Tesco Pro-Formula Micellar Cleansing Water. Slated.

Tesco Pro-Formula Micellar Water 200Ml
Price £3
So after falling hard for the Garnier Micellar cleansing water (review can be found here

I have been obsessed with finding out if Garnier is top dog when it comes to cleansing waters.
I’ve kept my eye out and spotted this little Gem on the shelves of Tesco and it was the price that caught my eye, natch.

Tesco say
Green Tea & Vitamin E Complex

Scientifically developed for Tesco

to remove impurities

for face, eyes & lips

The Pro Formula Radiance Micellar Water contains
green tea and vitamin E complex. It will leave the
skin feeling clean, soft and soothed, whilst
removing the last traces of everyday dirt and
make-up. A non-drying formulation for fresher
feeling and toned skin.

Dermatologically tested.

Okay, so I mentioned the price so lets get started with that.

Yes it is £3 which is 99p cheaper than Garnier. Sounds great, until I realised that the Tesco bottle was significantly smaller.

The Pro-Formula contains only 200ml HALF what Garnier offers.

So really, if Pro-Formula was the same size as Garnier than it would cost £6.


Next up, packaging. Both have similar concepts with the bottles being transparent. Pro-Formula is more rectangular and has a green cap. This isn’t offensive, I just prefer the curves on the Garnier bottle with the sweet little pink top.

I detested the scent in the Pro-Formula product. It stunk of Aloe Vera dipped in cucumber and was so unpleasant. YUCK. The bottle cap design meant that with the Pro-Formula Micellar water, too much product left the bottle when trying to apply to a cotton pad. This infuriated me as more ended up down the sink than on my face.

Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise. As when it did reach my face, it dripped and ran down my cheeks. Never seeming to wipe anything away with it. To remove my facial make up took about 6 or 7 cotton pads. The Garnier water used about 2. It merely smeared lipstick across my face until a dry cotton pad scrubbed it off.

It doesn’t get much better in case you’re wondering. When applied to my eyes, it stung. Seriously uncomfortable. My eyes were streaming and my eye make up seemed to hibernate under my lower lash line. I couldn’t apply any more to my eyes as they felt so sore I just left it.

Cue waking up like a panda who’s be on the lash the night before.

I quite frankly hate this product. I know hate is a strong word but detest sounds far too flamboyant.

I can find no redeeming feature.

Lots of love



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