I’ve gone crackers for stackers.

Hi there,

Hope everyone had happy holidays. Mine were Ah-mazing, apart from a tummy bug I cannot shift for the life of me.
I received the most incredible, generous presents. I can’t remember a time when I have felt so spoilt. My bedroom after boxing day resembled a small regional boots and I couldn’t wait to organise my new acrylic stackers.
Yeah, you know those ones. The ones you see in a Kardashian bathroom.

image credit E

The phenomenon started with the Kardashians a while ago. As do all the trends I’m into right now. But I’m for those of you who do not know, make up bags are done, fin, kaput. Besides the amount of germs these little waste pools collect it seems completely ridiculous to spend £1000’s on beautiful cosmetics for them to be zipped away in the dark.

This appealed to the terribly disorganised but longs to be tidy girl inside me. All my pretty cosmetics out on display without looking cluttered. Im in, you see one of the main problems with using a make up bag as a storage system (if you can call it a system) is that all your beautiful expensive items are squeezed and crammed into a small space and it is difficult to see where anything is.
The problem with not being able to see where everything is is simple.
If you cannot see your make up, you will not use it. You will inevitably reach for the same products day after day and then wonder why you’re stuck in a rut.

I am currently working on growing my acrylic storage collection.
It seems ironic that I need more space for more storage but anywhooo.
The below has been accumulated in the last 5 weeks.


MUJI has long been top dog of the acrylic storage world but there are other alternatives out there.

I for one loves me a bit of ebay action and heres how they tally up.

Here’s a list of some retailers where I know stock acrylic stackers.

They can be stacked and set out in a variety of ways. I haven’t got enough stackers just quite yet but I’m on a spending ban so am waiting till my buffdayyyyyy.

Heres how I set out my make up.


Zone 1is my newest addition to make up storage. The top isnt attached so in theory I can add another stacker in between.
I use these stackers for my face make up. In the top I store BB Creams, creme blushers and highlighters.
The drawers underneath house a variety of powders, bronzers and blushes.


Zone 2 was my first ever acrylic purchase and houses all my lipsticks. There is little rhyme or reason to the organisation here. All I do is display the colour at the top, so I can clearly see which shade I am going to use.
This only cost me 3 quid and is a great for a beginner.


Zone 3is where I get thrifty. I have some great Ted Baker pieces and they came in this beautiful box. It seemed a shame to throw it away. I store all my lipglosses and lip liners in here. Its easy to pull out and is cute to display. Definitely a cheap fix whilst Im waiting for more stackers. I also use Glossybox boxes to store odds and sods, nail varnishes e.t.c.


Zone 4 is my eye Zone. I often buy smaller mascaras or the gift set sizes are smaller than the average. This for me is perfect. Mascara goes off after 3 months and if you’re a beauty Junkie like me (11 mascaras currently in use) you never finish a whole tube before its off. I take the mini mascaras and my night eye serum and place them in the front. Eyeliners in the back, my go to Palettes then finally browzings and sleek brow kit in the corners.


Remember that these do get very very grubby. I would recommend that when your brushes have their weekly wash (Yes! Weekly!) that you give the stackers a quick wipe down.

I hope I have opened your mind to new Storage solutions. They make me smile when I look at them. Save me time (no more searching for THAT concealer) saves me money (c’mon who hasn’t bought items they already had cos they couldn’t find it!)
Its chic but practical, stylish but effective.
Let me know if you buy any and how you get on.

Love Chlo


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6 thoughts on “I’ve gone crackers for stackers.

  1. I have these too so handy! Didn’t know the idea came from the kardashians though as I don’t really watch the show or know much about them. I find I tend to use a lot of different products too cause I can actually see everything in front of me instead of pulling what I always use out of a bag. Great post!


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