Lashes by Samantha. MUST HAVE BUY


Hope you’re well.

Back for a product review that I am very, VERY, excited to tell you about.

So Sam Faiers, for those who don’t know was one of the original stars of BAFTA award winning TOWIE.
TOWIE is a reality drama following the lives of young, beautiful people in the county of Essex.
I live in Essex and can say that I’ve never been offered a role but I’m not offended #much.

Sam is known for her pristine sense of style and I have never seen her pictured without looking immaculate so was uber excited to hear about her new false lash range.

Sam has spoken openly about her battle with Trichotillomania – a disorder which has caused her to pull out her real eyelashes.

To me this made Sam’s business venture all that more believable. Sometimes a ‘seleb’ can lend their face or name to any product just to earn a quick quid. Sam has entered a market that she clearly knows about and cares about, the proof is in the product.

So heres the low down

Lashes by Samantha- If looks could kill
Price £5
Photo credit

Here’s what they had to say
Thicker lashes for an elegant, seductive look.

Useful info:

Latex free
Adhesive included
Light, flexible, comfortable and easy to apply
Lashes by Samantha Faiers
If Looks Could Kill

So heres the lowdown

Sam has three styles out for sale
Oh So Natural, If Looks Could Kill, and Glam It Up .

In the name of beauty *ahem* I felt an experiment was in order.

The lashes came in a cute box that is no different to eyelashes I had bought before. The glue is latex free which is great for peeps with allergies.
I also loved that the glue had a screw top and applicator. This is great for taking out with you if you need a little touch up now and again. Or if you plan on reusing the lashes again.
The lashes had approximately 8 clusters of lashes with delicate little lashes in between.
I took them out of the tray with some tweezers and noticed these were naturally rounded. This is good as it meant the lash line naturally followed the shape of my eye.
I held them up to my eyeball and was super pleased to see that they were exactly the right length.
Normally this never happens, so snaps for me! Seriously though, if they aren’t the right length trim some of the excess from the fuller end.
I smothered the false lash line with the glue. There was no weird fishy smell that you often find with false lash glue which I think is just brilliant.
I waited about 20-30 seconds until the glue was really tacky. I then with no skill whatsoever placed them on my eyelid.
Normally I align these on the natural lash line but I had some HEAVY eye make on and was not risking a smudge.
I wiggled it about until they were comfortable and applied gentle pressure for 10 seconds perhaps?

Well I’ve never been so shocked in my life. They had stuck perfectly. I had no scratching to the inner corner of my eye like I often experience. They felt comfortable and really light.

I thought this had to be a fluke, so I repeated the step on the other eye.
Yet again dumbstruck my eyes stared back at me. I had a perfect pair of lashes applied in under 5 minutes.

My eyes hadn’t streamed, no scratching, no fishy glue smell I was over the moon.

Still I hesitated in writing a blog immediately (1. I had dinner reservations with the girls, 2. I needed to test drive them)

I wore them for 5 hours, which I believe is a reasonable time. My lashes by Samantha had stood the test of time and were still holding fast.

I cannot think of one complaint with these bad boys. I guess if I was pushed it would be that there should be more in the range!

Heres a little before and after. Excuse the lighting. Its dark up here from 4pm onwards.

So all in all, for a first run out Lashes by Samantha has kicked arse.
Im genuinely impressed by the quality. The price is extremely reasonable and I love everything about them.

I seriously sound like a fan girl, but credit where credit is due.

I got a new MUST HAVE BUY!
Lots of love



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