Hall of Shame


I’ve decided that this tweet needs to be addressed.


I commonly tell people who procrastinate that Ghandi only had 24 hours in a day too!
I’m normally met with an eye roll or a sneer.
However, I believe its true. If I want to fit a blog in before Christmas I shall.

Howwwevvvaaaa, there is no point blogging for bloggings sake.

So I’ve pondered over this one. A tutorial, a review or a challenge?

Then I thought, I’ve not bought anything this month (beauty wise) due to the annual tightening of belts and how annoyed I was at wasting my money on the Pro-Formula Micellar cleansing water. Review can be found here.

Which got me thinking. Whats in my hall of shame? Which products do I think are naff and think you should know about too?
Now I’ve only been blogging for a few months but I’ve been wasting money for the last ten years on pots of potion and magical formulas.

Learn from my mistakes and veto the following-

Anti cellulite creams

Omg how many times have I bought these! They are the most pointless product end of! They’re very rarely cheap, laborious to apply and never work. Cellulite are simply fat cells. This is not to say that those who have cellulite (95% of all women I know) are fat. Slim women also have cellulite and this is just down to genetics, diet and the shape of the cells. No cream you can apply to your skin can burn fat cells. If they could, surely everyone would later up rather than joining Weightwatchers to lose weight? If cellulite is getting you down, the best thing to do is make skin baby smooth. Get a hearty salt scrub. Not a wimpy one. Scrub the effected area and follow with a moisturizer. For ultimate Pin up girl legs, fake tan is the way forward.

Bust gels

Personally I’ve never used a bust gel but know those who have. Yes they were disappointed and out of pocket. The reason I can definitively add this to the hall of shame is because the whole notion is trollocks.
Your boobies are mounds of fatty tissue on your chest. No creme, gel, lotion or potion can penetrate your skin and add fat tissues.
Completely ridic.

Skinny wraps

My personal bug bear. I bought into a twelve week challenge before my holiday in the summer. Now I was eating correctly an 80/20 approach (eat right 80% treat yourself 20% of the time)
I was exercising 5x a week trying to flatten my pooch (the area between the belly button and the nunny)
I saw all the promises, and was sold.
I followed the steps, watched the YouTube clips, read the science behind it and they didn’t work. I didn’t see any inch loss, nor know anyone not affiliated to an inch loss company who had lost weight or inches. Save your cash and learn to love your body. Thats what Im doing and its far healthier and happier of an existence.

Frosted lip sticks

Oh Frosted lip stick. You were past it before I was even born. It is the shell suit of make up. It makes your lips look dry and flakey. Save your money girls and boys this will never be so weird its cool. Not even Hipsters pull this off.

Diet pills

Okay so firstly, the idea that you feel you need a tablet is scary. If you only ever follow one piece of advice I give. Let it be this. Do not mess around with diet pills. I have done and it is not nice. The ones I used, from a ‘reputable’ brand were designed to help with weight loss. I was at the time, very insecure and thought my appearance was the only thing I had to offer. Then I found Sarcasm 🙂
I used these pills and I had excruciating headaches. I did lose weight, however the fact I was running 5k’s at the time probably did that. I was wired, I would be so on it, imagine drinking 10 espressos then having the worlds worst hangover/headache 3 hours later. I couldn’t wee however I seem to be unique in this reaction.
Which I think makes it even more scary. So many people have so many different types of side effects how do you not know you are gonna be one of the minority who has a heart attack. Exactly, you don’t. Try to accept your shape, embrace your size and stick to a healthy lifestyle.
Remember the first three letters of DIET is die. Coincidence? I think not.

Neck cream
So as a double chinner, with or without opening your front camera on snap chat. I particularly bought into this one. WRONG! Again. A normal firming moisturiser does exactly the same job. Its just packaging and market exploitation peeps. Save your money. If you have a Fred Elliot chin like mine (younguns, google him he was on corrie, Donkeys ago) take photographs at a higher angle. Poke your tounge into the roof of your mouth. Its not drastic but offers a slight improvement.

So there you go, have you got anything to add to the hall of Shame?

Lots of love


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