Berry Lips. For bitchin’ badass festive babes





Hey guys,


So I have had a right mare this week.

I’ve wanted to change my twitter name for ages but I set it up years ago and could I remember the password? No course not, I couldn’t even remember the bloody email I used.

So here I am trying desperately to get my old followers to switch to my new account and I’ve still gotta add 400 more till I am back to square one.


Which is why I am saying here, Can you unfollow my old account and follow @brazenrouge

Lovely jubbly!




So lets get down to beauty eh? That’s why we’re all here and I am extremely excited to tell you all about my latest beauty find.


I am quite possibly addicted to the purchasing of lipsticks. I don’t have a favourite brand I am quite a philanderer when it comes to Lipstick. I will dump an old favourite at the mere sniff of 50% off or promises of 15 hour staying power.


I completed all my shopping on black Friday and had saved loads. To celebrate I took myself into Boots and perused the shelves.

I had been on the lookout for a new nude for daytime but I wanted to invest in a new vampy berry shade for those Christmas parties and drinks with the girls.


So there I am when I see the most beautiful packaging. It is a simple black case with the symbol etched in gold on the top. I had to have it along with the lip liner, oh and the nude.




Imagine my delight when I was informed at the till that as I had spent over £5 on Collection items I could have a free gift. I will let you know about that beauty later on this week.

So I skipped merrily towards my car and drove straight to my mums to brag about my purchases.




But the real questions are why do I love it so much?


Let me ‘splain


Collection 2000 

Gothic glam

Shade 2 Scorned

Price £2.99

Free gift when you spend over a fiver

What boots are sayin’
Create statement lips that last with COLLECTION Lasting Colour Lipstick with added SPF15

How to Use

Collection 2000 makeup artist Athena Skouvakis says: “Bright, bold and colourful lips are a huge trend for spring/summer 2010. From vibrant corals and reds at Dior, Prada, and Dolce and Gabbana, to flashy fuchsia at Marc Jacobs, and punky purple at House Of Holland. Powerful pouts, is where it is at! Get the catwalk beauty looks with Collection 2000 new Lasting Colour Lipstick.
Remember, a high impact pout is the simplest way to add colour to your face, intense shades needs perfect application!”



What Brazenrouge is saying’

So totes agree with MUA Athena, although this range is 4 years old I have seriously seen a revival with the strong pout.
No matter what year it is, beauty buffs always rock a strong lip in the winter. Christmas is synonymous with a red lip but I have seen an uprising in the berry shades. Vampy purple is no longer just for moody girls. Its just the right look to say ‘Im here, Im fun and festive but I can still kick your ass whilst polishing off a selection box’.

Now that’s the sorta girl I wanna be.

Okay I love the packaging. Simple black with gold detailing is phenomenally on trend for me . The bullet of the Lipstick is perfect with that that nib getting right into the corner of your cupids bow. There is a very slight sweet smell, that I adore. I love the packaging but do admit that it is quite flimsy.

The payoff on this colour is just intense. When they say Gothic glam they not kidding around.

I would describe the feel as very soft and this didn’t dry out my lips at all.


I love the fact that this has SPF in it as you all know I bang on about looking after your skin.
I was so shocked at how long this lasted and the formula was so hydrating it almost felt like a balm.
I know, cray right?
I ate, drank and Selfied all day and it just would not come off. I was cutting about in my onesie at 10pm with the most dramatic vampy lips you’ve ever seen.

What I love love love! About this, is how you can build up the colour.
The pay off is so great I would recommend patting the lipstick on initially or using a lip brush so you get really clean lines.

I would describe the finish as slightly glossy but I blotted mine with some translucent powder. Voila I’m a matte Matriarch once more.

The only downside to this product is that you must wear it with a lip liner to avoid feathering. It seriously bleeds if you leave it to its own devices.

But for £2.99 You cannot complain. I can’t wait to try out the other shades from the collection gothic glam range.

I previously mentioned lip liner. I don’t know why but a lot of ladies I know neglect lip liner. I don’t understand it personally. You wouldn’t give a child a colouring book with no lines would you?!

A good lip liner prevents the lip colour feathering and bleeding. Worn under the lipstick it also increases the staying power of your lip shade.

So without further ado

Collection 2000
Lip liner colour 5
Price £2.79

So I spoke about this lip liner before on my Kylie jenner tutorial but I have to say for a ‘drugstore’ brand (can I just say I’m not a huge fan of that word)
I love the fact that the shade of the pencil corresponds to the packaging. Meaning on those sleepy starts you don’t have to fumble around.
The pencil feels more like a crayon then a pencil which I just Laav!
It doesn’t drag on the lip at all and the colour pay off is seriously intense.
The only thing that is a bit of a peeve is that you don’t get a lot of product considering the length of the actual pencil.
But hey for under 3 quid, what you moaning about?!
Like I said under the lipstick increases the length of wearability.
Alternatively you can just pencil in your lips and add a smidge of vaseline to hydrate.

I’ve included a short video on how I achieved the look. It’s so easy to do guys. The only thing holding you back is your own self confidence. You have to OWN this look or it will own you.



Hope this helps.


Remember follow me on Twitter, Instagram and subscribe on YouTube all at @brazenrouge Peace out!






7 thoughts on “Berry Lips. For bitchin’ badass festive babes

  1. Fab article! Especially love the quoe about being festive, badass and polishig off a selection box! I am also planning on reviewing and writing about the berry lip trend on my blog tomorrow. Would you mind if I popped that quote in and then linked back to you and your review of this product? I’m reviewing the Kate Moss Lasting Collection for Rimmel one 🙂 looking forward to more articles! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Im glad you like that. My friends say that my blog is like I am speaking to them and I always try to keep Brazenrouge light hearted in tone.
      I would be more than happy for you to quote and link, sweet heart.
      Oh I love her 107.


      1. Thank you. I try to keep mine like I’m talking to people too! Try and be varied too so people don’t get bored with the same things. I love her 107 too! Also have 111 and 30 which is the one I’m talking about tomorrow xx

        Liked by 1 person

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