Glossybox. Addiction to subscription Christmas edition.


Its Glossybox time.


Bellapierre cosmetics Cheek and Lip stain
Price £12.99
Bellapierre say

Unlike traditional stains that are hard to apply, this oil-free Cheek and Lip Stain will finish off any look with great ease and is super blend-able. Available in Pink or Coral.


I am slowly migrating over to creme blushers. I have always used powders but recently I have started expanding my horizons.
I swatched this and I really love the colour. I have to say that I find coral is a lot more wearable. This blended so easily on my cheeks and less is more. I wasn’t as chuffed with the lip look. It stained the skin around my lips. Yes I did apply with my finger. Yes, I probably would have achieved a cleaner look if I had used a lip brush. However, the size of this item makes it perfect for the handbag therefore I would expect that finger application would suffice. It didn’t.
It didn’t last more than 5 minutes on my lips.
This one should have stuck with being a lip stain. Trying to be all things to all people only made it seem disappointing. Its a great cheek stain. That is all.



tresemme scalp renewal tonic

Price £5.50

Tresemme say
Helps nourish the scalp and renews your hair leaving it beautiful from start to finish. With tea tree extract and sunflower seed oil, the moisturising salon qulaity formula feels soothing on the scalp and will boost the effects of the shampoo and conditioner system. It helps repair by nourishing at the surface cellular level. The result is a well-balanced, refreshed scalp.
Okay, so I’ve never used a scalp tonic before. I used my normal shampoo and conditioner and after I was done I filled the nozzle up with the product and applied to my scalp. I rubbed it all in and jumped out of the shower. I did like the smell but to be honest thats about it. My hair feels no different and I’m yet to see what the point of this product is.

Anatomicals Zap! Zap! Zap! Gets that chap. Day and night spot stick
Price £3.79


Okay so I am in love with the concept behind this product. On the box it sets this kitsch little story. I love the humour behind it. I truly do. I was hoping that this product would work, as I am yet to find a spot treatment that does. Yes a good beauty regime can prevent spots but what about when you get that pesky beast that appears.
I tested this on the old mans back and over an 18 hour period. I didnt see much of a difference with this to be honest. I really wanted to like it and want to try more Anatomical products but this zap! Zap! Zap! Is crap! Crap! Crap!

Heres a before and after of my other half’s back.

I think there is little to no difference.

All that jazz Professional nail lacquer
Price £9.98


What they say

Prepare yourself for a fresh off the runway nail lacquer collection that is made to be seen.
Perfect for any occasion, All That Jazz is a hard wearing, premium brand of glitters, shimmers and metallics.

So I had never heard of All that jazz and I am quite fussy when it comes to nail varnish. I don’t get to wear it often due to uniform rules at my work so when I do wear it, its bit of a treat.
I had never heard of All that Jazz but so far I am impressed
Firstly I love when a product colour has its own name. It just adds a certain little touch that makes me smile. I own the runway is a great name.
The varnish is very dark and it is fantastic for winter. It wont clash with your berries or reds we notoriously lean towards in the colder months.
Application was easy. I was lazy and haven’t bothered with a base coat. A step I always forget and subsequently regret. The polish had minute flecks of glitter in it. However this isn’t noticeable when dry. I would describe this as an inky black. It dried incredibly quickly. I would probably be reluctant to spend a tenner on a nail varnish but am open to buying more from the ‘all that jazz’ range.
The colour is I own the runway

SkinPep Hydra Boost- pure hyaluronic acid serum.
Price £24.99

Skinpep say

SODIUM HYALURONATE is a source of hyaluronic acid. Its name is derived from the Greek word hualos, meaning glass because of its transparent, glassy appearance. Hyaluronic Acid is moisture retaining ingredient and humectant. Hyaluronic acid is a natural skin cell component, found in the deepest levels of the dermis. It is able to hold 200 times its weight in water, which makes it an excellent moisturiser. It is found more in younger skins with levels declining over the years.

This came out of the tube and its consistency was very similar to alcohol gel. The product had no smell and disappeared into my skin really quickly. I like that there is no stickiness or residue meaning I could apply my make up straight away. Although I haven’t been using this product long enough to give a definitive answer I believe that this product will moisturise without congesting your pores. I have read really good reviews on this product and I wouldn’t say the price is unreasonable for the product

If my addition skills are to be relied on (I suggest you don’t) than the total value of the box is £37.13.
Nearly 4x the price I paid. Bargain. I really love the nail varnish. I probably wont ever use the hair tonic again.
I am pleased with the size of the products enclosed.
Glossybox definitely got me in the christmas spirit


Lots of love



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