks here, getting engaged was the top moment of 2014 for me. It came without warning and for weeks I couldn’t stop staring at my hand and smiling.
I feel blessed to have found the one so early in life but I know a marriage takes more than love and attraction. I cannot wait to get into wedding planning next year and hope you enjoy the more bridal elements that will be incorporated into Brazenrouge.
I travelled in 2014 something which I hadn’t done in a while and it was ah-mazing. Hands down the best place in the world, I have been to is IBIZA. It was one of the most intense, beautiful, hedonistic places in the world and knocked me for six. I’m desperate to go back but there will be no more holidays until 2017 unfortunately. I am looking to writing a post about Ibiza style for when the season starts. I’ll be seriously jel but I’ll go back to the white isle as soon as I possibly can. After returning home from Ibiza I had to assess my finances and completed my biggest achievement this year. Quitting smoking. I was so ashamed of smoking that I’m embarrassed to write it down. But with hard work I have achieved it and feel so much better for it. I hope that 2015 will become my first smoke free year in adulthood and my health, wallet and appearance will be greater for it.
Around the same time as quitting smoking I was sitting in the cold pouring rain on a night shift thinking there must be more to life than this and there was. There was a whole blogging community waiting to reach out and embrace a newbie blogger. It’s been nearly 3 months from when I posted that first tentative blog but I haven’t looked back yet. I’ve grown as a writer and my photography is improving. There is still a lot to learn but I can’t wait to continue growing as brazenrouge and getting my thoughts and ideas out to you guys. I hope to improve my blog design in 2015 and would love to reach a 1000 followers.

End of self indulgence.

So there was a brief summary of my year highlights.
Now onto the serious business of who were my beauty champions of 2014

Skin care- Garnier micellar cleansing water.

Base- MUA matte perfect primer.

Foundation-No7 beautifully matte foundation.

Eyeshadow- makeup revolution palettes.

Eyeliner- Maybelline lasting drama gel liner

Brow kit- sleek brow kit

Contour- Cargo contour set

Blush- Benefit bene-tint

Lip product- Collection 2000 Gothic Glam.

Take a bow beauty world, you have surpassed yourself.

So as I was saying ‘new year new me’ is just not realistic. I’ll be reaching for the red velvet cupcakes by February if I say to myself ‘Im gonna lose weight’
No, I’m gonna do this year differently.
Mini Goals for 2015- not resolutions. Deffo the way forward.
By setting myself little mini goals hopefully the bigger things will take care of themselves
So here are my mini goals-

GOAL Make small monthly instalments on my wedding venue.

THEORY Start early to avoid stress later and all that.

GOAL Learn a few healthy well rounded meals.

THEORY If I can cook well, I’ll be healthier which means I’ll look healthier.

GOAL Spend more time with people I love.

THEORY if Im with those I love, than I will think good thoughts.

but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.
Roald Dahl

You see, no pressured dead lines, no appearance focused hating, no this way or no way negativity you get with resolutions.

Mini goals have wiggle room and manoeuvrability. You can be flexible and take your time. There is less risk of failure and more chance of success.

So there it is, the last blog of the year.
I’ve loved writing this blog and cannot wait to see how it grows in 2015.

Please let me know in the comments if you agree with mini goals over resolutions.

What are you looking to change?
What are you proud of?
What content would you like to see in 2015?

So ba bye 2014 and hello twenty fifteen. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Lots of Love




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