But first, let me take a selfie

Hi hi,

So unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that the selfie is synonymous with the 21st century.

However, did you know that the first recorded selfie was taken by a Mr Robert Cornelius?

No, I didn’t either but hey ho now you do.
(I wonder what filter he used)

Fast forward to 2014 and pretty much everyone has a phone in their pocket that has a more powerful camera than Marty McFly could’ve dreamed of.

It makes me sad when I hear people say ‘I don’t do photos’ or ‘I’m not photogenic’
You just don’t know how to take a photo.
I’m no Cara-Tyra-Kate but I am Chloe and I can take a slamming selfie.

I’ll show you how.

Selfies are like sperm, only one in a million make it.
Its true, its crude, my mums gonna tell me off for talking about sperm, again! But hey, its true. You will not get a Rihanna style selfie on the first attempt. It will take time and patience but keep snapping. With my tips you’ll have a new display pic in no time.

Background should be at the forefront of your mind.
So, you’re all thinking can we get to the point, Clo? Shush! No negativity. I’m serious. Background is uber important. Although the night out toilet selfie is classic and should be appreciated. It isn’t the look we’re going for here. Clean the clutter behind you, remove any items with personal details i.e bank statements and make sure your Dad isn’t mooning in the background.

(see, even I was guilty)

Lighting baby
There is nothing better than natural lighting. Windows are your friend, face them head on.
Stand so that the natural light is illuminating your face. Hello free highlighter, me likey. A good lighting tip to remember is when you are getting ready to snap, tap on the darkest bit of the picture. Doing this tells the lens to focus there. This adds the most light into your photo and we all know lighting is our new BFF.

I’m loving angles instead.
So we got the lighting, we got the background. Lets talk angles. No don’t worry its not a maths lesson on triga-what-now. (Stay in school kids).
Angles. Oh em gee, If I have to tell my other half that square on straight to camera is not a good look I’ll be as blue as an Avatar.
Angles are so important. Turn your head a couple of degrees to the left or the right. You will find a side you prefer after a while. The problem comes when your bestie has the same side and you’re scrapping for some right side reveal action but I digress.
Tilt your head to your favourite side, this will make your face appear less flat, now dip your chin. Your face should be at a 3/4 angle.
Now extend your arm out and above your face, A shot from above makes your eyes appear bigger and your face slimmer #win.

Composition is important. This is art.

I am not a fan of the centred Selfie, its a display picture not a mugshot.
I like to use the rule of thirds in a selfie. When you open up the camera on your Iphone it will have a grid like so

This divides the screens into thirds.
The rule of thirds suggest that the most aesthetically pleasing photos are the ones where two lines of the image are divided into thirds intersect.
See how my eye is at the intersection and off centre?

Cosmetics are key, Darling
Wear the right make up. I prefer matte finish make up as its less likely to appear shiny. Rock a strong lip and add blush. You can always tone it down later in the editing. It won’t be as strong on camera as it appears in the flesh.

Filter wisely
If you must filter, which I will explain why you need not in a jiffy. Stick with Valencia.
We have all experimented but it all gets a bit weird. Valencia offers a warm tone. I wish Valencia filter could be added to real life.

Aviary is not just a bird house ( I think)

So Instagram is great. We can all look at each others narcissistic selfies (yeah and what) or that chai tea latte mocha to go with your name written comically incorrectly (guilty)
But we can step it up now. You’re selfie Queens (and Kings, Brazenrouge is inclusive)
Download Aviary. It is awesome.

Aviary makes it simple to crop which IG cannot.
Aviary has a blemish tool that actually works, you can whiten your teeth and add texts to your photos can I hear #freeadvertising ?

There’s so much more you can do on there but seriously download it. It is epic.

Mess around with tilt shift and saturation either on IG or aviary.
Snapseed is another great app for editing photos.
You’ve got your perfect snap, its how far you want to take it.

Here I’ve used the following function


This helps to rid of annoying distractions and photobombers.

tilt shift

This enhances where you want the focus to be i.e chest and cleavage, then fades out the rest of the area.

saturation and contrast

This tools adds depth to your photos. I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule with this. Just have a go with the sliding bar and see what you like.

blemish tool


This works simply by tapping the area you wish to conceal and it literally just replaces it with the nearest colour on the image. I’ve done this on my freckle just to show you that it works. I’ve also used it on a spot on my top lip. SEXY!

And the final product.


So get snapping peeps!
Have fun, mix up your IG with photos other than yourself and be confident you can nail the perfect selfie.

loves ya

oh yeah and I wanna see some social media action guys. Follow me on twitter @chloelingane and tag me on IG brazenrouge


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