The 5 product in 5 minutes face Yall!

Buenos dias!

Hope you’re all well. It’s been a busy time for me as an auntie this week. With 4 beautiful nieces I try to attend as many events as I can. Trying to juggle family, friends, work and blogging can be hard work. Extremely rewarding but sometimes a logistical minefield.
Often I have to decide whether beauty products outranks beauty sleep which Im sure is something you’re all familiar with.
Today I needed an extra half hour snooze time but still wanted to look fresh faced.

I created a day time natural look using 5 products. I did so in around 5 minutes.

This is what I used in order to achieve a dewy daytime look.

no7 beautifully matte foundation cool vanilla
Price £13.50

Bellapierre cheek tint colour coral

Rimmel Kate Moss scandaleyes colour jet black

MUA translucent powder

Nivea essential care lip balm

So I started with my hands down go to guy of a foundation. No7 beautifully matte foundation is one of the best foundations I have ever used. I was colour matched at the counter and I am tremendously pleased with the shade. This base offers full coverage without appearing cakey or like an oompa loompa love child. The tube itself has no bells or whistles but the pump is effective. This foundation is a heavy liquid foundation but does not feel unnatural on the face. I have never had the dreaded tide line that cursed me throughout my teens. I love that No7 have included an SPF15 in the product as this means I have adequate protection from the sun without having to add another step to my morning routine. My pores are less noticeable and my blemishes are disguised.
I apply 3 ‘pumps’ of the product to the back of my hand and using a stipple brush dab the product onto my face. The reason why I like this product is because it is buildable. For a more formal look I would use a foundation brush. However I find that by stippling this product onto my face, starting from the nose and dabbing outwards towards the jaw line leaves a natural dewy finish.

Next off I use one of my new handbag essentials I turn to Bellapierre cheek tint. I recently reviewed this as it was a product in my monthly Glossy box.
Creme blushers are extremely easy to apply and enable you to apply without carrying around a brush.
I apply to the apples of my cheek and due to the formula of this product it is incredibly easy to blend. It offers a subtle pop of colour breathing life into this day time look.
Avoid applying to close to the nose as with any blusher this can cause you to appear a tad ‘flu-ey’

Ah! The Rimmel Kate moss mascara. I often slate Rimmel but I am yet to find a mascara that beats this.
The brush is very fat and the colour is extremely dark.
The brush mirrors that of a broken heart and like a good woman, the curves on this beauty should be respected.
The narrow curve infiltrates your tiny lashes on the inner corner of your eyes coating them with a darker than night mascara. With the narrow curve in the correct position to look after the littluns, the large curve can sort out the big boys. It is in primary place to stroke the longer lashes, spreading them far and wide helping you achieve what I call the ‘doll eye’ look. I take the wand and whilst looking down brush my lashes with the first two coats of mascara. So you are brushing away from the lash line towards the floor.
Now opening the eye take the wand and looking up place the brush at the base if your lashes. In a zig zag motion wiggle the brush from side to side.
Repeat once on the lower lashes
The reason I love this mascara is that you can build up the lashes. A few coats achieves full bodied, intense black lashes but it is easy to continue and sports thick, dark, long lashes without appearing to smuggling a pair of spiders on your face.

Next up I grab my MUA translucent face powder.
I love this powder as it is beautifully sheer and lightweight. This is a perfect setting powder. The loose powder is perfect as it fixes my foundation in place all day. It minimises my shiny chin and it never feels heavy. It doesn’t seem to cling to those tiny fine hairs on your face.
Taking a powder brush I dab it in the loose powder, then tap it to remove the excess. I don’t bother with the sifter as I don’t feel I get enough product. To apply I start from the centre of my face. Blending outwards and hey presto onto the final step.

Nivea lip balm.
This product is so established there is little I can say to hype it up. I adore it and its so easy to use.
This balm is really moisturising and prevents my lips from being chapped or flaky. Due to there being no colour it is fool proof to apply.
For the price this lip balm lasts for months even with daily use.

So there you go 5 products that can be applied in 5 minutes

Don’t say I don’t treat ya!

Ciao for now.


Lots of love



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