Contouring, its free photoshop! Tutorial

Hi hi,

We all know as the winter months draw in that we can feel a little bit beige about life. Wake up in the dark, come home in the dark. Our tans have faded along with our diet and gym routines.

If you’re anything like me you will have lost weight for your summer holiday, vowed to stick at it when you return home and then found yourself eating a small countries yearly quota of white carbs.

Yay for jeans and jumpers eh? Gives us a couple of months to get back on the healthy bandwagon and enjoy our christmas treats.

However, there is no jeans and jumpers for your face (I mean if you can grow a beard go you, I love Conchita)IMG_3371.JPG
image credit Huffington Post
so I needed to find a way to slim down my boat AND bring some banging bronze to my face.

Enter Contouring, the frugal girls photoshop.

I have found it confusing for so long. But no more! I have wanted to crack it for ages but have always struggled with it. I believe I have found the method in achieving a slimmer, prettier face.

I will say now, this will not make you look like Kim Kardashian.
Now I’m not hating, I just think I should make it clear that a lot of her photos are enhanced and photoshop is commonly used in the images we are shown. I still love her and there is no denying she is incredibly beautiful but know now this look is ‘Kim-esque’ Because not even Kim K looks like Kim K.

Okay that bit over, onto the fun stuff.
You will need

Concealer brush
Contouring brush
Powder brush
Blusher brush
Large fan brush

A concealer
A bronzer
A Translucent powder
A highlighter


Okay prep your face, primer, foundation tra la la la la. Take your lighter concealer and with a concealer brush place on your face in the areas shown below.

Okay so you’re looking cray and things are gonna get weird around here.
Take your contouring brush a la this beauty

And bronze up the areas as depicted on the diagram. (So not the intended use of the word diagram)

Take a clean concealer brush and blend, blend, blend.

Okay so you’re looking better but still very streaky. Take a large powder brush and buff, buff, buff. Blend away all those harsh lines, so the bronzed blends into the bright.

So far so good.

Take a highlighter (powder or liquid) and apply over the previously concealed areas with a fan brush. Think of this as adding a little bit of fairy dust to your face. We want shimmer and sparkly not shine!
Next up is a simple pink blush. Take a blush brush and apply to your apples. About a fingers width in from your nose and I like to just blush outwards, stopping underneath the outer corner of my eye.


Finish the rest of your make up such as eyes, lipstick and your finishing spray.

Heres the finished look. It does take a bit of time but I do feel extra special when I’ve put this look on.


Hope this is helpful
lots of love

check me out on twitter-@chloelingane and IG brazenrouge


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