Hair raising antics. The full low down on high maintenance

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Bit of a different vibe today so bear with us.

I got a text from Ashleighs tea party

the other night, which is always cool
She my sisters BFF and I’ve known her since well as long as I can remember. So when Ash says something I listen.
We got chatting and she suggested that I should do a blog on hair extensions. I thought about it and I realised over the years I must have spent thousands on my hair.

Now I’m not proud of that. I’m actually embarrassed to admit it. Don’t get me wrong if you’re loaded and can afford to get your hair ‘did’ then go for it but if you’re not in that position please do not skint yourself over your locks. Cos the credit card bills last a longer than the glue.

So, I have experimented with all of the below besides the tape style extensions.

Looking at old photos of me with extensions did tug on my heart strings. However the constant tugging on your scalp cannot be ignored.
When I had long hair, I did feel amazing. I found myself appearing slimmer as the mane of locks dwarfed my frame. I felt as if I commanded attention and there was so much I could do to my hair. From waves to curls. Big bouncy blow outs to thick long pony tails.

But with everything there is a flip side to this coin.

The up keep is demanding. If I wasnt washing it, I was blow drying it.
Swimming without a hair band was out of the question and my Fiancé hated rubbing my head stating it felt horrible with the birds nest and metal bolts sticking out of my head.

I was a slave to extensions, I believed that I was manly without them. I found myself thinking I would be so embarrassed to be seen without them but what could be more shameful then when I got my hair tangled on a womans coat button on the tube.

Expect to double your beauty regime time. For all of the extensions mentioned below. Oh and as for financial, half your disposable income.

As much as I miss that long mane, I remember my partner using a multi tool for 3 hours on my head removing my extensions as I was suffering from terrible headaches.

Over come with pain, I turned to him as there was no salon open at that time of night.

When I was finished, I looked down disgusted at the grime and dead skin lying on this wig on the living room carpet. I scratched and MY GOD. That feeling was insane. I realised that I had had permanent extensions of some kind for 2 years without a break. I hadn’t scratched my scalp properly for 2 years.

Nearly 2 years on from that moment and I have considered going back. I have been getting ready for nights out and I just haven’t felt ‘done up’.

However the money its cost and the damage it had done to my hair was so bad that I would only have permanent extension if I knew I could afford proper upkeep and aftercare. I suffered with bald patches and thinning. I must say this isn’t the stylists fault. It was my own for committing to something I couldn’t afford to keep up as often as recommended.
I didn’t always sleep with a plait and didn’t use hair products designed to be used with extensions.

If you are on a budget stick to clip ins girls. Get the right colour and cut them in and they’re great for a night out.

But alas, there are ways and there are means if you are serious about more permanent hair extensions.

But first things first heres a few guidelines
Human hair trumps synthetic
With human hair, the hair cuticle is preserved, the hairs run in the same direction, which creates that natural soft, silky texture. Human hair can be styled whereas synthetic hair cant. Synthetic hair tangles easily and fries under your heated tools. Human hair is more expensive but there is no comparison. Save for a bit longer and buy human hair.
Ethical policy
When buying your hair PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that the hair you choose has been ethically sourced. Unfortunately due to the demand for human hair there are disgusting practices taking place. From woman being attacked and their hair being cut off to rumours circulating that they are taken from the dead (I know, heavy right?)
If the place where you buy your hair from, can not tell you its ethically sourced then presume that it hasn’t and go elsewhere.
You can go darker but not lighter
I would always recommend going into the store and having an assistant help you colour match. Try to pick a multi tonal blend to achieve a more natural look. You can dye the hair slightly darker but never lighter. The reason for this is that the hair has already been incredibly processed that anymore bleach or peroxide will frazzle the hair.
Cut them in
Whether you choose clip ins or bonds please visit a salon and have the hair cut in. By this I mean your stylist tidying the ends and shaping into your style. Without this vital step your hair will look unnatural.
Waves and curls girls
Waving or curling your extensions makes you look less artificial in my opinion. Put in some sponge rollers in whilst asleep or going about your business (mine are a bit of a fashion accessory now) this blends your hair in better as there are no harsh edges.
(hello Hilda!)
Clip in hair extensions are by far the cheapest and lowest maintenance.
The hair comes in a weft which is basically a long line of hair. Imagine a curtain of human hair (I know very Adams family) thats what it will look like. The shop should sew little clips on if you ask Cos unless you’re ninja with a needle and thread you won’t sew them on tight enough.
Once you got them and your hairdresser has ‘cut them in’ you will need to apply yourself. I find the best method is to section your hair as if you were straightening it.
Using a teasing brush, back comb the roots of the section you’ve left down. Spritz some seriously strong hair spray on the back combed area and clamp shut the clips. Repeat process all the way up to just above your ears.
Easy style change
Cheapest method
No damage to your own hair
No pain

No high up do’s, the clips will show
The wind blowing on your hair can expose the clips showing your fakery to the world.
What I paid back in the day
For 22 inches £80 plus £6 for clips.

Hair on a wire
I’ve only bought these once and I lost them after a night out so theres a con right there!

The great thing is these don’t damage your hair at all. Imagine a thin hair band with hair attached to it. Its pretty similar to a wig to be honest. The colour matching is pretty basic so be forewarned but all you do is place them on your head and style it out. Really easy.
Super quick
easy to apply
Look amazing with a fringe

Basic range of colours
The wire hurt my head
Will get lost on drunken nights out.

What I paid back in the day

Okay so we’re gonna talk weaves. When I refer to a weave I am referring to a practice where the hair is sewn to the head.
Don’t worry this is not a game of Operation gone wrong, here me out.

The stylist braids several ‘tracks’ across your head.
By this I mean imagine a french plait. Now imagine a french plait the size of half a cm.
Yeah, visual image? It runs vertically down your head doesn’t it? Well flip that image as Tracks are mini tiny teeny french plaits running across your head horizontally.
The stylist then takes the weft of hair, without clips and using a curved needle and thread sews the hair to the track.
You can now treat this hair as your own. The tracks will need tightening every 4-8 weeks and the hair replacing every 6 months.

Cheapest ‘permanent’ extension type.
Quickest. Full head can be achieved in an hour depending on style

First time having tracks hurts. It is done very tightly so take a few pain killers.
Damage to hair where the track has to support the weft of hair.
Cant scratch your scalp. Have to pat away any itches.

What I paid back in the day
£90 ish for 22inch hair, £10 per track.

Tape extensions
Basically, the stylist will take a three or four inch hair weft and attach a hair friendly double-sided tape to them. They will then sandwich 10-15 individual hairs between the two extension wefts, stuck nicely together with the double-sided tape. The reason these bad boys are good is because one weft is glued to the other weft not near to the scalp.
Lasts up to 8 weeks with good aftercare.
No raised hair tracks
Minimal damage if maintained well

Have to brush between each layer

Not had these but according to google
£325 including 22 inch hair

Micro rings
Micro hair extensions work by attaching hair extensions to your existing hair using very small hoops they allow the hair to move like real hair.
The stylist takes your own hair and twists together a small piece of extension with it. This is put through one of the loops, then taking the micro ring and using the plastic loop to pull your hair through the ring. You now move the micro ring towards your scalp and then attach it and the attached hair extension firmly with a pair of pliers.
No heat or glue
Least damage caused to my hair
Lasts for 8-12 weeks
Can add different colours

The rings can show through on thin hair.
Can be very expensive
Hair got matted at the roots

What I paid back in the day
£90 ish for hair £150 for application

The stylist separates your hair and using your chosen weft attaches the hair to the scalp with heat and glue. This is one of the best ways of achieving a multi tonal look as you can wefts centimetres wide which is great if you love the look of highlights
Multi tonal look
Most salons offer this service

Damage to hair

What I paid back in the day
£250 all in including 20 inch hair.

Heres a collection of some of my hair extensions










Remembers guys, no living a champagne lifestyle on a cider wage. You’ll regret it in years to come. Only choose what you can afford and what you can keep up.

Hope this helped




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